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Leap into Action: STREB Extreme Action Workshop Comes to Tang

Leap into Action: STREB Extreme Action Workshop Comes to Tang Photo by Marissa Gonzalez.

SARATOGA SPRINGS —  What is STREB? Choreographer Elizabeth Streb founded her company STREB EXTREME ACTION in 1985. This action-packed art is a full body muscle engaging activity that has reached new heights since it’s conception. 
The company tours nationally and internationally putting on shows that contain trampolines, parkour elements, and skilled falling. 
Skidmore College’s Tang Teaching Museum is the host of the STREB Company’s upcoming performances and workshops. On Wednesday, June 5 the first workshop was held where people of varying physical backgrounds and strengths took to the mat to learn the basic elements of the STREB techniques. 
The workshop was conducted by the company’s Associate Artistic Director, Cassandre Joseph. 
“Our technique is accessible to all. Anytime we teach a class, we keep that in mind. We don’t necessarily teach a different class for a different kind of person,” said Joseph. “Whatever group we have, it’s a personal best technique, and the idea is that the technique translates regardless.” 
Twenty participants gathered on the mat nervously eying the illustrious equipment filling the room. The workshop began with exercise drills to get everyone acquainted with the awareness of personal space and rapid directional changes. After, Joseph walked the participants through the basics of full body bracing and falling techniques. 
Later on, the group tried their hands and feet and face at a short STREB ACTION basic routine. After an hour of practice, demonstrations from STREB ACTION performers were very much needed to guide the pace and the movements. 
“A lot of the workshop is verbal. We’re constantly explaining why we’re doing things, or what we’re doing,” said Joseph. “The text really helps put things in context and makes people feel a little bit more comfortable.” 
The company will be in residence until Friday, June 21. All upcoming events including rehearsals, shows, and workshops are free and open to the public. 
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