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SSPD: New Chief Sworn In

Tyler McIntosh taking the oath of office as Saratoga Springs Chief of Police on June 27, 2023 at Saratoga Music Hall.  Photo: Super Source Media Studios. Tyler McIntosh taking the oath of office as Saratoga Springs Chief of Police on June 27, 2023 at Saratoga Music Hall. Photo: Super Source Media Studios.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — New city police chief Tyler McIntosh took the oath of office during a 75-minute ceremony at Saratoga Music Hall June 27. The event included a swearing-in of three new officers, multiple promotions of current department members and a variety of citations and recognitions formally commending officers for their recent actions in the line of duty.

“Last year in November, three of our officers lived up to all the training they had undergone and ran in the direction of gunfire,” said Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino. “They protected the lives of others and quieted a tumultuous situation. We are here to thank all our men and women in SSPD and we’re here to commit ourselves to support them here and out there to the best of our ability.”

Retiring Police Chief Shane Crooks recognized members of the current department and offered advice to new department hires Kelsey Lawlor, Vinay Rathore and Sean Carey. 

“Law enforcement is more than just a job, it’s a calling,” Crooks said. “Never forget why you took this job…You will see people at their worst, but also have the ability to be the difference that the world needs.”

Saratoga Springs Police Lt. Tyler McIntosh told those assembled at the music hall that he is both humbled and honored in being named city police chief. 

“I’ve had a true desire to serve and put others before myself since I was a kid,” said McIntosh, whose military service during the past 17 years included two deployments into combat zones. 

“That (military) experience really made it clear to me the importance and power of people working together toward a common objective. That same concept of collaboration and cooperation holds true in ensuring the continued safety of Saratoga Springs,” McIntosh said. “Collaboration between the police and the community is essential.”

McIntosh, a graduate of Plattsburgh State University, joined the Saratoga Springs Police Department in 2012 and rose through the ranks from Patrol Officer to Patrol Sergeant and Patrol Lieutenant before being assigned the duties of Accreditation Lieutenant upon the retirement of Lt. Robert Jillson. Continuing his education after joining the city police department, McIntosh earned a master’s degree in Public Administration from Marist College in 2019, a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia, and earlier this month graduated in the FBI National Academy.

Saratoga Springs has had 21 previous police chiefs and acting police chiefs dating back to 1887. 

Police Chiefs 

  • George W. Blodgett, 1887 to 1898
  • Dennis Conklin, 1898 to 1901
  • James H. King, 1901 to 1909
  • Edward T. Carroll,1910 to 1921
  • Edward Morrison, 1922 to 1925
  • James L. Sullivan, 1925 to 1927
  • John E. Armstrong, 1928 to 1930
  • Patrick F. Rox, 1930 to 1937 and 1940 to 1950
  • John J. A’Hearn, 1938 to 1939
  • George H. West (Acting Chief), 1950 to 1952
  • Robert F. Flanagan, 1952 to 1965
  • Anthony C. Scavone (Acting Chief), 1965 to 1966
  • Peter Pemberton, 1967 to 1986
  • Kenneth E. King Jr., 1986 to 2003
  • Robert J. Flanagan, 2003
  • Edward F. Moore, 2003 to 2009
  • Christopher J. Cole, 2009 to 2013
  • Gregory J. Veitch, 2013 to 2019
  • John Catone (Acting Chief) 2019 
  • Shane Crooks 2019 to 2023
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