Thursday, 21 December 2017 16:02

County Workers Honored as Four Supervisors Depart

(Left to right) 25-year Saratoga County employees Joanne Monaco (Social Services); Gay McKinney (Clerk); D'Arcy Plummer (Treasurer); Valerie Dussault (Real Property); J. Wes Carr (Youth Bureau); and Frank Blaisdell (Animal Shelter); Stillwater Supervisor and Board Chairman Ed Kinowski; 30-year employees Darryl Tree (Sewer District); Beatrice Tree (Social Services); Steve Dorsey (County Attorney); and Sandra Cross (Aging); and 35-year employee Elaine Pratt (Clerk of the Board). Photo by Deputy Board Clerk Therese Connolly.

BALLSTON SPA – The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors presented “longevity awards” this week to a small group of the county’s 1,100 employees, and bid farewell to four of its own members whose terms neared an end.

“The longer you have, the greater your service to the people,” observed Board Chairman Ed Kinowski, the Stillwater town supervisor, after calling out the names of 10 county employees and inviting them to be part of a group picture. Kinowski gave them small gift bags and formal proclamations.

Kinowski also pointed to the work of outgoing Supervisors R. Gardner Congdon of Moreau; John Collyer of Providence; Dan Lewza of Milton; and Peter Martin of Saratoga Springs—“each of whom is leaving to enter a new phase of life and embrace all the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” Kinowski said.  

“Your contributions to the county as supervisors have been very numerous,” he continued. “You’ve been creative and innovative in your approach to solving problems, always looking for the best ways to achieve goals.”

Kinowski singled out Collyer for his “hard work and good sense of humor”; Martin for “helping to make all of our residents safe” in his new role as public safety commissioner of the city; Lewza for his “special interest in the county airport, and being sure that residents in the Town of Milton had minimum negative impact”; and Congdon for his “desire to best serve the residents of the Town of Moreau” during his two separate terms of office, spanning more than 40 years.

On behalf of his colleagues, Saratoga Supervisor Thomas Wood praised Kinowski for his efforts as board chairman. Kinowski is expected to continue as chairman through 2018.

“During this past year you have been diligent in performing your duties,” Wood told Kinowski. “You’ve been constantly on the go, attending and participating in meetings on all kinds of topics and subjects. You never shied away from difficult and controversial issues, always tackling them head-on, taking your time, involving other supervisors, gathering all the facts and making a decision—and, most importantly, having the courage to stand behind it.”

Kinowski “represents and personifies the very best of Saratoga County,” Wood added. “We are all honored and privileged to have worked with you this year, and wish you the very best next year in your continued service to the county.”  

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