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Property Transactions: August 15-21, 2020


19 Kasey Pass, Unit 19, $280,812.
Brookview Court Inc. / Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Erik Rayno.

52 Forestbrook Dr., $356,641.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Robert and Irene Sears.

36 Sherman Way, $397,500.
David and Margaret Ostrom sold property to James Senese and Brooke Boghosian.

504 Randall Rd., $382,000.
David and Jennifer Apffel sold property to Daniel and Paula Johnson.

21 Skaarland Dr., $175,000.
Thomas Joslin (by Execs) sold property to Michael Desormeaux.


2555 Route 67, $67,500.
David and Amy Castricone sold property to Kristi Vertucci.

42 Beechwood Dr., $225,000.
Michele Armstrong sold property to Margaret Healy.

1091 Peaceable St., $26,000.
Susan and Nancy Pokrzywka (as Successors Co-Trustees) sold property to Susan Pokrzywka. 

 6 Meadow Lane, $229,500.
Michele Laures, Lisa Emerson and Nicole Bissonette sold property to Jacqueline DiPasquale.

4034 Jockey St., $215,000.
Patricia Paniccia (as Trustee) sold property to Patricia Paniccia. 


10 Mallory St., $125,000.
John Fiore sold property to Samantha Stephens. 

8 Heather Lane, $30,000.
Terre Holdings LLC sold property to Foothills Builders LLC. 

8 Bianca Dr., $269,000.
Foothills Builders LLC sold property to Deidre Edwards.

115 Maple St., $159,000.
Wanda Rubin sold property to Dawson Delisle.

202 Wells Rd., $277,000.
Ralph and Patrice Iovino sold property to Aimee and Steven Trader.

3100 Ridgewood Dr., $231,000.
Shawn Renner sold property to Crystal Cobert Giddens and Daniel Giddens, Jr.

1381 Point Rd. (lots 2 & 3), $400,000.
Donna Malebranche sold property to Jeffrey and Cynthia Knox.

6460 Antioch Rd., $305,000.
George and Terry Hunsinger sold property to Gary and Carole Levine.

5010 Jockey St., $330,000.
Brandon and Rebecca Vance sold property to David and Kelly Clements.

5084 Jockey St., $253,000.
Mary Hall sold property to Jamie Sittner.


712 County Highway 132, $100,000.
Community Bank National Association sold property to Real Estate Services Com LLC.

5715 Sacandaga Rd., $120,000.
Steven and Deborah McIntosh sold property to Trevor Parkis.


330 North Greenfield Rd., $60,000.
Robert Wadsley, Jr. sold property to Arthur Ivanaj, George Begetis, and Valmira Dodaj.

76 Locust Grove Rd., $456,500.
Robert Courtney sold property to Mark Lyle.


280 Thimbleberry Rd., $215,000.
Nicole Passante Himmelwright sold property to Victoria Wickham and Patrick Ryan.

25 Ordelia Lane, $437,470.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Thomas Burk, II (as Trustee). 

21 Coronado Way, $449,900.
Lealon and Lisa Lane sold property to Kyle and Kaitlin Kuwitzky.

71 Pepperbush Place, $140,000.
Key Property Management Inc. (as Trustee) sold property to Jenna Cowie and Jacob Ellsworth. 

28 Village Circle South, $464,640.
Belmonte Properties LLC sold property to Stephen and Lisa Dong.

17 Marions Way (unit 17), $199,000.
Held Properties LLC sold property to Peter Geis.

18 Wake Robin Rd., $183,500.
Michele Fisher sold property to Joshua Keating.

186 Thimbleberry Rd., $215,000.
Christopher Montalbano sold property to Nicholas Audi.


33 Huntington Way, $370,228.
Brookview Court Inc. / Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Michael and Monique Batty.

1073 Middleline Rd., $39,666.
Carrington Mortgage Services LLC sold property to Sticks and Stones Holding LLC.

38 Frederick St., $215,000.
Horace and Jane Horton sold property to Michael Misurelli.

22 Dublin Dr., $260,000.
Scott and Lisa Cutting sold property to Christopher Coughlan.

39 Red Coach Trail, $278,000.
Michael and Colette McGan sold property to Paul and Marie Mercier.


6 Eagles Way, $249,000.
Ryan and Nora Rubano sold property to Julianna Sorel.

34 Morgans Run, $177,000.
Pamela Meeker and Laurence Peterson (Co Trustees) sold property to Elizabeth Veglia.

5 Anthony Lane, $632,000.
Brian and Marissa Hughes sold property to James and Kathleen Williams.


2 Campion Lane, $1,800,000.
William and Judy Morris sold property to Joseph and Patricia Hays.

37 Henry St., Unit 301. $870,000.
Ronald and Nancy Solevo sold property to Real Mike Saratoga LLC.

209 Grand Ave., $425,000.
Potter LLC sold property to Ryan Balzer.

30 Whistler Court, Unit 222. $360,000.
Donald Fitzsimons and Hope Goffstein (Co-Trustees). 

20 Lakewood Dr., $470,518.
Dympna and Sean Weil sold property to Joshua and Sarah Paplanus.

700 N. Broadway, $225,000.
Erica Aisner and Lauren Wills (as Successor Co Trustees) sold property to Erica and Michael Aisner.

65 Spring St., $1,000,000.
Quiet Meadow LLC sold property to Oliver the Cat LLC.

3 Skidmore Dr., $235,000. Dana Hockenbury (as Exec) sold property to Ann Foster.

17 Underwood Dr., $472,500.
Meredith and James Wollford, Jr. sold property to Natale and Marlene Caruso.

19 Crommelin Dr., $325,000.
Tara Harte Pierce and Bernadette Harte (Co-Execs) sold property to Richard Klauser.

44 South Franklin St., $255,000.
Helen Sarro (as Devisee and as Agent), Gerard King, Jr. (as Devisee by Agent) and Defino Gomez (as Devisee) sold property to Jack Fox.

11 Michael Dr., $290,000.
Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2013 TT2 (by Atty) sold property to Danielle Cefalu.

217 East Ave., $780,000.
Anthony Bianchini, Jr. sold property to Thomas Andre and Paul Wiita. 

7 Flying Dutchmann Way, $415,000.
Xuefeng Zhou (by Agent) sold property to Harrison Xu and Erika Enquist.

70 Kaydeross Park Rd., $395,000.
Bruce and Jennie Brown sold property to Edward Gardner, III. 

4 Monroe St., $366,000.
Nancy Sullivan (Ind and as Trustee) sold property to Denise Hassey.


42 Stratton Lane, $390,000.
Mark and Diane Zazzaro sold property to Joshua and Alicia Eiffe. 

23 Farley Rd., $45,000.
Theresa and John Fiorino, Jr. sold property to Bruce Tanski.

4 Calvin Court, $107,000.
Grace Morre LLC sold property to James and Michele Brown.

51 McDermott Rd., $380,000.
Diplomat Property Manager LLC sold property to Jeremie and Samara Latremore.

446 County Route 76, $63,000.
Paul Lescault sold property to Andrew Luskin.

446 County Route 76, $391,000.
Andrew Luskin sold property to Adam Fiscal.

682 NYS Route 9P, $225,000.
Lisa Wicks sold property to Bryan Belinsky.

44A Colonial Rd., $269,900.
Steven Nieminski sold property to Christopher Austin.

36 Clinton Court, $190,000.
Louis Myers, Jr. sold property to Jennifer and Justin Kehl.

11 Champlain Rd., $154,500.
Keith Willard sold property to David Palmer.

26 Graves Rd., $480,000.
Gabriel Kristal and Cecilia Aldarondo sold property to Neil and Kateri Perkins.

Kellogg Rd. and Van Ness Rd., $55,000.
Mark and Erin Calicchia sold property to Rocky and Alyssa Pollock.

89 County Rd. 75, $275,000.
Ryan, Thomas and Laura Blass sold property to Angelina Corbett.


31 Mt. McGregor Rd., $275,900.
Lucas and Alyssa Meyers sold property to Cody Miller.

12 Traver Lane, $235,000.
Thomas Merrills, Jr. sold property to Lee Robb, Jr. and Elizabeth Cutler.

28 Hopeful Lane, $280,000.
Marcia Lyons sold property to Benjamin and Rachel Lee.

50 Berkeley Way, $601,565.
Sonoma Grove LLC sold property to Jeffrey Blake and Maya Dobush (Co-Trustees). 

55 Corinth Mountain Rd., $592,500.
Margaret and Edward Stover sold property to Stephen Kyne and Shane Pfannenstiel.

34 Whirlaway Blvd., $325,000.
Derek Swartz sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 

34 Whirlaway Blvd., $325,000.
National Transfer Services LLC sold property to Peter Zumpano.

24 Meditation Way, $321,900.
Richard and Gayle Cohen sold property to Keven Donohue and Kelsey McDonald.

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