Thursday, 01 September 2022 12:54

It is the Duty of City Leaders to Not Judge a Person Based on their Status, Skin Color or Sexual Orientation

By Tim Coll | Letters to the Editor

To provide context: I am a retired FBI Agent that is not affiliated with any political party.

On 8/2/2022, at a public meeting which was recorded, Public Works Commissioner Jason Golub, made unacceptable and divisive comments.

Mr. Golub was discussing the merits of passing an aggressive solicitation ordinance directed at the panhandlers which he ultimately voted no. An important portion of the proposed ordinance was to prohibit panhandlers from harassing and engaging in physical contact with residents and/or tourists. Besides voting no on this common-sense ordinance, he made a shocking comment about a “rich white lady.”

Mr. Golub used a hypothetical situation where a “rich white lady” files a complaint against the panhandler. Mr. Golub essentially argued that police would side with the complainant only because she is a “rich white lady.” Clearly, Mr. Golub was suggesting a “rich white lady” would provide false testimony to a Saratoga Springs police officer and the police officer would agree with her based on her status as a “rich white lady.”

Obviously, Mr. Golub has no understanding of the criminal justice system and how witness testimony is corroborated by law enforcement, including the Saratoga Springs Police Department, every day in America.

It is the duty of city leaders and law enforcement to not judge a person based on their status, skin color, or sexual orientation but rather the facts of the situation.

Again, these comments were unacceptable and divisive. He owes an apology to all city residents.

- Respectfully, Tim Coll | Saratoga Springs

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