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Property Transactions: September 19 - September 25, 2020


5 America Way, $394,900.
MKM Rental LLC sold property to Rebecca Mark and Matthew Hagerman.

8 Zani Lane, $450,000.
Greg and Susan Groh sold property to Walter Sankowski and John and Carrie Pearson.

21 Kasey Pass, Unit 21, $276,026.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Stanley and Shirley Podkulski.

26, 28, 30, 31, 32 33, 34 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 48Saddlebrook Blvd. $1,054,000.
New York Development Group Eastline LLC sold property to Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC. 

98 Connolly Rd., $300,000.
Alan and Mary Darby sold property to Emilio and Jill Genzano.

91 McLean St., $180,000.
Gary Levine sold property to Springer Holdings LLC.


12 Featherbed Lane, $389,000.
Paul and Lauria Rockwell sold property to Peter and Jennifer Mehling. 

670 Sweetman Rd., $16,333.
George Flint sold property to Nora Bennett and Megan Venditti.

1362 Sacandaga Rd., $179,000.
Christopher Meyers sold property to Christopher and Brianne De Luca.

955 B Charlton Rd., $419,000.
Staci Grandy sold property to David and Alescia DeFilippo. 

Jockey St. Rear, $12,000.
Kevin Rathgerber and Jeannette Donlon sold property to William Whipple. 

Jockey St., $112,000.
Arthur Catuccio, Jr. sold property to William Whipple.

692 Charlton Rd., $105,000.
David and Lisa Ball sold property to Kevin and Eileen Stone.

1406 Cosgrove Dr., $674,900.
Keith Jones, Jr. sold property to Jeremy Jordan.


309 Mill St., $35,000.
Fred Gurney sold property to Keith Wells.

49 Locust Ridge Dr., $230,000.
Steven and Taylor Treese sold property to Joshua Westad. 

53 Hamilton Ave., $120,000.
Richard Lindsey sold property to Dennis Lindsey and Taylor Ovitt.

424 Palmer Ave., $158,000.
Carey and Patrick Mann sold property to Joshua Spiezio.

107 Gabriel Rd., $30,000.
Jacqueline Burnham sold property to Michael and Katlyn Reynolds.

1 Fuller Dr., Private, $7,000.
Dorothy Avery sold property to Gina Schuld.

144 Davignon Rd., $28,000.
Charles and Linda Jowaiszas sold property to Mark and Bonnie Mosher. 

25 Folts Rd., $194,000.
Daniel Gipe sold property to John Forgacs.

4 Surrey Rd., $249,900.
Elizabeth Hurley (as Trustee) sold property to Michelle and Michael Marlow.


1329 Ridge Rd., $217,000.
Additive Properties LLC sold property to Kacie Lowe and Rustam Domini.


15 Greenfield Manor Rd., $230,000.
Jack Sadousky, Jr. sold property to Edward Yasko and Theresa Starker. 

251 S. Greenfield Rd., $442,000.
Gerald and Colleen Cameron sold property to Joshua Davenport.

22 Middle Grove Rd., $355,000.
Sheryll Waldron sold property to Andrew Polidore.

146 N. Greenfield Rd., $305,000.
Amanda Lampmon sold property to Evangeline and Scott Grimaldi.

104 Wilton Rd., $456,451.
First State Bank (by Receiver by Atty) sold property to MVB Bank Inc. 

110 Wilton Rd., $118,323.
First State Bank (by Receiver) sold property to MVB Bank Inc.

100 Kilmer Ave., $577,500.
John and Jean Travis sold property to Michael Kringle and Alexa Giliof.


104 2nd St., $110,000.
Anthony and Kimberlee Dellecamelie sold property to AS1 Development LLC.

33 Ordelia Lane, $342,940.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Susan Frank and James Beneventine. 

18 Copper Ridge Dr., $469,000.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Michelle and Gary Depaolo, Jr.

88 Blue Spruce Lane, $293,000.
Christine and John Warner sold property to Juan Correa and Ana Jaramilo. 

28 Thistle Dr., $362,000.
Harry and Linda Mitchell sold property to Krysztof and Mihaela Meres.

2125 Route 9, $169,900.
Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Cicada Firstencel. 

12 Little Dr., $465,000.
Phillip Keigley sold property to Eric and Kim Warren.

1168 Laurel Lane, $256,000.
Anthony and Diane Orlando sold property to Brenden Brogan and Rhonda Nelson.


28 Hamilton St., $235,000.
Scott and Kaitlyn Ferris sold property to Alex Acosta and Mariah Leon.

115 Citation Way, $410,000.
Melissa Campos sold property to Farhan Kabir and Monica McNeice.

806 Salem Dr., $315,000.
Steven Claypoll sold property to Matthew Elliott and Sarah Parrillo.

885 Rock City Rd., $2,100,000.
Acorn Milton Self Storage LLC sold property to Stack N Stor Milton LLC. 

345 Emmett St., $217,000.
Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Quinton and Alison Jones.

4 Margaret Dr., $240,000.
Marc and Stacy Petrillose sold property to Kyle and Emma Bogardus.

3 White Oak Path, $68,670.
Roger Curran (by Admin) sold property to Equinox Properties LLC. 

2 Hudson St., $400,865.
Brookview Court Inc. / Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Lance Hotaling and Deborah Givis.

158 West North St., $189,000.
Carol Rodriguez sold property to Russell Brown and Vanessa Brabant.

409 Antler Court, $180,200.
Nicholas Rivera sold property to Nikolay and Daniela Ilchovski.

437 Maple Ave., $215,000.
Daniel and Elizabeth Guthrie sold property to Ana Perez.


143 Franklin Beach Rd., $69,000.
Robert Helenek (as Trustee and Co Exec) and Kathleen Anderson (as Co Exec) sold property to trios Breeze LLC. 

146 Franklin Beach Rd., $360,000.
George and Ruth Keeler sold property to Anthony Pettograsso.

102 Monument Dr., $29,000.
Jennifer and Rodger Aldridge, Jr. sold property to Gadus and Son Enterprises LLC / Modern Antiquity DBA.


77 State St., $470,000.
Thirty Seven Greenfield LLC sold property to Lucas Somerwil.

73 Belmont Dr., $280,000.
Jeffrey and Catherine Audevard sold property to Denise Donlon.

29 First St., $389,900.
Caroline Lee Rickard sold property to Denise Donlon.

101 Meadowbrook Rd., $255,000.
Fish Creek Management LLC sold property to Drandon Marini. 

451 Lake Ave., $245,000.
Catherine Saracco (as Trustee) sold property to Joseph DiMaggio.

15 Tompion Lane, $257,000.
Helen Boyd (by Exec) sold property to Mark Krusik.

136 Hathorn Blvd., $284,500.
David and Jennifer Moen sold property to Jeffrey Hayes.


5 Kellog Rd., $247,500.
Flippers LP sold property to Sean Ritter.


Ernst Rd., $50,000.
Nikki and Frederick Bollman, Jr. sold property to Robert Dessormeau.

19 Sweetbriar Dr., $550,000.
Lynn and Emanuel Cirenza sold property to Kelly Kim.

10 Kendrick Hill Rd., $45,000.
Rose Laskey Joint Venture sold property to Barbara Glaser.

14 Kendrick Hill Rd., $59,000.
Rose Laskey Joint Venture sold property to Craig and Lisa Ross.

15 Cedarcrest Dr., $425,000.
Geoffrey and Patricia Gollub sold property to Thomas Mahoney and Amelia Duarte.

13 Conklin Court, $432,482.
McPadden Builders LLC sold property to David and Stacey Mattison.

3081 Route 50, $4,875,622.
Tobia Menke Railroad Place LLC sold property to MHC 83 HW Portfolio LLC.

10 Palmer Terrace, $328,000.
Cynthia Schenone sold property to Nathaniel Reardon.

22 Parkhurst Rd., $190,000.
Steven and Carmen Perue sold property to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. 

22 Parkhurst Rd., $190,000.
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold property to Richard and Mariana St. Amand.

701 Route 9, $79,000.
Teresa Vukosa sold property to Todd and Leonie Smith.

17 Christina Court, $166,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation sold property to South Bronx Developers LLC.

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