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Property Transactions 7.13.18


27 Lawmar Lane, $255,955.
John Chakurmanian sold property to Josh and Sheila Horning. 

219 Westside Dr., $500,000.
Nicole Evers sold property to David MacRae, Jr. and Meera Tandon.

16 Jacob St., $235,000.
Daniel and Brittany LaDue sold property to Ryan and Mary Travis. 

15 Sherman Way, $334,000.
Jan and Jennifer Van de Carr sold property to Nancy Langford and Jason Tuczynski. 

455 Devils Lane, $150,000.
Lynn Deming (as Trustee and Beneficiary), Sally Jenkins (as Beneficiary) and Kenneth Deming (as Beneficiary) sold property to David and Madaline Jenkins.

401 Devils Lane, $75,000.
Donald and Michele Rhodes sold property to Bordeau Builders Inc. 

401 Devils Lane, $384,371.
Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to Kimberly and Christopher Dempsey. 


38 Village Circle South, $480,869.
Belmonte Properties LLC sold property to Michael and Theresa Schweigert.

9 Asbury Ave., $182,000.
Natalie Boburka sold property to Christopher Nerf.

74 Blue Spruce Lane, $298,900.
Robert and Isabelle Lunden sold property to James and Kim Cooper.

77 Knapp Rd., $88,000.
Jack Development Group LLC sold property to Catherine Marrano and Vincent Saracco.

21 Cooper Ridge Dr., $90,000.
Abele Builders Inc. sold property to Abele Homes LLC. 

21 Cooper Ridge Dr., $401,635.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to John and Patricia Delnegro.

17 Glade Mallow Rd., $255,000.
Robert and Pamela Hayes sold property to Joan Pawling.

53 Yachtsman Way, $535,930.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Alex Villanueva and Michelle Johnson.

10 Mayapple Way, $289,900.
Mary Donnellan sold property to Christopher O’Neil and Caelen Brott. 

134 Woodfield Blvd., $320,000.
Thomas and Regan Bouleris sold property to Delbert and Alena Cowsette. 


30 Saratoga Circle, $433,000.
Mary Carr sold property to Amy Deluca.

4 Annie Dr., $575,000.
Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to Alexander Davis. 

41 Webster St., $445,000.
Richard and Barbara Haner sold property to Derek and Brynya Ablamsky. 

218 Washington St., $257,653.
Helen Atwell sold property to Karen and Daniel Hamel, Jr. 

20 Joseph St., $195,000.
Joseph Street Saratoga LLC sold property to Stephen and Lana MacCormack. 

12 Ward St., $419,000.
Brandon and Erika Ture sold property to Weston Patrick. 

43 Cliffside Dr., $955,000.
SM Realty of Saratoga LLC sold property to Robert and Suzanne Reynen. 

12 Doggetts Coat Pl., $480,200.
Richard Donlan (as Trustee) sold property to Glenn and Heather Barrett. 

10 Lakeview Rd., $320,000.
William McClune sold property to Stephen and Patricia Porto. 

2 Chloe’s Way, $537,413.
McKenzie Estates of Saratoga Springs, LLC sold property to Kevin Maloy and Kathryn Shelton. 

7 Royal Henley Court, $654,400.
Stephen and Kelly Fox sold property to Eric Fahlborg. 

12 Ruggles Rd., $958,000.
Judith Dore sold property to Justin Caramiciu and Lucile Campbell DeCock. 


5 Thistle Rd., $337,500.
Natalie Darrow sold property to Remus Preda and Lisa Randles. 

35 Worth Rd., $272,500.
Linda Munro sold property to 35 Worth LLC. 

13 Melanie Dr., $347,000.
Fred and Patricia Bull sold property to Kevin and Tara Newell. 

9 Wellington Dr., $425,000.
Adrian and Melissa Balch (as Trustees) sold property to Laura Schaefer and Mark Kotary. 

4 Cardiff Circle, $265,000.
Tra Tom Development Inc. sold property to Christopher and Sarah Landers and Thomas and Jude Catlin.

5 Saw Mill Court, $448,256.
Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Yi Wang. 

5 Shawnee Court, $347,500.
Jason and Karen Marcello sold property to David and Brooke Meyer. 

25 Donegal Way, $425,000.
Jacqueline Gacek sold property to Thomas and Nancy Keleher.

14 White Birch Lane, $285,000.
Long and My Nguyen sold property to Steven Gueci and Alana Gorman. 

9 Hudson Ave., $227,000.
Joyce Kugler sold property to Elacia and Donald Harple.

15 Suffolk Lane, $325,000.
Jonathan and Jill Primeau sold property to Kenneth and Brande Casson.

64 Claire Pass, $420,000.
Paul and Joan Chambers sold property to Scott Hicks. 

16 Conklin Court, $472,427.
McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Kate Shelburne.

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  • COURT  Elizabeth M. Barthelmas, 49, of Wilton, pleaded July 3 to first degree rape, in connection with incidents that occurred in Wilton between July and December 2017.  Kenneth K. Washburn, 54, of Schuylerville, was sentenced July 5 to two years determinate and 15 years post-release supervision, after pleading to attempted criminal sexual act in the first-degree and possessing a sexual performance by a child.  Joseph P. Flower, 26, of Glenville, pleaded July 11 to robbery in the third-degree in connection with an incident in Saratoga Springs.  Peggy J. Greene, 61, of Saratoga Springs, was sentenced July 11 to five years…

Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  739 Goode St., $70,000. Clifford and Frieda Garrison sold property to Leslie Lotano Saba.  972 Benedict Rd., $280,675. David and Tammy Munsey sold property to Eric Schultz. 543 Devil’s Lane, $390,000. Travis Moore and Michael Louis (Co Trustees) sold property to Jacob and Corey Ennis.  140 Westside Dr., $690,000. Joel Prescott sold property to David and Margaret LaBarr. 15 Katherine Court, $360,000. Philip Hage and Michelle DiCarlo sold property to Jennifer Gary. 31 Ironwood St., $417,529. Heritage Builders Group, LLC sold property to Stefan and Mandi Foster. CORINTH 40 Barbara Mac D Drive, $207,500. Edwin and Lisa…
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