Thursday, 29 March 2018 17:02

Cumberland Farms Work Starts

A newly remodeled convenience store on Geyser Road in Milton. Photo provided. Heavy machinery preparing a site in Wilton this week for construction of a new Cumberland Farms. Photo by Super Source Media LLC.

WILTON – After months of delays, tree removal and site work commenced this week at the Daniels Road and Maple Avenue intersection for a Cumberland Farms convenience store that was approved by town officials nearly a year ago.

Ross Galloway, a site acquisition manager for First Hartford Corp. in Connecticut, said the company’s 5,275-square-foot store would be most comparable to a Cumberland Farms on Troy-Schenectady Road in Albany County.   

A minor cleanup project delayed the start of construction in Wilton until late last year, according to Galloway.

He added that Guilderland-based Emco Construction would be managing work at the site from this point forward.

Emco Construction Vice President Kevin Huntington, when reached for comment this week, said that all of the trees would be promptly cut down and disposed of in a chipper machine at the 2.5-acre site.

“It’s just another day at the office,” Huntington offered, as work crews were efficiently completing that same task.   

Huntington explained that his firm specializes in both renovations and full build-outs of Cumberland Farms stores. 

He said a renovation project, including one that Emco Construction recently finished on Geyser Road in Milton, typically takes about 10 weeks of construction work and at least another week to clean and stock the store.

Huntington said the Maple Avenue work is expected to take about 20 weeks, which indicates that opening the store would occur in late July or early August.  

Site plans for the new Cumberland Farms in Wilton include an “extensive landscape” design, he added. 

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