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Property Transactions

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299 Middleline Rd., $48,500. Michael Marotta sold property to Donald and Barbara LeBarron. 

292 Sunset Ave., $56,000. Barbara Griffin (by Co Exec) sold property to Marek Giurk. 

417 Eastline Rd., $335,000. Sven Peterson (by Exec) sold property to Four Totes Enterprises, LLC.

88 East High St., $177,500. Cartus Financial Corporation sold property to Scott Varley.


61 Ormsbee Rd., $222,500. Derrick Sindorf sold property to Donald Brinson.

409 NYS Route 9, $595,000. John Koella and Susan Sharp sold property to 409 Maple Avenue Associates, LLC. 


54 Brownell Rd., $173,000. Sylvia Vedder sold property to Jeffrey and Jill Morse.

94 Lakeshore Dr., $378,000. Thomas and Sheila Matejek sold property to Lee and Eileen French. 

6 Snowberry Rd., $175,000. Sharon O’Meara  sold property to William and Kathleen Gooley. 

Lot 85 Coronado Way, $360,942. John Luke Development Co., LLC sold property to Amy and Thomas Walsh. 

42 Pepperbush Place, $161,000. Paul Morcone sold property to Peter Iwaneczko and Alexandra Wade. 


171 South St., $192,000. 115 South Street, LLC sold property to Richard Klatt. 

72 Saratoga Ave., $197,200., Anthony Pharo, Sr.,  sold property to 72 Saratoga Ave., LLC. 

106 Deer Run Dr., $175,532. Shawn and Jessica Rosetti  sold property to Jessica Carman. 

33 Whipple Tree Rd., $144,160. Albert DiPasquale (by Agent) sold property to April Gibbs.

276 Rowland St., $112,417. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation sold property to Brian Phillips.

122 Hutchins Rd., $190,000. Brett Melita sold property to Ryan and Mallory O’Reilly. 


19 Wilson Ave., $153,700. Peter and Mary Lemery sold property to John and Melissa Rivers.

8 Washburn St., $175,000. Pamela Bendon sold property to Peter and Mary Lemery.

43 Williams St., $256,000. Town of Moreau sold property to Cerrone Construction, LLC.

15 Charles St., $220,000. William Bingham sold property to Timothy and Andrea Ives.

161 Gansevoort Rd., $231,143. Christopher and Elizabeth Lanfear (by Agent) sold property to Amethyst Enterprises, Inc. 

252 Burt Rd., $133,000. William Rourke sold property to Rebecca Hoey. 

6 Holly Dr., $280,000. Cerrone Construction, LLC sold property to Lorne and Faith Hosman. 

1582 Route 9, $177,000. McCormick Property Management, LLC sold property to Michael Pugh. 


16 Cook Circle, $170,000. Steven Simmons sold property to US Bank National Association (as Trustee). 

5 Gates Ave., $329,900. Thomas and Suzanne Benton sold property to James and Kelly Tiberio. 


11 Brock Rd., $100,000. PCG Reo Holdings, LLC sold property to Cynthia Furfaro.

8 Burgoyne St., $195,000. Michael Gervais sold property to David Casner. 


10 Iroquois Dr., $480,000. Christa Lance sold property to Kevin and Judith Dooley.

125 Union Ave., Unit C-103, $145,000. Peterson Rodriguez Homes, LLC sold property to Carlos and Lenore Strocchia-Rivera. 

38 High Rock Ave., $30,000. High Rock Condominiums, LLC sold property to Elizabeth and Martin Brayboy. 

4 Sundance Dr., $390,000. Andrea Smith sold property to Samuel and Nancy Santana.

1 Karen Dr., $269,000. Carl, Jr. and Sandra Regan sold property to Joseph and Christine Cerezo.

49 Tyler Dr., $515,000. Caroline Hudson sold property to Jason and Adele Mazzotti.

14 Springwood Dr., $300,000. Jyl Sullivan sold property to Ashley  Long. 

80 Brook St., $235,000. Joan Buell sold property to Bruce Briggs. 

38 Doten Ave., $490,350. Trojanski Custom Builders, LLC sold property to Amy Cassidy.

2239 Route 50 South, $221,000. Bobbi Williams sold property to James and Susan Stanley.

58 Michael Dr., $215,000. 112 Broadway Street, LLC sold property to Carl, Jr. and Sandra Regan.

235 Washington St., $2,875,000. Washington Commons, LLC sold property to Washington Central, LLC.

10 Eureka Ave., $355,000. Donald and Jean Richards (by Agent) sold property to Anthony, Jr. and Tara Cammarata.

165 West Circular St., $359,900. Daniel and Mary Cogan sold property to Margaret Cocozzo. 

23 Washington St., $850,000. Bethesda Episcopal Church, Rector Wardens and Vestrymen of the Bethesda Episcopal Church sold property to Adelphi Hotel Partners, LLC. 

19 Washington St., $200,000. Bethesda Episcopal Church, Rector Wardens and Vestrymen of the Bethesda Episcopal Church sold property to Adelphi Hotel Partners, LLC. 

121 Lake Ave., $527,000. Fred and Anne Wolpert sold property to Wolpert Realty LLC. 


42 West St., $181,500. Keith Cuilla sold property to Thomas and Jessica Ryder.

4 Club House Ct., $325,000. Kristie Robertson sold property to Charles and Teresa Dunn. 


12 Palmer Terrace, $315,500. Jon and Christine Hoek sold property to Mark and Olga Amico.

27 Fairmount Dr., $283,500. Michael and Sylvia Bayle sold property to Kevin and Liza Rucinski. 

33 Highgate Rd., $224,900. Christa and Michael Burke sold property to John and Sarah Brewster.

150 Parkhurst Rd., $265,000. Christopher and Rhonda McGourty sold property to Jonathan Roche and Kathleen Bradley. 

10 Preserve Way, $505,000. Louis and Anne Petruccelli sold property to David and Catherine Domozych. 

65 King Rd., $51,000. Michael Frawley sold property to Steven Halse. 



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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Matthew Yacowenia sold property at 156 Kingsley Rd to Joshua Dhanai for $222,000. Joshua Crowder sold property at 51 Forest Rd to Jennifer Coleman for $330,000. Cheri Janik sold property at 44 Beacon St to Mary Millington for $275,000. Adele Grasso sold property at Connolly Rd to John Schaffer for $450,000. Traditional Home Builders and Developers sold property at 5 Mallory Way to Gerard OShea for $405,093. Myra Johnson sold property at 69 Cornerstone Dr to National Transfer Services for $266,500. National Transfer Drive Services sold property at 69 Cornerstone Dr to Domenico Cimmino for $260,000. Eastline Holdings LLC…
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