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Property Transactions: December 2 - December 8, 2022

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
This beautiful home listed by  Kate Naughton of Roohan Realty at  6 Hawkins Place Saratoga Springs sold for $725,500. This beautiful home listed by Kate Naughton of Roohan Realty at 6 Hawkins Place Saratoga Springs sold for $725,500.


Peter Farrell sold property at 4 & 6 Orchard Terrace to Elizabeth Ann Realty LLC for $140,000

Chad Harrison sold property at 35 Lancaster Ct to Jeremiah Weiskircher for $507,500

SBT Property Management Group sold property at 1402 Rt 50 to HPK Realestate LLC for $1,000,000


Struggle Brothers LLC sold property at 219 Lake Desolation Rd to Cheryl Lenox for $117,130.

Brian Alexander sold property at 2 Rebecca Dr to Adrian Morales for $460,000.

Bruce Schliefman sold property at Lot 1 Hovey Rd to Richard Martinez for $135,000.

James Craig sold property at 656 Locust Grove Rd to US Bank National Trust for $220,000.


Chrisopher Deschamps sold property at 129 Plum Poppy North to David Wallace for $551,000

Marc Desrosiers sold property at 9 West Dr to Kyle Partyka for $385,000

Alice Vautrin sold property at 13 Northwest Pass to Ashley Starks for $367,000

Kip Butler sold property at 107 4th St to Adam Wacenske for $389,000

Calleb Cullen sold property at 52 Wake Robin Rd to Alyssa Saumell  for $260,000

Melissa Wernersbach sold property at 5 Skipper Hill Lane to Justin Spencer for $600,000

Arlene Frederick sold property at 7 Kozy Lane to Jeffrey Stratton for $210,000


Kenneth Weliczka sold property at 1000 A and B NYS Rt 28 to Saratoga Maple for $272,551


Michael O’Connell sold property at 16 Nelson Ave to reid James for $370,000

Robert Sommerville sold property at 62 Sarazen St to Naylor property Holdings for $625,000

James Barbetta sold property at 85 Monroe St to Paul Meier for $805,000 

Matthew Dufort sold property at 14 Tiffany Place to Robert Colangelo for $525,000

67 Ash Street LLC sold property at 67 Ash St to Lina Dillon for $760,000

Paul Zachos sold property at 108 Spring St to Dylan Ture for $600,000.

Pamela Podsiadlo sold property at 6 Hawkins Place to Stephen Dorsey for $725,500.

Regatta View LLC sold property at 12 Dartmouth Way to Paul Ferro for $642,228

Ellen Brown sold property at 3 Wilshire Blvd to John Humowitz for $385,000.


John Mikalinis sold property at 4264 Route 50 to Sandra Rizzo for $315,000

Sonoma Grove LLC sold property at 43 Berkeley Way to Jessica Fichera for $651,422

146 Middle Ave LLC sold property at 234 Jones Rd to Jonathan Mattingly for $375,000

David Knapp sold property at 16 Dandelion Dr to Charles Barringer IV for $400,000

Michael Wilson sold property at 7 Joseph Lane to Deborah Porco for $380,000

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