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Property Transactions: January 8 - January 14, 2022

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
814 Salem Drive, Ballston Spa  • $313,000 814 Salem Drive, Ballston Spa • $313,000


Thorton Hager sold property at 33329 NYS Rt 9N to Madison Baltodano for $235,000.

Gerard Parisi sold property at 45 Braim Rd to Sean Burden for $280,000.

Cartier Construction Co LLC sold property at 39 Wilton Rd to Todd Stinson for $419,500.

Nichelle Diggins as exec. sold property at 196 Plank Rd to Toby Middlebrook for $125,000.

Stephanie Shippey sold property at 475 Middle Grove Rd to Robert Poirier for $230,000.


Homeland Properties LLC sold property at 36 Greenbrier Way to Olaoluwa Fajobi for $486,185.

Michael Chase sold property at 10A Winchester Pl to Kenneth Mannion for $313,000.

Joseph Naglieri sold property at 2 Putnam Ct to Jennifer Loson for $212,000.

McDonald Family Builders LLC. sold property at 2 Rock Hill Place to Joel Kincart for $650,000.

Paul French sold property at 31 Stage Run to Thomas Ochs for $455,000.

Marini Land I Inc sold property at 16 Wheatfield Way to Kimberly Cooper for $481,768.


Alexis Lysyczyn sold property at 24 Snowberry Rd to Antonio Cobucci for $251,000.

Bryan Grinnell sold property at 8 Springfield Dr to Cara Morocco for $475,000.

Andrew Esperti sold property at 35 New York Ave to Vamaco LLC for $250,000.

Carol Knox sold property at 2425 State Route 9 to Too Ate SIIX Limited for $175,000.

Emily Tonkin sold property at 73 Ordelia Lane to Nelson Laffey for $400,000.

John Quinn sold property at 18 Century Dr to John Russell for $545,000.

Bruce Setter sold property at 2 Northwest Pass to Margaret Gregory for $350,000.

Sheryl ann Leland sold property at 3 Rainbow Way to Thomas Ringler for $499,000


John Iacomini sold property at 71 Skylark Dr to Adam Sherman for $200,000.

Fair Oaks Milton LLC sold property at 11 Catalina Dr to Kathryn White for $458,180.

Daryl Keller sold property at 32 Deer Run Dr to Nadine Drago for $229,000.

Daniel Hornbeck sold property at 1102 Rock City Rd to Michael Pace for $215,000

Nicole Hughes sold property at 42 Red Coach Trail to Miles Kelly for $260,000.

TJB LLC sold property at 245 Paisley Rd to DAB 3 Group LLC  for $1,640,000

Brookview Court Inc sold property at 22 Huntington Way to Jesse Hiraldo for $400,438


Calvin Gong sold property at 1390 Rt 9P to Marini Land II for $398,000.

Derek Shepanzyk sold property at 1239 NYS Route 9P to Forward Looking LLC for $1,750,000


Two Gilbert Corners LLC sold property at 67 Waterview Dr to Hayley Fletcher for $900,000

Olivia Huxley sold property at 272 Nelson Ave to Rebecca McCarthy for $515,000

Brianna Herman sold property at 55 Monroe St to Diana Dellaratta for $455,000.

77 Van Dam LLC sold property at 77 Van Dam Unit 102 to Gail Urbanak for $412,500.

Excelsior Park LLC sold property at 18 Whistler Ct to Stephen Romero for $477,299.

Bradley Heil sold property at 61 Vanderbilt Ave to Elizabeth Brown for $397,000.

Wayne Clark sold property at 148 Hathorn Blvd to Terri Martuscello for $255,000.


McPadden Builders LLC sold property at 9 Colleen Ct to Craig Laing for $434,213.

John McNallen sold property at 39 Tom Sawyer Dr to Daryl Weyand for $325,000.

Samuel Wahnon sold property at Dimmick Rd to Ruiz Gonzalo for $150,000.

Gerard Zabala sold property at 14 Hearthstone Dr to Matthew Phillips for $511,000.

Kirk Scott sold property at 9 Donna Dr to Laura Kozarsky for $375,000.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 55 Anthony Pl to Eugene Viti for $345,486. Traditional Home Builders and Developers sold property at 21 Mallory Way to Matthew Hall for $418,500. James Giannone sold property at 2 Miller Ct to James Margiotta for $506,500. Charles Russell sold property at 117 Charlton Rd to Michael Wizner for $325,000. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms sold property at 11 Stablegate Dr to Andrew Collar for $566,204. CORINTH David Kirchoff sold property at 222 Oak St to Bryan Eaton for $220,000. GALWAY Andrew Hathaway sold property at 9040 Nassell Dr to Rick Percoco for $250,000.…
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