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Local All Star Moments: Feb. 14-20, 2020

Blue Streaks Hockey

SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Tuesday, Feb. 4, Saratoga played Queensbury and lost, 6-3. Joe Amodio had two goals and Michael Montague had one; goalie Brad Blake had 17 saves. On Saturday, Feb. 8, Saratoga played Shenendehowa and won, 4-0. Charlie Leary, Riley Lefebvre, Mack Ogden, and Jax Todorovic each contributed one goal to the win; goalie Brad Blake had 12 saves.

SRYMCA Over 50 Basketball Leagues Scores 

D’Andrea’s Pizza Shop v. Nemer Chryslers
Nemer-68: Steve Brown-22, Charlie Mauer-12

D’Andrea’s- 52: Rory Wilson-18, Scott Waterhouse-15

West Side VS Walton’s Sport Shop 
West Side-74: Tom Welch-16

Walton’s-53:-Jimmy Parker 17, Mike Bentley-17

Chryslers Jeep Dodge of Greenwich v. Mama Mia’s
Stephen’s-68: Paul Gross-24, Gerry Heffernan-20

Mama Mia’s- Phil Fitzpartick-19, Lamont Williams-15

Turning Point Chiropractic v. Lazy Dog Cookie Co.
Lazy Dog-70: Todd Mcshane-23, Scott Clark-20

Turning Point-47: Bob Hason-26, Mike Scanlon-8

New York State Elks East Regional Hoop Shoot Winners

SPORTS ElksHoopShootWinners

SARATOGA SPRINGS — On February 2, 2020 the New York State Elks held their East Regional Hoop Shoot competition at Stillwater Central High School. Two Northeast District Hoop Shoot winners from Saratoga-Wilton Elks Lodge No. 161 competed. Evan Rosettie finished first in the Boys’ 12-13 Year Old Division, making 23 out of 25 free throws. Charlotte Drabek finished second in the Girls’ 12-13 Year Old Division. Evan will move on to the New York State Elks Hoop Shoot Finals on March 7 in Syracuse. Shown here are NY State Elks President Brian Greene, Evan Rosettie, Charlotte Drabek, and Northeast District Hoop Shoot Director Steve Dorsey.

Town of Wilton Recreation Jr. NBA Chamionship

Kings vs. Pelicans
Kings-26: Gannon Britton 7, Sean Britton 6

Pelicans-21: Logan Janis 8, Tony LaGoy 8
Congrats for the win, Kings!

Pelicans vs. Magic
Pelicans-32: Ronan Doyle 11, Gavin LaFrance 10

Magic-27: Christ Sheft 7, Dillon Trautner 5
Congrats for the win, Pelicans!

Knicks vs. Lakers
Knicks-29: Micah Paog 10, Chase Billington 8

Lakers-17: Kihl Kelly 8, Michael Plourde 3
Congrats for the win, Knicks!

Pelicans vs. Thunder
Pelicans-45: Charles DiDonato 15, Evan Barthelmas 12
Thunder-42: Thomas Maurer 18, Bryant Savage 10

Congrats for the win, Pelicans!



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