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Meet the Team: Spa Catholic Softball

By Lori Mahan | Sports

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Brett Simpson is taking his first year as the head coach of Saratoga Central Catholic’s varsity softball team all in. After being assistant coach last year, he is ready to go even further than before, assisted by Andy O’Reilly.

“Through the first two weeks we started off hot, we started off 4-0-0 league games. We think that has a lot to do with our first ever trip to Disney, we think that got us ready. We had a tough weekend but that’s all part of the game. We’re looking to bounce back with six games in six days this week so we’re curious to see what’s in store for us,” Simpson explained.

Along with the varsity baseball team, the softball team went to Disney in March, for their first time, to practice and play in preparation for the season.

“We had a scrimmage scheduled for every day but Easter, which we took off to go to Easter Mass as a team, and we had a scrimmage and we had a scheduled practice every day. So, even though we were scrimmaging, we still had time to go out there and practice different situations. To be in 90-degree weather for a week when people are freezing up here, that was awesome for us,” Simpson explained.

The teams were also able to enjoy the park with their free time every day.

“We gave them as much time as possible to let them be kids as well, because that’s just as important, so the kids really got to go to the park for most of the days,” he said.

Last season, the girls went just under 500 in the petition to get in Sectionals, where they won the first game. This year, they intend to build off that as they move toward Sectionals again this year.

“We’ve been trying to take it very slow and keep it as simple as possible and our model is to win each inning and if can win each inning then we learn to win multiple games and we build off that and see what we can do,” Simpson stated.

Simpson said two of his key players this year are freshmen, both of which played on varsity last season as well.

“Molly O’Reilly, she played on varsity last year, she’s one of our pitchers and first basemen and not only can she pitch a field for us, she hits extremely well. Julie Murdick, another freshman, that we used as a utility player last year, she is our starting shortstop this year and hits lead off. So, to have those two as freshmen to build up through our system, makes our future very bright,” he explained.

Simpson also praises two seniors, who he not only considers “good players,” but also praises their ability to lead the team, as well: they are Victoria Alvord and Cassidy Hayner

“Our younger girls really look up to them, two kids that are not only great softball players, but they are awesome kids and very enjoyable to coach and we’re glad to have them lead this team,” Simpson said.

“This team’s chemistry is actually one of the better ones I’ve seen. Once again, I’m going to relate that back to our Disney trip. To bring 13 kids down to Disney, play seven scrimmages in the middle of Disney, I don’t think you get much better bonding than that and what it did to our team is beyond words,” Simpson said, acknowledging their Disney’s trip impact on the team as a whole.

 Spa Catholic Softball Team
Team Headshots by Brooke O'Reilly.

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