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Property Transactions: September 12 - September 18, 2020


78 Cypress St., $320,480.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Susan Lynn.

29 Ironwood St., $407,000.
Jeremy Jordan sold property to Katherine and Kyle Carpenter.

25 Kasey Pass (Unit 25), $237,116. 
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Sharon Sweeney. 

12 Rolling Brook Dr., $510,000.
Victor Sosnowski sold property to John and Sandra Law.

1044 State Route 50, $218,000.
Richard Dingman, Becky Holt, and Vicky Greene sold property to Christopher Erno, II and Dana Dever.

14 Lancaster Court, $346,500.
Judith Fitzpatrick sold property to Caryn Mlodzianowski and Peter Cappellano.

18 Lancaster Court, $409,900.
Thomas and Terri Cranston sold property to Lynn Larson and Mark Howson.

97 Midline Rd., $217,000.
NRZ Reo X LLC (by Atty) sold property to Adesh Budhraj. 

14 Nolan Rd., $275,000.
Ryan and Bernadette Mickelson sold property to Steven Paddock and Jennifer Hanlin.


3 Candlewood Dr., $386,000.
Richard and Cily Rueda sold property to Jonathan and Jaime Gibbs.

40 Cedarwood Dr., $240,000.
Carlos and Rosa Zelaya sold property to Kevin and Brooke Doerrer.

1006 Laural Lane, $285,000.
Caroline Welles sold property to Jay and Margaret Morgese.

23 Century Dr., $465,000.
Michael and Stephanie Venerus sold property to John and Rebecca Martin.

4 Cherry Court, $460,000.
Brandon Marini sold property to Eric and Kerri Jeremias.

35 Thimbleberry Rd., $216,000.
Doreen Defelice sold property to James Russo and Patricia Coby.

18 Burton Dr., $475,000.
Spencer and Jennifer Allen sold property to Matthew and Michelle Goller.

15 Marions Way, Unit 15, $199,000.
Held Properties LLC sold property to Benjamin Greenberg.


11 Magnolia Court, $717,252.
Fair Oaks Milton LLC sold property to David and Susan Theobald (as Trustees).

88 Hutchins Rd., $230,000.
Maureen and Joseph Lauda sold property to Gary and Tammy Newton.

108 South St., $310,000.
Sarah Paris sold property to Lorri Riggs.

535 Acland Blvd., $385,000.
Aaron and Kathryn Thomas sold property to Christopher and Rebecca Bigelow.

6 Birch Tree Lane, $196,000.
Robert and Lindsay Natole sold property to Holly Clifton and Jordan Dingman. 

3334 Galway Rd., $263,500.
Charlene Jones sold property to Daniel Hehir.

17 Ichabod Lane, $278,100.
Luis Rodriguez sold property to Karly Woodrick.

617 Minuetman Lane, $322,500.
Roberta Giffords sold property to Mitchell Oneill and Victoria Benidt.


11 Ashleigh Lane, $396,000.
Manuel and Elizabeth Farfan sold property to Eran and Amy Swears.

5 Louden Rd., $275,000.
Bonnie Vidnansky sold property to Colin Stallard.

952 US Route 4, $315,000.
Zene and Marcia Garnsey sold property to Reclaim Craft LLC. 

63A Spring Water Dr., $980,000.
Susan and Calman Ambrosy, III sold property to Angela Jukonski.

15 Church St., $161,500.
Darcy Alheim sold property to Ashley Merluzzo.


0 NYS Route 50 South, $48,000.
Schmidt Management LLC sold property to Roderick Buckley.

172 Nelson Ave., $765,000.
Michael Mullaney (as Co Trustee) and Jennifer Conners (as Co Trustee) sold property to One Hundred Seventy Two Nelson LLC. 

13 Oak Ridge Blvd., $1,426,000.
Eric and Ashley Cavosie sold property to Robert and Jane Keyser.

130 Geyser Rd., $245,000.
Emily Harvey (by Agent) sold property to Matthew Casey and Jill Caponera.

70 Railroad Place, Unit 601. $27,500.
Franklin Square condominums LLC sold property to Sunjay and Sheela Verma.

54 Waterview Dr., $705,000.
Paul and Barbara Calhoun sold property to David and Lucia Biondi. 

8 Lee Dr., $300,000.
Liviu Rusu sold property to Jay and Jodie Smith.

32 Patricia Lane, $449,000.
Joan McDonough sold property to William and Patricia Saskowicz.

27 Jumel Place, Unit 6, $1,786,870.
Downton Walk LLC sold property to Douglas and Lynn Roche.


6 Cardiff Circle, $120,000.
William Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC.

59 Sheffield Rd., $471,000.
Kurt and Elizabeth Bremer sold property to Jameel and Heather Ali.

573 Route 9, $687,500.
Bruce Moskos (Ind and as Atty) and Roberta Cooper (by Atty) sold property to Roaring Brook LLC.

62 Hearthstone Dr., $615,000.
Michael and Michelle Myers sold property to Timothy and Jeannie Fontaine.

81 Ballard Rd., $160,000.
Johnsons Auto Crushers of Corinth Inc.  sold property to Gray Rock Properties. 

8 Woodlake Dr., $439,000.
Rehab a Home LLC sold property to Pamela Huret and Kacey Casas.

6 Nonchalant Dr., $310,000.
John and Eileen Schneider sold property to Brendan Boland and Caryn McDonald.

3 Berkeley Loop, $671,898.
Sonoma Grove LLC sold property to Richard and Tracie Dennis.

229 Ruggles Rd., $456,000.
Mark and Andrea VanKeuren sold property to tyler Veglia

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Property Transactions

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