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Friday, 24 February 2023 13:41

Recently Retired Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chair, Todd Kerner, Addresses Corrosion Of Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee

By John Kaufmann | Saratoga Springs Politics
Recently Retired Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chair, Todd Kerner, Addresses Corrosion Of Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee

[Todd Kerner served as the Saratoga County Democratic Chair from 2011 until last year. He sent me the following comment.]


Thank you for updating the community on the current news about Democrats in our County.

I was shocked to see the Saratoga Springs City Democratic Committee make endorsements by virtue of a nominating committee alone.

First, many on the nominating committee complained boisterously over the years that there should be no endorsements before a primary (remember Madigan vs Morrison). Those same people criticized party leadership (both County and City) for allowing such endorsements. Now that these people are in control, they are doing the exact thing they criticized. Chutzpah! I guess now they have destroyed Democratic party structures and gained control, they can do as they please.

Second, they did endorsements without allowing other interested candidates to address their full committee. That is undemocratic and Un-Democratic. This only demeans the committee members and deprives them of an opportunity to hear and pick the best candidates. We always allowed any candidates to address the county committee. This lack of transparency and the hidden process is appalling and hurts all the citizens of the City.

Third, these same people also castigated many of us for not finding enough Democrats to run for public office, especially county supervisors. Former Saratoga Springs Commissioner Michele Madigan is running, and the nominating committee refused to endorse her or allow her to appear before the full committee, thus leaving an open second spot against the GOP in the one jurisdiction with many more Dems than Republicans. A lost opportunity.

It is so unfortunate that the leadership of the Democratic Committee in Saratoga Springs has decided to act as undemocratic as possible. The old adage - do as I say, not as I do is so applicable here to them. I hope the voters in June and November remember this leadership. Most importantly, it is no wonder why it is also the same absence of good and professional leadership that you see in the mayor’s office.

Best wishes to residents of Saratoga Springs, but the rank-and-file Democrats in Saratoga Springs need to get involved in saving your city.

Todd M. Kerner
Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chair (2011-2022)

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