Friday, 20 December 2013 10:06

Sausville’s 1-Vote Victory Still Stands

By Staff Report | Local News

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Appellate Division of state Supreme Court ruled that two ballots, which could have changed the outcome of the Malta supervisor’s race in favor of Cynthia Young instead of incumbent Republican Supervisor Paul Sausville, were invalid.

Sticking with the initial ruling by Judge Robert Chauvin, the decision officially gives the race win to Sausville as head of the Malta town board, as well as representative on the county Board of Supervisors. Sausville is also next in line to be chairman of the county board.

Young initially appealed the ruling, but the two ballots were not counted because of marks and words made on the proposition side on both.

Specifically, one voter drew a line through both the “yes” and “no” boxes in Proposition 5 and wrote “No vote” next to them. The other checked the “yes” box for Proposition 4 before scribbling out the check mark and writing “No vote” next to it.

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