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Indoor Cycling Studio The Revolution to Open Saratoga Springs Location

Photo by Genine Gullickson, provided by Nancy Katinas Photo by Genine Gullickson, provided by Nancy Katinas

SARATOGA SPRINGS —The Revolution, an indoor cycling studio with locations in Clifton Park and Loudonville, is expanding north, with a location in Saratoga Springs set to open later this month.

Owner Nancy Katinas said The Revolution’s expansion to Saratoga is due to the community, saying there is a demand in the area and noting that several of their instructors live in the Saratoga area.

The Revolution will be located at 30 Gick Rd, which includes other fitness facilities such as Metabolic Fitness. Katinas said the location was “perfect” for the studio’s space.

“It was the community. The demand from the community, the interest from the community,” said Katinas of the decision. “A lot of things shook out. … We had an opportunity, and we’re going to take that risk.”

The Revolution’s Saratoga location will host an open house on Sept. 16, and plans to officially open Sept. 22. Katinas emphasized the studio has built a strong community, saying, “It’s just a place where everybody belongs.”

“Whatever brings you through the door, you’re on your own personal journey in a group of like-minded individuals. And we all root for each other,” Katinas said. “People become a community. It’s a sense of belonging for everybody.”

The Revolution is the largest indoor cycling venue in the Capital Region, Katinas said. With group workouts, colored lighting, and a wide variety of music, the studio offers a space where “everybody can participate.”

“I truly am passionate about the fact that everybody can participate in a class,” said Katinas. “You are in charge at the pace at which you pedal, and you are in charge of the resistance that you put on your bike.”

The Revolution uses lighting and music to power workouts, with Katinas saying, “The energy is contagious.”

“The lights go down, we’re lit like a dance club,” Katinas said. “We put (on) all kinds of music. Everything from classic rock, to country, EDM, to remixes. No class is ever the same, simply because of the change of the music.”

The Revolution offers a variety of classes with different musical themes. Katinas named examples such as all-decade rides, featuring music from a decade such as the 1990s, or ‘battle rides’ featuring two artists, such as ‘Lady Gaga vs. Dua Lipa.’

“The music drives your workout, and the energy that you get in a group is just contagious. It spreads,” said Katinas. “It’s power in numbers.”

The Revolution has over 19 instructors, Katinas said, with each providing their own perspectives to workouts and musical tastes.

“All of our instructors have a unique flair,” Katinas said. “There really is a lot of variety. … The members who embrace all the instructors get the best of everything, because they get a different workout, a different type of challenge, every class.”

Members can also purchase a heart rate monitor to measure calories, heart rate, and more in real time during the workouts. Participants are sent their results after each workout, as well as a monthly readout.

Upon opening, The Revolution’s Saratoga location will offer four classes per day from Mondays through Thursdays, three classes on Fridays, and two classes each on Saturdays and Sundays, according to their website.

However, Katinas emphasized that the schedule can change to meet the needs of local members. The studio will also look into additional weekend classes in the future, she said.

“Our schedule is not locked in stone forever. We are going to try to accommodate the schedule to fit the community,” said Katinas. “If that means adding a 7 a.m. class during the week, we’ll do that.”

The classes, which last 45 minutes each, can be booked at The Revolution offers several signup options, including a package of three classes for new participants, as well as drop-in rates, a package of 10 classes, and an unlimited membership. A student discount is also offered, with Katinas saying The Revolution is, “very student-friendly.”

With the studio’s planned opening approaching, Katinas said it is exciting to expand into Saratoga, again emphasizing The Revolution has built a strong community around its workouts.

“Ultimately, we’ve built such a great community of people,” said Katinas. “No one wants to do it by themselves. The more, the merrier.”

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