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Property Transactions: August 3-7, 2020


5 Pasture Place, $309,500. Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property to Ashley Crews and Timothy O’Connor. 

32 Mann Rd., $392,000. James Frering sold property to Jessica Blascak. 

5 Hollins Lane, $335,000. Wendy and Charles Haugh, Jr. sold property to Michael and Victoria Every.

14 Roseland Blvd., $250,000. Timothy Winslow sold property to Mathew and Kayla Parenti. 

59 Midlinie Rd., $75,000. Pamela Schirnhofer sold property to Kyle Schirnhofer.

23 Kasey Pass, Unit 23, $297,489. Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Jeremy and Mary Spraggs. 

96 Lancaster Court, $368,857. Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to Katherine Ladd.

60 Beacon St., $259,900. Edwin and Maureen Durie sold property to Lisa Lane.

2 Charles St., $179,000. John McAuliffe, Jr. sold property to BE for Realty LLC.

11 Everson Way, $337,500. Meghan Dobroski sold property to Thomas and Julie Hunt. 

1 Brookshire Way, $391,810. JKM Builders LLC sold property to Erik to Christina Mendelsohn.


525 Locust Grove Rd., $225,000. Cameron Asay and Allison Blaszky sold property to Michael Scoula.

280 Greene Rd., $30,000. Charles and Joseph Slocik sold property to William and Jennifer Aldrich (as Trustees).

250 Greene Rd., $204,000. Charles and Joseph Slocik sold property to William and Jennifer Aldrich (as Trustees). 

520 North Creek Rd., $177,000. Michael Perue sold property to Amanda Sieber.


102 Pepperbush Place, $172,500. Janet Howells (by Exec) sold property to Ethan Marshall.

4 Settlers Ridge S., $460,000. Larry and Laura Parsons sold property to Kelly Beers and Eric Stefanik.

13 Village View Bluff, $245,000. Martin Hotaling sold property to Ridge Harris.

631 Malta Ave., $260,000. Barbara Greene sold property to Kevin Fitzpatrick and Andrea Rollier.

68 Snowberry Rd., $203,000. Patricia Washington (as Trustee) sold property to Janie English and Heidi Frechette.

20 Pepperbush Place, $180,000. Daniel Miller sold property to Nicholas Molocznik. 

18 Copper Ridge Dr., $125,000. Abele Builders Inc. sold property to Abele Homes LLC.

3 Wineberry Lane, $250,000. Jennifer and Robert DelGuercio sold property to Tyler Strenk and Lindsey Waring.

1 Candlewood Dr., $339,900. Alan and Diane Blumenkopf sold property to Marissa Broadley.

107 Arrowwood Place, $200,500. Sharon Natale sold property to Kimberly Carville. 

11 Coronado Way, $405,000. Kyle and Kaitlin Kuwitzky sold property to Richard Warren and Alexandra Aarons. 


313 Lexington St., $225,000. Victor Madrigal sold property to Matthew Bonacci.

88 Grove St., $20,500. Alex Pulling and Holly Luciano sold property to Alex Pulling.

14 Van Brummel Lane, $340,000. Kathryn Steigerwald sold property to Kevin and Amber Devantier.

735 Route 29, $38,000. US Bank National Association (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Home Buddies LLC. 

250 W. North St., $190,000. Casey Avery sold property to High Rock Property Management LLC. 

2 Carrousel Court, $313,000. Kayla and Daniel Bartczak sold property to Jaime and Madalynn Gallaga.

52 Middle St., $169,000. Michelle Kolozy sold property to Cynthia LaForest.

28 Red Coach Trail, $210,000. George Malone (by Exec) sold property to Nicholas Croce.

30 Carriage Way, $240,000.  Dennis Newcomer sold property to Jordan Adey.


Swamp Rd., $22,000. Christian and Bridget Babcock sold property to Lee and Mary Ethier.

168 Haas Rd., $364,500. Ann McGrath and Morgan Gmelch sold property to Katherine Doyle.

152 Haas Rd., $354,000. Milissa Monroe sold property to Lucas and Alyssa Meyers.

3 Pearl St., $254,000. Linda Flood, Kevin, Keith, and Kenneth Nevins, and Brenda Adler sold property to Jose Atencio and Maria Lezcano. 

Lot 3 NYS Route 32, $65,000. Mark Harrison sold property to Piepers Classic Cars LLC.


44 Horseshoe Dr., $475,000. Paul and Barbara Iaconis sold property to Benjamin Tecmire and Venessa Baer.

22 Collins Terrace, $560,000. Thomas and Victoria Niles sold property to James and Nikki Flynn. 

6 Doggetts Coat Place, $540,000. Tina Chindamo sold property to Ian Bain and Samantha Shrager. 

28 Julians Way, $715,397. Spencers Landing LLC sold property to Robert and Nancy Rusnak.

3 Lee Dr., $287,500. Louis and Nancy Lombard sold property to Geralee Hall.

46 Union St., Unit 103, $18,500. Moore Hall LLC sold property to Jeffrey and Diane Campbell. 

171 Grand Ave., $535,000. Gerald Curtin and Alicia Brabazon Curtin sold property to Sadiebug LLC. 

340 Grand Ave., $138,350. Two Glenmore Avenue LLC sold property to Nicole and Eric Evers.

68 Kaydeross Park Rd., $408,000. Sixty Eight Kaydeross Park Road Holdings LLC sold property to Valerie J Hoebel Revocable Trust.

14 Conver Dr., $338,000. John and Jocelyn Keene sold property to Austin Nydegger and Zoie Cavotta.

8 Flying Dutchman Way, $380,000. Heather O’Leary sold property to Meg O’Leary and Jordi Estevadeordal.


37 NYS Route 67, $108,325. US Department of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Derrick Weaver.

32 Pine Ridge Rd., $385,000. John and Anne Daley sold property to Norman and Yong Rader.

21 Major Dickinson Ave., $320,000. Ridgevale Capital LLC sold property to Twenty One Major Dickinson LLC. 

4 East Cove Rd., $500,000. Nikki and James Flynn III sold property to John Hannemann and Holly Fadie.

2 Riverside Dr., $235,000. Robert and Linda Farnan sold property to Jenna and Timothy Cuilla.

Claremont and Colonial, $50,000. Joseph Fondano sold property to Nineteen Colonial LLC. 


41 Nicklaus Dr., $331,100. Rachel Tierney sold property to Michael McMullen.

27 Cherry Tree Lane, $359,900. Justan and Clarissa Jenkins sold property to Jose and Taylor Ortiz.

74 Ernst Rd., $155,000. Walter Adelmann (as Trustee) sold property to James McDonald.

30 Highgate Rd., $255,000. Jonathon and Meghan Molik sold property to Lacey Largeteau.

683 Route 9, $630,000. Sanford and Barry Katz (Co Trustees) sold property to Six Hundred Eighty Three Saratoga Rd. 

55 Cobble Hill Dr., $411,000. Denise Hassey sold property to Dwayne and Ashley Hazel.

306 Loudon Rd., $301,000. Kelley Campoli (as Trustee) sold property to Michael Neaton and Stacie Wood Neaton.

11 Worth Rd., $357,000. Peter and Lisa Fraine sold property to Gregory Petroski and Jacqueline Fitzgerald. 

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Property Transactions

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