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Property Transactions: March 21 - March 27, 2020


72 Lancaster Court, $283,500.
Arthur Wahome sold property to Matthew Desnoyers.

16 Pasture Place, $293,840.
Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property to Michelle Brown.


213 Stage Rd., $199,000.
Edward and Robin Larkin sold property to Erin and Samuel Zadrozny.


9 Mountain View Terrace, $260,000.
Eric and Caroline Price sold property to Kurt and Deborah Kelly.

200 Moe Rd., $392,500.
Lifeline Homes LLC sold property to Matthew Server and Tara Morales.

10 Casablanca Court, $294,900.
Ann Gauthier sold property to Ashley and Aaron Girard.


1315 Perth Rd., $180,200.
Shereen Raucci sold property to Corbin Daino.


Brigham Rd., $254,400.
Conor Cahill (by Atty) sold property to Open Space Institute Land Trust.


1 Dover Place, $244,000.
Kristen Stangle sold property to Nadya Munsie and Gregory McGeady.

15 Linden Park Dr., $398,545.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Adam and Teresa McIlravey.

4 Cinnamon Lane, $452,000.
Michael Ziegler sold property to Katie Allen. 

1C Fairfax Dr., $284,000.
Carolyn Custer (by Co Execs) sold property to Joann Taglione.

149 Plant Rd., $150,000.
John Rucinski sold property to Bruce Tanski. 

19 Spice Mill Blvd., $390,000.
Brian and Karen Knowles sold property to Ryan and Jennifer Cameron. 

12 Sheldon Dr., $424,000.
Jennifer Perrotta sold property to Linda and Ronald Menty.

232 Monmouth Way, $90,000.
Marion Dombrowski (by Admin) sold property to Two Hundred Thirty Two Hundred Thirty Two Monmouth Way Land Trust and Flatrock Property Corporation (as Trustee). 

76 Cooks Court, $202,500.
Joyelle and Nigel Chrysostom sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 

76 Cooks Court, $202,500.
National Transfer Services LLC sold property to Matthew Nielsen.

4 Lighthouse Dr., $310,000.
Scott and Kathleen Paske sold property to Eithne and Allison McCarthy. 


71 Wake Robin Rd., $138,000.
Michael Sparno sold property to Mark Leonard.

62 Village Circle North, $420,977.
Belmonte Properties sold property to Rosemary and Raymond Coughlin.

122 Thimbleberry Rd., $105,000.
John Corbo (by Exec) sold property to Rest Assured Home Inspections LLC and Sommerset Real Estate Investment Corporation.

122 Thimbleberry Rd., $205,200.
Rest Assured Home Inspections LLC and Sommerset Real Estate Investment Corporation sold property to Courtney Bowers.


26 Oakwood Court, $457,500.
Joyce Raeburn sold property to Steven and Camille Marshall. 


8 Wedgewood Dr., $319,900.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Michael and Loelle Hartshorne.

14 Squire Rd., $425,000.
Erin Fenton sold property to James and Anne Loschen.

1036 Route 9, $490,000.
David and Carolyn Cannizzo sold property to Kristina and Raffaele Iorio.

18 Winterberry Lane, $60,000.
JD Michaels Holdings LLC sold property to Michaels Group Homes LLC. 

4 Bayberry Dr., $298,265.
Patten Property Development LLC sold property to Anthony Wilson and Brittney Perry. 

219 Fort Edward Rd., $175,000.
Daniel Gifford, Linda Pettey, and Jon Gifford sold property to Jarred Butler and Madeline Kelly.

2 Prospect St., $157,500.
John Liberty sold property to Amy Turpin.

3 Tamarac Dr., $306,000.
Elaine Dillon sold property to William and Theresa Maher.

23 Greenway Rd., $162,000.
Jean Bartholomew (as Trustee) sold property to Virginia and John Johnson. 

17 Tanglewood Dr., $245,000.
William and Theresa Maher sold property to Louise Eddy.

36 Bluebird Rd., $237,500.
William and Katrina Morgan sold property to Wray and Rose Jackson.

273 Gansevoort Rd., $60,000.
Acting Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Justin and Karleigh Daigneault.


4876 Route 50, $240,000.
Brunelle Herman, Jr. sold property to Shane and Sarah Avery.

30 Gates Ave. N., $245,000.
Raymond Wood, Jr., (as Trustee) sold property to Edward and Kaeli Dieckert.


47 Pearl St., $131,000.
Tracy Canterino sold property to Nathaniel Barton. 


475 Crescent Ave., $150,000.
Erin Manwiller sold property to Katherine Doyle. 

55 Jane St., $509,571.
Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to David and Stephanie Verleger.

268 Broadway, Units 402 and 404, $2,450,000.
Thomas and Susan Salice sold property to Charles and Jacqueline Okosky. 

6 Sarazen St., $259,079.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (as Trustee) sold property to Douglas Sandmann. 

164 Spring St., $825,000.
Paul Benedict (as Trustee) sold property to Grand Mare LLC. 

256 Grand Ave., $384,900.
Elizabeth and Martin Harr, IV sold property to Adam Garfrerick and Mary Coyne. 

59 Wagon Wheel Trail, $221,000.
Anna Emerich sold property to Tucker and Morgan Holland. 


8 Artillery Approach, $328,866.
Robert and Cynthia Dempsey sold property to Kyle Rossi and Samantha Phillips.

1221 Hudson Ave., $290,000.
John LeClaire sold property to Joseph and Marie Devito. 

795 Hudson Ave., $160,000.
Claude Gauthier, Sr. sold property to Israel Anderson.

19 Gronczniak Rd., $52,000.
Cathleen Werneburg (Ind and as Trustee) sold property to Scott and Melissa Campbell. 

123 County Route 75, $475,000.
Robert and Theodora Meyer sold property to Zachary Rajeski.

10 High St., $174,000.
Kelli and Ceth Morocco sold property to Jack Vojnar, Jr. 


2 Easton Court, $120,000.
William Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC.

30 Cherry Tree Lane, $355,000.
Carl and Kathleen Grove sold Property to Bruce and Emily Carpenter.

11 Oxford Dr., $340,000.
Lisa Banden sold property to Rebecca Whittington.

4 Moonglow Dr., $255,000.
Michael Richter sold property to Michael Speshock, III and Shannon Hanson.

14 Killarney Court, $410,000.
Thomas and Cynthia Kmetz sold property to Richard Fanch. 

128 Edie Rd., $387,000.
Kwok and Lisa Wong sold property to Kristen Duesler and Jeffrey Dallas.

5 Santee Dr., $260,000.
Douglas Gulbrandsen and Stephanie Amigo sold property to Jean Reger.

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