Friday, 01 September 2017 10:23

Burnt Hills Spartans

[ Photo by Lori Mahan. ]

BURNT HILLS – Coach Matt Shelly has 38 players on his roster this year. Their first game will be against the Queensbury Spartans on Saturday, September 2 at 1:30 p.m.

“That’s always a really tough test, especially week one. They’re one of the better teams every year in our division so it’s coming out of the gate going up against a really great team. So it’ll be a really great challenge,” Coach Shelly said.

Key players include Jake Stanko, tailback, Mike Levan, wide receiver, Darien Lapietro, quarterback, Vincent Daviero, running back, and Jeremy Clayton, tight end. Joe Petrovsky, Evan Price, and Zach Grey lead the offensive line. All players are returning from last year.

There are no sophomores on the team, only juniors and seniors.

When asked how practice had been going, Coach Shelly said, “so far so good. We’re pretty healthy right now, couple of injuries but nothing too bad, just minor things. They’ve been focused and working hard so they’re excited to get the season going.”

The Burnt Hills Spartans are a Class A team with a state rank of 58.

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