Thursday, 30 August 2018 12:27

Farm to Table on Lake Ave.

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Gorsky’s Farm Market located at 84 Turner Rd. in Stillwater is expanding with a new location in Saratoga Springs at 588 Lake Ave. The farm currently raises cows, calves, heifers, steers, pigs, laying hens, broilers and sheep. All the meat and eggs sold at the market are raised on the farm. Their mission is to make local food, simple. The flagship location also offers prepared food and caters. The new location will offer the same as the flagship market but will also have a café to add soups, salads, sandwiches and fan favorite entrees like BBQ macaroni and cheese, according to Katie Gorsky co-proprietor of Gorsky’s Farm Market.

“The second location will be up and running hopefully within a few weeks,” Gorsky added. The space is 1,400 square-feet.

According to Gorsky’s husband Wayne, who grew up across the street from where Gorsky’s Farm is currently located, the property has been in the Turner Family since the early 1800s. Ralph and Ida Turner were childless and before they passed Wayne’s father purchased the farm to make sure it stayed a farm. In 2010 Katie and Wayne moved in and began renovations in 2013.

“While we were renovating, my friend said ‘build a coop, I’m bringing you chickens.’ She brought seven and a few weeks later we ordered 40 more chicks. We were hooked. We began selling eggs to our neighbors and quickly folks were asking to buy chicken, pork and beef,” Gorsky said.

“We kept adding more and more freezers in our circa 1880 garage and in 2017 we opened our actual farm market and commercial kitchen,” she added.

Gorsky credits the market’s success on their tendency to listen to customers and says that they have expanded products upon customers’ requests; and adds that there are a few items that they are not allowed to stop making, “ever.” “People get cranky,” she joked.

The Lake Ave. location will also offer a giant sandbox curated by Gorsky’s seven-year-old son George and more parking space. Also available are seasonally fresh produce, week bundles for pick-up, which are pre-prepared fresh ingredients for meals throughout the week, online ordering and car-side delivery.

“From the onset our passion has been to make local food, simple. This is a natural step to help democratize real food. When you are passionate about something important, you want to share it with as many people as possible,” Gorsky said.

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