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Property Transactions 10.5.18


22 Silver Springs Dr., $475,000.
Harry and Elizabeth Meehan sold property to Ryan and Kristen Lynch. 

11 Chesterwood Court, $215,000.
Michael and Kelly Tucker sold property to Reginald Wren, Jr.

217 Hop City Rd., $390,000.
Francis Zilka sold property to Hop City LLC.

52 Kelley Farms Rd., $456,844.
Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to James and Niki Tebbano.

40 Cypress St., $347,353.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Vinayan and Ajitha Menon. 

7 Evergreen Court, $370,500.
Randall and Maureen Demler sold property to Brett and Jodi Campbell. 


2046 Maple Ave., $1,500,000.
John Simoni sold property to Scott and Colleen Stevens.


11 Fifth St., $135,000.
Michael and Susan Palma sold property to Relyea Property Development LLC. 

20 Spotswood Dr., $20,000.
Heath Road Plus LLC sold property to Driftwood Contracting Inc. 

7 Fifth St., $65,000.
Michael and Susan Palma sold property to Bailey Kanar.

4 Solar Dr., $74,160.
Warren Cummins sold property to Alicia Letendre and John Hunt, Jr. 

2 Birch Court, $235,000.
John DeCristofaro (as Trustee) sold property to John Marceda.

200 Walnut St., $95,400.
Joan and Anthony Rocco, Sr., sold property to Patricia James. 

27 Walnut St., $95,000.
Louis McArthur and Doris McArthur Lohfink (as Trustee) sold property to 27 Walnut Street LLC. 

0 and 512 County Route 24, $93,900.
Holly Esford sold property to Kerry Sumner, Ralph Fiusher and Freeman Fisher. 

25 West Mechanic St., $167,500.
Daniel and Brindel Byron sold property to Raymond and Julie Tremblay and Dennis Keenan.


14 Barney Rd., $281,500.
Louise and Louis Okonewski and Helen Lum sold property to Nicholas and Patricia Almy.

133 Sand Hill Rd., $316,000.
Devin and Julie Van Zandt sold property to Gabriel and Kimberly Harlan. 


17 Ordelia Lane, $361,735.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Nancy Izzo. 

39 Lindenwood Dr., $375,000.
Liming Ji and Chen Yue sold property to Andrew and Stephanie Brown. 

1 Kozy Lane, $506,000.
Linda and Leonard LaBounty, Jr. sold property to Curtis and Joyce Cressi. 

86 Arrowwood Place, $179,000.
Todd and Nancy Boice sold property to Cheryl Eifler.

93 Meadow Rue Place, $280,000.
Christopher Pena sold property to Joelle and Jared Malinowski. 

14 Foxglove Way, $390,000.
David and Alayne Curtiss sold property to Alexandros and Katherine Vasilakos. 

57 Weston Way, $305,000.
Rim Repair Realty LLC sold property to James Doyle, Jr. and Shelby Grillo.

27 Galleon Dr., $561,686.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Jeffrey and Janice Wilson.

16 Collamer Dr., $265,000.
Jennifer Dunham and Kathleen Gooley (as Trustees) sold property to Leah Shea. 

25 Carlyle Court, $300,000.
Jason and Valerie Kneeland sold property to Thomas and Jennifer Lynch. 


80 Maple Ave., $200,000.
Kevin Dailey sold property to Kyle Bennett.

56 Rowland St., $37,000.
Andrew, Eugene and Clifford Hickok sold property to Chad and Jennifer Hickok. 

207 Drummond Dr., $312,000.
Thomas and Kristen Rogan sold property to Daniel and Jennifer Page. 

57 Hyde Blvd., $298,000.
John Wilson (by Exec) sold property to Toddand Bridget Sand.

125 Bath St., $160,000.
RFID Textile Services Inc. sold property to JJB 125 Bath LLC. 

9 Wheeler Creek Court, $284,900.
Robert Bergeron and John Degen sold property to Frank and Eileen Farina. 

34 N. High St., $80,000.
US Bank Trust (as Trustee) and LSSF9 Master Participation Trust sold property to High Rock Property Management LLC. 

58 Knollwood Terrace, $260,000.
Diane Allegro sold property to Linda Digiuseppe.

14 Crestline Dr., $155,000.
Brian and David Bogue and Mary Beth Florance sold property to Bambie and Patrick Becker.


105 Hughes Rd., $335,000.
Jeanne and Joseph Magliulo sold property to Mark Mausert. 

230 Southard Rd., $170,000.
Brian Downing (Ind and as Atty) sold property to Rita Theisen (as Trustee).

146 Homestead Rd. $248,000.
David and Michelle Mercier sold property to Brendan Quinn. 


4 Locust Grove Rd., $195,000.
Judith Orton (by Exec) sold property to Laura Mullen and Nicholas Adie. 

6 Mitchell St., $562,000.
Robert and Diane Noble sold property to Sean and Elizabeth Conway. 

18 Shaw Dr., $177,970.
DGD Holdings LLC sold property to Kenneth and Judith Peyton.

76 Fifth St., $1,075,000.
Michael and Margaret Roohan sold property to Richard White and Margaret D’Andrea.

17 Walworth St., $185,000.
Frankie Romain (by Guardian) sold property to 328 Milton LLC.

46 Union Ave. Unit 305, $880,000.
Moore Hall LLC sold property to Annabel Guevara.

236 West Circular St., $300,000.
Candice Becker sold property to Michael Lenahan.

84 Dryer Switch Rd., $400,000.
Nancy Schaefer (as Trustee) sold property to Mark and Leta Wells. 

74 Tamarack Trail, $180,000.
Peter and Tracy Costanza sold property to Rachel Jacomo.

40 Excelsior Ave., $470,700.
Bardino Enterprises LLC (by Exec) and Charles Bardino (by Exec) sold property to Bardino Holdings LLC. 

3 Mystic Lane, $452,800.
Judy Binzen sold property to Joseph Mazza and Christi Cash.

59 Railroad Place, Unit 502, $880,000.
Bruce and Sarah White sold property to Michael Fabrizio. 

15 Horseshhoe Dr., $459,900.
Francis and Kathleen Foti sold property to Michael and Tracy Shannon.

46 Union Ave., Unit 204, $875,000.
Moore Hall LLC sold property to Joan Taylor and William Wilmot.

11 Wagon Wheel Trail, $200,000.
Dennis Fernet and Frances Bates sold property to Mark and Lehra Inglis.


31 Revere Run, $270,000.
Qi Zhang and Zhen Xue sold property to Capgrow Holdings JV Sub IV LLC.

31 Dorchester Dr. $179,400.
Kathryn Terrell and Mary Terrell (Co Execs) sold property to Charles Dickinson. 

108 County Route 76, $175,500.
Kathleen Murray, Carolyn Slocum, Gerald Ryan and Susan Walsh sold property to Jonathan Keeler.

14 Cannon Court, $230,000.
Mark and Dayle Gruder sold property to Nancy Hart.

0 Beacon Hill Dr., $415,000.
Charles and Edith Rizzo sold property to Erick and Jill Anderson.


186 Gurn Springs Rd., $175,000.
Owen and Marilyn Monroe sold property to Aron Courville.

296 Palmer Ridge Rd., $34,624.
David and Dareen Langdon sold property to Brandon and Jael Beckman.

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Property Transactions

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