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Homeschooling 101: Week 3

Homeschooling 101: Week 3


Rubik’s Cube   
  Find that old Rubik’s Cube and have them try to solve it. 
  For inspiration, look up  Saratoga local Steven Brundage videosfirst.

  (Hint: There are formulas online for solving it, but don’ttell them that right away, give them a chance to work their brain  getting at least one side on their own.)

Magic Tricks   
  Have them channel their inner David Blaine and learn magic tricks.

  Here are some fun videos for them to follow along:

A Deck of Cards 
  Build a card house. Use either a regular playing deck of cards (the most challenging
  option), index cards (better option) or order from for cards made
  especially for this purpose. Building a house of cards promotes development of Stem skills.

Recycled Junk
  If you have an old small appliance or computer that doesn’t work anymore, let your child disassemble it and learn how it worked.


Want to brush up on your knowledge of Government or Literature with your high school junior or senior? 
Hillsdale College offers free online class lectures on a variety of topics.  Take the classes with your child for a great opportunity to learn together. 



Let your child be in charge for the day. 
Give parameters such as, school work must be done, teeth must still be brushed, the plan can’t be all day on the computer... But let them choose the activities, meals, movies, schedule... They can even make one meal themselves (elementary and younger need help with the stove/oven).



Use this time to teach money management skills
Two helpful websites are: and

Have a coin jar that is overflowing? Roll those coins.
This teaches basic math skills for all ages.  (Tip: Banks provide free coin wrappers)


Give them 5-10 new words a week that they have to look up, learn to spell, pronounce and write the definition. Quiz them at the end of the week.
*For elementary age children, have your child write the list of words in alphabetical order before they look them up and define them.


Do you have a pull-up bar in your home or an outdoor structure that you can hang from? 
Have a hanging contest. See who can hang the longest each day for a week.  Add up the times at the end of the week and give a prize to the winner. Go on to week 2 adding pull-ups or chin-ups to the hang.  Begin with 1 a day, increasing every couple of days, and at the end of 2 or 3 weeks, see who can do the most. 

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