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Property Transactions: November 26 - December 4, 2020

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
23 Bog Meadow Run, Saratoga Springs • $439,000 23 Bog Meadow Run, Saratoga Springs • $439,000


Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 9 Stablegate Dr to Seamus OConnor for $650,794.

Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 2 Red Barn Dr to Daniel Keating for $417,328.

Debra Brown sold property at 56 Cypress St to Thomas Vogel for $354,900.

Michael Molocznik sold property at 185 Charlton Rd to Bonnie Chapman for $440,000.

TP Builders Inc sold property at 8 Meadowbrook Ct to Alyssa Greer for $553,125.

BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 21 Cornerstone Dr to Donald Wood for $290,000.


Atlantica LLC sold property at 17 Heath St to Colleen Shannon for $139,900.

Julianne Taylor sold property at 122 Miner Rd to Joshua Smith for $250,000.

Allison Parks sold property at 3 Fuller Dr to Ronald Tabbitas for $245,000.


Bruce Poritzky sold property at 141 Middle Grove Rd to Nikki Yas for $460,000.

Duane Carpenter sold property at 131 Wilton Rd to Mitchell Rager for $145,000.


26 Albany Ave LLC sold property at 26 Albany Ave to Ann Marie Floresca for $255,000.

Rasheed Bhatti sold property at 2867 Rt 9 to Aftab Bhatti for $355,179

Kathryn Kos sold property at 81 Arrowwood Place to Alyssa Taranto for $182,000.

Kenneth Jackson sold property at 51 Glade Mallow Rd to Sarah Maiolo for $282,000.

Michael McCabe sold property at 21 Ordelia Lane to Edward Updyke for $367,500

Joseph Greene sold property at 129 Thimbleberry Rd to Susan McQuade for $210,000

Andrew Lamothe sold property at 34 Pennyroyal Rd to Susanne Richardson for $262,000.


Thomas Roohan sold property at 489 Broadway to 489 Springs LLC for $995,000

Excelsior Park LLC sold property at 9 Gibson Ct to Dalida Toro for $330,000.

Craig Wilson sold property at 9 Sunset Dr to Robert Woodson for $220,000.

Daniel Monaco sold property at 365 Caroline St to Salvatore Salamone for $765,000.

Aztlano Archuleta sold property at 13 Clubhouse Dr to Aimee Privitera for $251,500.

Lindsay Cogan sold property at 13 Michael Dr to Patricia ONeil for $257,500.

Kyle Marsicano sold property at 39 Wagon Wheel Trail to Stephen Prohaska for $265,900.

Spencers Landing LLC  sold property at 24 Arrowhead Rd to Deborah Destefanis for $601,800

Anthony Nazzaro sold property at 225 Caroline St to Robert Leiponis for $510,000

DMN Realty Properties LLC sold property at 54 Walnut St to Thomas Grant for $473,000.

Thomas Burke sold property at 5 Jenee Way to Kyle Klopstock for $568,000.

Jennifer Rose sold property at 30 Central Ave to Kyle Manny for $515,000.

Robert Stern sold property at 44JWagon Wheel Trail to Jerry Gibson for $309,000.


Sally Gangell sold property at 3 Carlyle Terrace to Paul Farrell for $559,000.

Kasimier Jarosz sold property at 2 Saw Mill Court to Michael Akker for $620,000.

Richard Bangert sold property at 64 Castleberry Dr to Jennifer Colonagelo for $230,000

Kristen Bonner sold property at 9 New Kent Dr to Jennifer Foresman for $240,000.

Stuart Hardy sold property at 37 Nicholas Dr to Shawn Lavigne for $220,000.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Terese Auguirre sold property at 256 Scotch Bush Rd to Cole Osgood for $460,000. Lance Law sold property at 8 Lakehill Rd to Austin Frey for $335,000. Denis Ryder sold property at 122 Scotchbush Rd to Aimee Puglisi for $305,550. Mark Modany sold property at 8 Rothbury Place to David Ross for $662,800. William Bailey sold property at 96 McMaster St to Stephen Gerding for $399,000. Caitlin Freshwater sold property at 9 Martin Ave to Amy Speanburg for $235,000. CORINTH Tammy Mitchell sold property at 371 Angel Rd to Connor Cleveland for $192,500. CLIFTON PARK Robert Klein sold property…
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