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Property Transactions 7.20.18


739 Goode St., $70,000.
Clifford and Frieda Garrison sold property to Leslie Lotano Saba. 

972 Benedict Rd., $280,675.
David and Tammy Munsey sold property to Eric Schultz.

543 Devil’s Lane, $390,000.
Travis Moore and Michael Louis (Co Trustees) sold property to Jacob and Corey Ennis. 

140 Westside Dr., $690,000.
Joel Prescott sold property to David and Margaret LaBarr.

15 Katherine Court, $360,000.
Philip Hage and Michelle DiCarlo sold property to Jennifer Gary.

31 Ironwood St., $417,529.
Heritage Builders Group, LLC sold property to Stefan and Mandi Foster.


40 Barbara Mac D Drive, $207,500.
Edwin and Lisa Meade sold property to Matthew and Nicole Jones. 


1551 Perth Rd., $274,000.
Kevin Parks and Jane Burroughs Parks sold property to Kevin and Shannon Aurigema. 

Route 29, $40,000.
Charles Hansen sold property to Barbara and Owen Germain, Jr. 

Lot 12 Kania Rd., $60,000.
High Country Geospatial Inc. sold property to David and Sara Torrey. 

Hermance Rd., $24,000.
Felicia Fendentz sold property to Anthony and Marianne Sandy. 

6116 Spring Rd., $230,000.
Timothy Radigan sold property to Reuben and Loralyn White. 


1033 North Creek Rd., $45,000.
John and Rebecca Keyzer sold property to Mansfield Custom Homes LLC. 

80 Wing Rd., $65,000.
Linell Lands Inc. sold property to Elizabeth Whipple. 


201 Thimbleberry Rd., $200,000.
Cynthia Quade sold property to Atirek Wribhu.

297 East High St., $245,000.
Anna Rausch sold property to Stanley and Brittney Tomek.

8 Rosebay Rd., $349,900.
Justin and Samantha Huntley sold property to Ashley Fitzwilliam Gardner.


452 Franklin St., $279,000.
Lee and Louann Hood sold property to Vita and Timothy Nemeyer.

92-94 Maple Ave., $210,000.
Stanley Button sold property to One Thousand Twenty Nine West High Street LLC. 

1 Limerick Lane, $299,900.
Steven and Elyse Hagy sold property to Christopher and Brooke Szczesniak. 

5 Hudson St., $377,159.
Brookview Court Inc. and Pigliavento Builders DBA. 

2 Carrousel Court, $140,000.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Kayla and Daniel Bartczak, Jr. 


106-110 Broad St., $270,000.
Richard Furlani sold property to Bergin Properties LLC. 


10 Stony Brook Dr., $900,000.
Thodore and Michele Russo sold property to National Transfer Service LLC.

10 Stony Brook Dr., $900,000.
National Transfer Service LLC sold property to Kevin and Judeth Soukup.

22 Jefferson St., $357,900.
Joshua Ellithorpe sold property to Richard Zick and Jillian Barry.

69 Lawrence St., $546,500.
Sixty Nine Lawrence Street LLC sold property to Joseph and Patricia McKay.

25 Evergreen Dr., $420,000.
Jacqueline Abodeely sold property to Cameron Audette and Amanda Bassett. 


90 East St., $225,000.
George and Alma Dudas sold property to Richard and Patricia Ruffalo.

714 Route 9P, $380,000.
Veronica and Alexander Aurelio sold property to Prime Waterfront Properties Inc. 


6 Carefree Lane, $274,900.
Christine Root sold property to Kenton Kunkle.

106 Fieldstone Dr., $115,000.
Lester Ackerman and Patricia Casey sold property to Kelly and Jesse Boucher.

16 Wellington Dr., $439,000.
Charles and Andrea Newman sold property to Casey and Samantha Lucca. 

43 Claire Pass, $395,000.
Susan Garvey sold property to John Fisher (as Trustee). 

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Rodney Bower sold property at 153 Goode St to Duemler QualityHousing Enterprises LLC  for $575,000. Darlene Bower sold property at 149 Goode St to Elizabeth Ann Realty LLC for $372,500. Paula Rock sold property at 120 Lake Rd to Brian Lucas for $215,000. BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 34 Anthony Place to Michael Gilbert for $285,788. Raymond Baker sold property at 1 Main St to Sandra McMillian for $170,000. Ashley Newsom sold property at 1 Howard St to Ginger McGehee for $242,500. Hope Matis sold property at 161 Hop City Rd to Daphne Allen for $268,000. Heritage Builders…
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