Thursday, 25 January 2018 17:49

Neighbor: Kaylee Delaney

Q: What is your actual title at the City Center?

A: I am housekeeping and set up. It’s 90 percent cleaning, and sometimes I do chairs and pick up tables if the guys are busy doing something else.

Q: How would you describe your work ethic?

A: I love cleaning. For me, it’s more like 100 percent cleaning and if the guys have this much to do and I’m done with my list, then I go help them. I love my job. This is a great place.

Q: What’s your most memorable event at the City Center?

A: Oh, goodness. We have so many, that’s a very tough question. I would say, once a year, we do a very fun event where families bring in all of their children who have special needs, and we do all sorts of things. We do so many fun arts and crafts, and there’s a bounce house. It’s just a good thing for the families that have special-needs children or even the parents themselves. Everybody has such a fun time. Or the pet shows, because everybody loves pet shows…We have Dance Flurry coming up next month, which will be 5,000 (or plus) people in the building for a two-, three-day period…We do so many events a year, it’s like non-stop.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: When it’s not wintertime, I do a lot of hiking. I like to ice skate, but I haven’t been able to get really back into that. That’s one thing where, if you stop doing it for a while, you’ve got to have really good balance. We’ll see if I get back into that. Fishing. Four-wheeling. I read often, go to the gym. That’s about it.

Q: Do you plan on staying in this area for life?

A: That I’m not so sure yet. I do love Saratoga, but there is a lot more of the world out there to see. And, actually, two years ago is when I really just started traveling, too. That’s another big one for me. One place a year, at least. My first trip…two years ago, I went to Vegas, and last year I went to New Zealand…I didn’t want to leave. 

Q: Where else do you want to go?

A: Italy, Greece, Australia’s a big one…I do want to go to South Africa once. [Her partner] Nathan’s sister is there now, and she’s been sending me so many pictures. Just to go see all the animals and their actual way of life is pretty cool. Plus, other cultures are so interesting.

Then I want to go to Fiji, the Philippines and see all the different islands and stuff out there. The next trip will either be Florida or Hawaii. We’ll see…Nathan’s family is all military, Army, Navy. They travel quite often. His sister and his brother, their next placement might be in Japan. If they go there and get stationed over there, we’ll go visit, so that’s another one on my list.

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