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Property Transactions: March 14 - March 20, 2020


1184 Eastern Ave., $325,000.
Vincent and Alicia Dobyns sold property to Thomas and Lisa Dennison.


3A Deer Creek, $165,000.
Joseph Gabriele sold property to Alexander Hilker.

7 Collins Court, $189,169.
Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Collins Court LLC. 

74 Stoney Creek Dr., $186,500.
Christine Austin sold property to Mark Brockbank.

10 Parkside Trail, $392,500.
Derek and Cindy Grey sold property to Kenneth and Amanda Tremont.

17 Heavenly Way, $418,000.
Bassam and Xiaomei Moussan sold property to Dawn Teetsel.

8 Wall St., Unit 200. $205,000.
Janice Forte sold property to Barbara Ashbee (as Trustee).

46 Shadow Wood Way, $250,000.
Shawn Livingstonh sold property to Joshua Bell and Christine Lane.

26 Heritage Lane, $325,000.
David and Janet Mietlicki (as Trustees) sold property to Steven and Diane Catanzaro.

13 Addison Way, $427,000.
Rongtao Lu and Yuanyuan Zhang sold property to National Transfer Services LLC.

13 Addison Way, $427,000.
National Transfer Services LLC sold property to Yuetao Zhang and Ying Yuan.

26 Leonardo Dr., $380,000.
Cynthia Calautti sold property to Christopher and Nicole DePasquale.

22 Amity Pointe Court, $440,000.
Olga Raskin sold property to Kathleen Fahey and Mark Reith.

40 Jamison Dr., $20,000.
Christopher and Jaime Watson sold property to Jaime Watson.


34 Heath Rd., $248,000.
Krysta Hrabley sold property to Hayden and Sarah Frechette.

67 Locust Ridge Dr., $231,000.
Kevin and Marcy Canale sold property to Aimee Michaud and Thomas Diemer.

12 Adirondack Court, $230,000.
Kevin Hanna sold property to Brandon Moseman.


187 Plank Rd., $100,000.
Gail Marshall and Mark Baker sold property to Kirchhoff Rental Properties LLC. 

934 Locust Grove Rd., $59,000.
Jeffrey Collura sold property to Deanna Barchuk. 

7 and 10 Humes Rd., $140,000.
Cornell Land Development LLC sold property to Cartier Construction Co. LLC. 

547 Middle Grove Rd., $221,000.
Rehab A Home LLC sold property to Hunter Nezelek.

472 Maple Ave., $300,000.
Matthew Ernst sold property to Patrick and Lora Diggins.

4099 Route 9N, $255,000.
Amy Bingham sold property to Benjamin Galligar, III. 


1 Dover Place, $244,000.
Kristen Stangle sold property to Nadya Munsie and Gregory McGeady.

15 Linden Park Dr., $398,545.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Adam and Teresa McIlravey.

4 Cinnamon Lane, $452,000.
Michael Ziegler sold property to Katie Allen. 

1C Fairfax Dr., $284,000.
Carolyn Custer (by Co Execs) sold property to Joann Taglione.

149 Plant Rd., $150,000.
John Rucinski sold property to Bruce Tanski. 

19 Spice Mill Blvd., $390,000.
Brian and Karen Knowles sold property to Ryan and Jennifer Cameron. 


10 Raspberry Dr., $227,500.
Catherine Saracco sold property to Matthew Brush and Caitlin Powers. 

1 Weston Way, $340,458.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to John and Susan Cerrito. 

24 Larkspur Dr., $293,000.
Joseph and Kimberly Paone sold property to Michael and Lauren Blair.

7 Maple Forest Dr., $93,000.
H and L Development LLC sold property to Darren Herbinger Construction LLC. 

7 Maple Forest Dr., $399,900.
Darren Herbinger Construction LLC sold property to Jared and Nicole Stockwell. 

192 East Line Rd., $25,000.
Alan Elkerton (by Admin) sold property to Robert and Celeste Benoit.

88 Arrow Wood Place, $186,500.
Jason Dammer sold property to Michele Grinvalsky.

12 Coronado Way, $410,000.
Colleen and Mark Brooks sold property to Sean and Jennifer Wade.

8 Homestead Commons, $250,000.
Murray and Kathleen Eitzmann sold property to Kevin and Alison Eitzmann. 

20 Meadow Rue Pl., $262,500.
Kevin, Kurt and Scott Kelly sold property to Michelle Durand.

6 Ordelia Lane, $341,785.
Farone Amedore LLC and Victorian Landings Homeowners Assoc. sold property to Jennifer Cowin.

5 Avendale Dr., $400,000.
Paula Healy sold property to Michael Koscielniak. 


3 Hudson St., $359,164.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Dylan Blumberg and Cassandra Marchese.

422 Northline Rd., $190,000.
Peter Pardi sold propertyto Gregory Peters and Jesse Elwert.

176 Finley Rd., $62,204.
Justin and Mandy Bessette sold property to Catherine Marrano.

559 Rowland St., $370,000.
Rowland Grand Development LLC sold property to Todd and Amy Balog.

271 Greenfield Ave., $45,000.
Roland Dumas (by Agent) sold property to Tannery Hill LLC.


8 Wedgewood Dr., $319,900.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Michael and Loelle Hartshorne.

14 Squire Rd., $425,000.
Erin Fenton sold property to James and Anne Loschen.

1036 Route 9, $490,000.
David and Carolyn Cannizzo sold property to Kristina and Raffaele Iorio.

18 Winterberry Lane, $60,000.
JD Michaels Holdings LLC sold property to Michaels Group Homes LLC. 

4 Bayberry Dr., $298,265.
Patten Property Development LLC sold property to Anthony Wilson and Brittney Perry. 

219 Fort Edward Rd., $175,000.
Daniel Gifford, Linda Pettey, and Jon Gifford sold property to Jarred Butler and Madeline Kelly.


4876 Route 50, $240,000.
Brunelle Herman, Jr. sold property to Shane and Sarah Avery.

30 Gates Ave. N., $245,000.
Raymond Wood, Jr., (as Trustee) sold property to Edward and Kaeli Dieckert.


219 Washington St., $157,300.
Alice Gibbons (by Admin) sold property to Two Hundred Nineteen Washington Street Partnership.

3 Clubhouse Dr., $242,000.
Three Kelmik Drive LLC sold property to Robert Huttner.

139 Grand Ave., $660,000.
Michael Zimmerman sold property to Paul and Rebecca Trimble.

33 Wedgewood Dr., $487,000.
Harvey and Sandra Kalish (Trustees) sold property to David and Alison Railsback. 


8 Artillery Approach, $328,866.
Robert and Cynthia Dempsey sold property to Kyle Rossi and Samantha Phillips.

1221 Hudson Ave., $290,000.
John LeClaire sold property to Joseph and Marie Devito. 

795 Hudson Ave., $160,000.
Claude Gauthier, Sr. sold property to Israel Anderson.

19 Gronczniak Rd., $52,000.
Cathleen Werneburg (Ind and as Trustee) sold property to Scott and Melissa Campbell. 


31 Jones Rd., $325,000.
Russell Henry sold property to Ross and Jamie Hansen.

17 Berkeley Way, $662,410.
Sonoma Grove LLC sold property to Thomas and Trudy Roepe.

12 Woodlake Dr., $227,000.
William Gaul, Jr. (Ind and as Agent) and Alice Gaul (by Agent) sold property to David and Joyce DeVelder.

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