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Nationally Distributed Tequila Brand Has Saratoga Roots

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A Saratoga Springs local is taking her Tequila brand national. Lisa Elovich, owner of One With Life (OWL) Organic Tequila, launched the tequila brand in 2015 and since then has won numerous awards including Wine Enthusiast’s Best of Year award in 2017. 

“I look at life like an adventure, I like to keep life fun and interesting and never get stuck in a rut. I like to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things and really have fun with life, so I don’t normally stick to one career very long,” Elovich said.

Elovich has worked in criminal justice for 28 years. She was a prosecutor in New York City, worked at the Attorney General’s office and was an administrative law judge for child abuse cases. In the last 10 years, she was on the parole board as the parole commissioner. 

“But I always believed in having a second job,” she added.

And so began her career in life coaching, which she still does today, and infused a lot of which she preaches into her tequila brand. After that, she was a professional boxing promoter. Her initial interest in boxing began with just attending classes to lose some baby weight. In her seven years as a boxing promoter she had shows on ESPN and MSG. 

“I wanted to start a new business and I wanted to do something that was exciting like boxing… When I though about what’s fun and light-hearted, I thought about tequila,”
Elovich said. 

“I’ve always associated tequila with a reason to celebrate, it’s always been a time when I had fun with family and friends, and it reminded me of just being happy. So what I wanted to do was use the bottle as a vessel to spread a message of what it means to be one with life and to be light-hearted and enjoy your life and be present for family and friends. So the bottle represents all that,” she added. 

Elovich is the true embodiment of her brand and message. Her tequila is handcrafted and small batch, and every bottle has a different inspirational message on the inside, no batch is the same. Elovich looks to the brand’s consumers and fans to find new quotes to use in each batch. There is also a toast on the packaging that reads “Join us in a toast to: Being fully present, listening deeply, speaking with love and being one with life. Salud!” 

One With Life Organic Tequila got it’s name from a book that Elovich read called “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

“I read the book multiple times and I was so moved by it and it was so life changing for me that I wanted to name the tequila One With Life which means being aligned with the universe, going with the flow, not carrying the past with you and not spending your time creating a story in your head and worrying about the future,” she said.

“I thought if I could use the bottle to spread that message it would make me feel good about what my team and I were doing,” she added.

Elovich encourages consumers to enjoy the beverage in moderation, “I’m all about balance… Nobody should ever have too much just; enjoy it as part of a balanced lifestyle,” she says.

“Tequila is a very spiritual type of alcohol. It takes seven years to grow the agave plant before you can pick the center of the plant to make it into tequila. It is harvested by the Jimador, which are agave plant farmers. They are in the fields for seven years to grow these beautiful plants and then they take out the center of the plant by hand, so it really is a labor of love,” Elovich added. 

So far OWL Tequila is distributed in Saratoga and the surrounding counties and throughout South Florida. Since Elovich says the brand is still in the start-up phase, she believes this is something she will continue to do and if she decides on another career path, it will incorporate the OWL message. 

Right now, you can find OWL Tequila in every liquor store in Saratoga Springs, and some surrounding areas. It’s also in many restaurants on Broadway as well. Owl Tequila sells between $37 and $39 per bottle.  To find out where you can get OWL Organic Tequila, visit 

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