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Property Transactions 8.10.18


16 Ironwood St., $370,988.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to James and Kristin Upson. 

4 Cherry Tree Court, $359,900.
Christopher and Heather Robilotti sold property to Anthony Mangino and Francesca Eisenhauer.

55 Forestbrook Dr., $353,511.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Angelo Santos and Rachel Lubiano.

929 Route 67, $195,000.
Jeffrey and Kimberly Waldin sold property to Brandon Cherney and Sara Berrios. 

18 Sherwood Lane, $170,000.
Kristen Youmans sold property to Bruce McCarter.

12 Meadowbrook Court, $525,000.
Charles and Barbara Munier sold property to Amar, Rohit and Jyotsna Patel.

102 Hollister Way, $330,000.
Rochelle Jones sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 

102 Hollister Way, $330,000.
National Transfer Service sold property to James Duhaime and Nadine Vanko Duhaime. 

22 Kingsbridge Court, $120,000.
Robert and Cheryl Grzeskowiak sold property to Stephanie Clements. 

21 Chapel Hill Blvd., $425,000.
Jeffrey and Janice Wilson sold property to James and Frances Buonavolonta.


835 Charlton Rd., $291,800.
Joel Reber (as Trustee) sold property to Miguel and Beth Orabona.

1502 Division St., $363,000.
Caleb and Elinor George sold property to Kristen Donovan and Christopher Carroll. 

732 Swaggertown Rd., $249,500.
Derek Mangun and Paolan Alboni sold property to Cartus Financial Coropration.

732 Swaggertown Rd., $240,000.
Cartus Financial Corporation sold property to Chad Reed. 

6 Maplewood Dr., $155,000.
Hazel Zents (by Atty) sold property to John Thomas.


500 Lake Desolation Rd., $29,000.
Joshua Moran sold property to Sylvia and Richard Snow, Jr. 

175 Greene Rd., $280,000.
Zachary Dake sold property to Jennifer Jones and Lee Acker.


16 Sienna Dr., $416,000.
Rosemary and John Finn, Jr. sold property to Natalie and Nicholas Martin (as Trustees). 

8 Marions Way, Unit 8, $251,895.
Held Properties LLC sold property to Lena Lorieul (Ind and as Agent) and Christopher Lorieul (by Agent). 

123 Plum Poppy North, $379,029.
Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Tristina and Kenneth Torreggiani, Jr. 

4 Oak Rd., $269,950.
Markham and Kristin McNary and Robert and Barbara Burkham sold property to Faith Castegner. 

121 Plum Poppy North, $251,000.
Thomas J. Farone Homebuilders Inc. sold property to DEC Development LLC. 

207 Thimbleberry Rd., $175,000.
Anthony and Brittany Caruana sold property to Joshua and Jessica Szpila. 

2012 Rowley Rd., $367,500.
Forrest MacDonald and Elizabeth Dawley sold property to Mark and Diane Wagner.

52 Village Circle North, $549,084.
Belmonte Properties Inc. sold property to John and Eleanor Lahtinen. 

495 Route 67, $115,000.
James Sadowski III (as Trustee) n sold property to Real Appreciation Equities LLC. 

4123 Silver Beach Rd., $60,000.
Patricia and Ronald Shannon sold property to William and Susan Sykela.

24 Atkins Rd., $265,000.
Robert and Winifred Carron sold property to David and Melissa Matthews. 

49 Thimbleberry Rd., $140,100.
JP Morgan Chase Bank sold property to Leonard Ferri. 


67 Skylark Dr., $305,000.
Jody and Teri Mostoller sold property to National Transfer Service LLC. 

67 Skylark Dr., $297,500.
National Transfer Service LLC sold property to Michelle Hawkins. 

4 Katrina Court, $200,000.
Andrea Smith sold property to Kyle Smith.

7 Backstop Lane, $421,550.
Rosalyn Baker sold property to Robert and Lauren Baran.

549 Rowland St., $416,422.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to Jeffrey and Jennifer Crouse.

4 Stonecreek Court, $320,000.
Sarah Evans sold property to Desiree and Sylvio Plourde. 

8 River Rock Dr., $309,000.
Andrew Lohman sold property to Francis Miller and Melissa Kamal.

633 Stark Terrace, $340,000.
Carl and Karen Ford sold property to Chad and April McKissick.

67 Knollwood Hollow Terrace, $235,000.
Rodolfo Monteagudo and Janice Factor sold property to John Reichert.

112 Goldfinch Lane, $289,900.
Michael and Sherry Orcutt sold property to Anthony Slezak, Jr. 

91 Hutchins Rd., $450,000.
Edgar and Keith Carter and Debra Nimmo sold property to Malta Land Company LLC. 

206 Meadowlark Dr., $250,000.
Jordan and Kaitlyn Boersema sold property to Derek and Nicole McKinney.

27 Creekside Dr., $546,807.
Rock City Road Development Co. LLC sold property to Michael and Jeannine Dubiac.

1102 Rock City Rd., $175,960.
Zachary Gregory sold property to Daniel Hornbeck.


276 Hayes Rd., $360,000.
Christine Thrane sold property to Christina Meringolo and Christopher Georgia. 

140 Casey Rd., $292,500.
Howard Lester sold property to Gregory and Lynn Laniewski. 

County Road 67, $75,000.
Joseph and Anne McMahon sold property to Michael and Joelene Vianna. 


11 Schuyler Dr., $322,000.
Donnah and Norman Ballard (as Trustees) sold property to Nicholas DeVries. 

43 Jane St., $516,152.
Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to Renee and Richard Kapusniak.

2 Eton Court, $905,000.
Christa Boden sold property to Mary D’Andrea and Richard Matteson, Jr. 

121 Kaydeross Park Rd., $550,000.
Jill Kolbe (as Trustee) sold property to Jennifer Testa.

14 Ellis Ave., Unit 8, $330,000.
Robert Carbo sold property to Kelly McAuley. 

38 Wagon Wheel Trail, $108,729.
Darlene Bootier (Ind and as Agent) and Kimberly Palso (by Agent) sold property to Haven Property Development LLC. 

55 Phila St., Unit 101, $633,817.
Fifty-Five Phila LLC sold property to Three Franklin LLC. 

11 Jordan Drive South, $233,000.
Stephen and Patricia Wyle sold property to 292 Wolf LLC. 

43 Sarazen St. Rear, $407,000.
Brenda Spano (as Trustee) sold property to Kimberly Ostrowski.

129 Adams St., $750,000.
John Burke, Jr. sold property to David and Jennifer Nichols.

5 Finley St., $1,275,000.
Saratoga Prime Properties LLC sold property to Wholesalers Property Co. LLC. 

92 Oak St., $435,000.
CWA Oak Street LLC sold property to Ronald and Ashley Schorpp. 

268 Broadway Unit 606, $1,700,000.
Brady and Zane Carruth sold property to Everett Dobson.

9 Spa Dr., $220,000.
William Seredensky sold property to David Schrepper and Robert Ryan. 

10 Lafayette St., $500,000.
Ten Lafayette Street LLC sold property to Lafayette St LLC.


29 Morgan Court, $75,000.
Camelot Associates Development LLC sold property to Camelot Associates Corporation.

29 Morgan Court, $457,724.
Camelot Associates Corporation sold property to Daniel and Debra Rancour. 

11 Lakepointe Way, Lot 34, $302,900.
Mason Street LLC sold property to Frank Sciotti, Jr.

3 County Route 76, $239,000.
Timothy Connally and Joseph Riley sold property to Nathan and Brittany Paquin. 


13 Primrose Circle, $1,050,000.
Donald McNeil, III and Joley Tetreault McNeil sold property to Patricia and Todd Gordon.

57 Davidson Dr., $200,000.
Jessica Goldsmith sold property to Brooke Mattison.

2 Ushu Court, $341,565.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to David Fiorillo and Jennifer Lincoln Lynch. 

69 Brackett Lane, $241,000.
Bradley Poller sold property to Adam Revell. 

11 Briar Lane, $390,000.
Ronald and Ashley Schorpp sold property to Iskren and Mariela Milanova. 

17 Whispering Pines Rd., $100,000.
Robert Kenyon (by Execs) sold property to Delbert Kenyon.

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Property Transactions

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