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South Glens Falls High’s Arcade Themed Danceathon

Photos by SHMD Photos/GusCarayiannis.

South Glens Falls — For 42 years the South Glens Falls High School has hosted a Danceathon to raise money for charity organizations and individuals in need of assistance. This year, $837,859.97 was raised and will be distributed among 70 recipients.
Organizing the dance marathon is truly a school community effort, to say the least. The organizers consist of South Glens Falls High alumni, teachers and students. A lot of work is done outside of the regular school day regarding fiscal needs, registration, music, and decorations. However, the school has found ways to incorporate the dance marathon into the curriculum the week prior. Science classes teach tiedying, and the physical education classes aid in choreographing the closing dance.
The student body heavily influences the dance marathon from choosing the theme to selecting the recipients of the funds raised. This year’s Arcade theme idea came from student Olivia Barber. Everyone was encouraged to dress in vibrant colors and decorations complimented vibrant lighting, in an effort to simulate arcade video games and lights.
Over 200 applications from organizations and individuals were entered in order to receive aid from the funds raised at the danceathon. Who will receive aid is decided among students who voluntarily participate in these selections. The students spend time reading through several synopses on the applications and vote for the recipients.
There have only been two years in the history of the Danceathon where they did not raise more money than the previous year. Attempting to do so isn’t the overall goal of each year’s danceathon.
“We try to de-emphasize that (raising more money than the previous year) because the money is not what the important thing is,” said Thomas Myott, one of the event’s faculty coordinators.
Myott believes that “one of the things that makes this so successful is that the people who are involved are here for the right reasons.”
The fact that this dance marathon has been taking place for 42 years is a representation of not only the dedication to service that South Glens Falls High School possesses but how dedicated the community is to help serve each other.
South High Marathon Dance 2020 already has a date set. It will be held on March 6 and 7, 2020 for another year of community service. 
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