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Property Transactions: September 26 - October 2, 2020

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions


Edward Bushey sold property at 31 Buell Ave to Edward Dwworakowski for $166,000.

Brewster LLC sold property at 104-105 Seeley Dr to Anthony Torres for $340,000.

Rosetti Acquisitions sold property at 8 Pasture Pl to Olivia Fedigan for $319,497.

James Baggetta sold property at Manning Rd to Frank Volpe for $190,000.

Mark Schewe sold property at 1321 West High St to Anthony Ruscio for $150,000.


CMH Homes Inc sold property at 6108 Green Corners Rd to Mark Fuller for $412,500.

Clara Shnaidman sold property at 2254 Galway Rd to Kent  for $460,000.


John Travis sold property at 100 Kilmer Ave to Michael Kringle for $577,500.

John Foster sold property at 37 Russell Rd to Stefanie Richards for $237,500.


Phillip Keigley sold property at12 Little Dr to Eric Warren for $465,000.

Anthony Orlando sold property at 1168 Laurel Lane to Brendon Brogan for $256,000

Carolyn Fallon sold property at 43 Washington Ave to Robert Stout for $250,000.

Barbara Homes Malta Springs sold property at 3 Weston Way to Frank Barbera for $295,000.

Ashley Boye sold property at 57 Glade Mallow Rd to National Transfer Services LLC for $305,000

National Transfer Services LLC sold property at 57 Glade Mallow Rd to Andrea Caietta for $305,000

Thomas Brown sold property at 1184 Laural Lane to Amber Sanzone for $242,000.

Bradley Martin sold property at 54 Arrowwood Pl to Marcus Pritchard for $185,000

Margaret Nestuk sold property at 4 Gates Rd to Brian Johnson for $285,000

Pamela Spataro sold property at 1 May Apple Way to Lawrence Lieberman for $310,000.

Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property at 33 Essex St to James Nuttall for $311,539.


Robert Macaioni sold property at 9 Sweet Rd to Emanuel Aydin for $579,000

Cerrone Construction Inc sold property at 107 Schuyler Hills Dr to Victoria Dicesare for $493,000.

ANW Holdings Inc sold property at Chapman Hill Rd to Chapman Hill LLC for $500,000.


Jane Quinn sold property at 15 Tompion Lane to Mark Krusik for $257,000

David Moen sold property at 136 Hathorn Blvd to Jeffrey Hayes for $284,500

Marion Skowronek sold property at 30 Jaipur to Patrick Sofarelli for $274,900.

77 Van Dam LLC sold property at 77 Van Dam #304 to Ivan Edelson for $380,300.

Downton Walk LLC sold property at 6 Downton Walk  to David Bradley for $2,158,410.

Karen Dancho sold property at 19 Walter Dr to Lesa Farrell for $230,500.

Lorraine Torgesen sold property at 258 Caroline St to Sandra Chase for $381,000.

Andrianna Walraven sold property at 289 Jefferson St #20 to Mark Lentini for $250,000.

Mary Beth Flaherty sold property at 9 Saddle Brook Dr to Kona LLC for $1,440,000

Gina Toner sold property at 27 Jenee Way to Chen Xiaoxiao for $397,500.

John Grady sold property at 25 Joseph St to Jeffrey Levi for $326,700.

Schmidt Management LLC sold property at 107 Meadowbrook Rd to Brian Larrabee for $288,000

Abbie Archibald sold property at 43 Second St to Frederick Ostrander for $415,000.

Mathew Giffin sold property at 12 Wampum Dr to Alissa Cottrel for $236,000.

Geraldine Eberlein sold property at 42 Ruggles Rd to Joshua Ellithorpe for $815,000


Donald Gronczniak sold property at 66 Gronczniak Rd to Craig Perkins for $127,805.

Janice Trey sold property at 54 Lakepointe Way to Tobias Lemerande for $435,000.


Steven Perue sold property at 22 Parkhurst Rd to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc
for $190,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc sold property at 22 Parkhurst Rd to Richard St Amand for $190,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp sold property at 17 Christina Ct to South Bronx Developers LLC for $166,000.

Mark Smitkin sold property at 47 Fairway Blvd to Kyle Marsciano for $314,900

James Yarter property at 51 Claire Pass to Mark Griswold for $394,000.

McPadden Builders LLC sold property at 2 Easton Ct to Bonnie Grolley for $529,871

Raymond Apy sold property at 25 Kendrick Hill to Bradley Bridge for $1,390,000.

Sonoma Grove LLC sold property at 8 Monterey Ct to Michael Bleznyk for $669,913

Christopher Marcotte property at 706 Wilton Gansevoort Rd to GLenn Allen for $197,900.

Sonoma Grove LLC sold property at 14 Berkley Ct to Kyle Willmott for $554,900

Tillman Nechtman sold property at 177 Parkhurst Rdl to Andrew Spano as trustee for $435,000.

James Delaney sold property at 81 Ingersoll Rd to Ronald Delaney for $180,000.

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