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Property Transactions 1.5.18


35 McMaster St. $195,000. Paul and Millicent Ferrara sold property to 35 Ludlow St. LLC.


947 Charlton Rd., $262,050. Daniel Legere sold property to Manuchehr and Sharon Sasannejad. 

2025 Amsterdam Rd., $497,000. Roman Franco LLC sold property to Alan and Dana Cutter.

2041 Amsterdam Rd., $257,900. Leanne Marshall sold property to Rachel Ivey and Michael Morgan. 

495 Sweetman Rd., $55,000. Michael Jones sold property to Joshua Jones. 

2092 Cook Rd., $28,690. Thomas and Joanne Russell sold property to Patrick McGrath, Jr. 


964A Route 146 Rear, $439,000. Antrim Development LLC sold property to F C Rentals LLC. 

6 Sevilla Dr., $299,900. Clarence and Mary Bassett (Co-Trustees) sold property to Scot and Alyssa Seligman. 

10 Lilac Court, $233,000. Paul and Tatiana Longabach sold property to Courtney and Kelly Strait. 

20 Kendra Dr., $469,900. B and A Development LLC sold property to Craig Matis. 

4803 Foxwood Dr. South, $141,000. Mark and Denise Clark sold property to Kean Smullen. 

3 Heritage Pointe Dr., $477,660. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Michael Winkelhake. 

9 Lexington Court, $177,000. Matthew Kupiec sold property to Keith Wilson. 

Ashdown Rd., $17,000. Grace and Ralph Salerno, Jr. sold property to David and Catherine Iannacone. 

634 Route 146A, $550,000. James and Melissa Prechtl sold property to Darcie Disonell. 

75 Southbury Rd., $325,000. Eileen Slichko sold property to Wesley and Gleyce Reis and Adelson Desouza. 

Grooms Rd., $575,000. Eleven and Company LLC sold property to Beverwyck Development Corporation. 

21 Lace Lane, $255,000. Samuel Syrotynski sold property to William Bowe and Ashley Cross. 

21 Redfield Park, $395,000. James and Marilyn Smiley sold property to Heather and Elizabeth Newman. 

1 Highland Oaks, $368,000. Vonda Fulfs sold property to Dinesh Penigalapati and Chandana Ravella.

4 Orchard Park Dr., $337,000. Billy and Diane Campbell sold property to James and Melissa Prechtl. 

11 Gretel Terrace, $243,500. Lawrence and Donna McGann sold property to Alexandra Tarantelli and Chad Waldschmidt. 

39 Merrall Dr., $180,000. West Coast Servicing, Inc. sold property to Michal Barszczewski. 

137 Tallow Wood Dr., $159,000. Suzanne DeMarco sold property to Talha and Ziaullah Khan. 

4 Valley View Court, $304,000. David Tarbell, Gregory Tarbell, Kathryn Spadaro sold property to Eric and Brandy Straughen. 

32 Casablanca Court, $285,011. Jason Tusch and Karen Patnode sold property to Gene and Patricia Gillen. 

8 Wall St., Unit 445, $212,000. Martin Caruso, Mark Caruso and Melinda Crombie sold property to Diana Rocco. 

1541 Crescent Rd., $450,000. Keybank National Association sold property to 1541 Crescent Road Realty LLC. 

25 Huntington Pkwy, $254,000. Boni Builders Inc. sold property to Sean Seiter and Chelsea Williams. 


377 Angel Rd., $1,932,000. Young 2016 Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Mary Jo Young (as Trustee) sold property to Woodcrest Acres Park LLC. 

628 County Route 24, $20,000. Fannie Mae sold property to Driftwood Contracting Inc. 

15 Ryans Ridge Rd., $257,060. Babson Homes LLC sold property to Joyce Wells. 

61 Locust Ridge Rd., $197,600. Joanne Spotswood sold property to Adam Dapper.

8 Wiley Way, $185,500. Terre Majestics Holdings LLC sold property to Heidi Niedziejko, Fay Bovat and Jennifer Bovat. 

31 Morgans Way, $27,500. Beverly Johnson-Keeler sold property to Chad Bardin. 

12 Liberty St., $102,000. Vance Plante sold property to Jennifer Kellerhouse.

183 Heath Rd., $77,000. Acting Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to David Kirchhoff. 

100 Walnut St., $110,000. Linda Russo sold property to KJT Real Estate LLC. 


105 Grange Rd., $335,000. Travis and Amber Grossman sold property to Brent and Charlene Tesla. 


31A Pointe West Dr., $245,000. Charan Surisetty sold property to Nithin Yathapu. 

15 Weiner Rd., 235,000. Matthew Bowman (by Admin) sold property to Sergey Skrinik. 

Lot 2B Elena Ct., $298,376. Beacon Homes LLC sold property to Sandra Dickinson.

11 Kelly Lane, $292,340. Annas Place of Halfmoon sold property to Chad and Laura Marvin. 

6 Linden Park Dr., $102,000. United Residential Group LLC sold property to Marini Homes LLC. 

12 Linden Park Dr., $94,000. United Residential Group LLC sold property to Michaels Group Homes LLC. 

463 Hudson River Rd., $213,750. Thomas Merrill (by Exec) sold property to Patricia Curley.

25B Mapleridge Ave., $242,500. Kristen and Donald Foley sold property to Tracey Clark.

15A Idared Lane, $390,872. Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Marylyn Gully. 


106 11th St., $440,000. Kevin Finn (Ind and as Atty) and Nancy Finn (by Atty) sold property to Gail and Rebecca Newman. 

8 Feather Foil Way, $258,500. Clifford Lawrence, Jr. sold property to Stephanie Sitnik and Jeffrey Reed. 

39 Walden Glen, $250,000. William and Patricia Burgess sold property to Sara and Robbin Scully, Jr.

3 Morning Glory Dr., $298,000. Michael and Melissa Stamper sold property to Kevin and Jaclyn Mastroianni.

3 Cherry Court, $413,451. Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Kelsey and Michael Lorusso. 

7 Essex St., $318,879. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Jacqueline Jackson. 


130 Milton Ave., $430,000. Matthew Hickey sold property to Rebuilding Together Saratoga County. 

11 Red Coach Trail, $186,250. Robert Sadlak sold property to Anthony Panetta, Jr. 

16 Berkshire Dr., $326,888. Bun Tan and Ayumi Kasai sold property to Peter and Lisa Adler. 

72 Knollwood Hollow Terrace, $223,000. Maureen Duval, Frank and Sylvia Izzo sold property to Karen McKenney. 

3298 Shaw Hill Rd., $350,000. Jonathan Woods sold property to Justin and Megan McAllister. 

65 and 77 East Grove St., $262,500. Sherry Jennings sold property to Madison Peruzzi and Dalisa Soto-Peruzzi. 

513 Route 29, $164,480. James Zanella, Philip Zanella and Patricia Fifield sold property to Austin and Phebe White. 

176 Finley Rd., $82,000. Catherine Marrano sold property to Justin and Mandy Bessette. 

53 Mechanic St., $235,000. Kris and Grazyna Szymborski sold property to Transitional Services Association, Inc. 

127 West Milton Rd., $87,000. Helena Dean sold property to Sharon Apholz and Robert Jenkins, Jr. 


20 Saratoga Ave., $230,000. Hutchins Properties LLC sold property to Compass Real Property LLC. 

97 Potter Rd., $224,500. Joyce Baker (by Agent) sold property to Jamie LaPointe and Gregory Eddy. 

9 Ferry Blvd., $151,000. Priscilla and Stephen Dorvee (co-Trustees) sold property to Sommer Cross. 

269 Mott Rd., $143,000. Deborah McNally sold property to Joshua and Lindsey Hoffer. 

1502 Route 9 Rear, $40,000. Excess Land LLC sold property to White Birch II MHC LLC. 

14 Lincoln Ave., $159,000. Linda Dankelman sold property to Mark and Bonnie Webster. 

260 Clark Rd. $197,000. Mark and Bonnie Webster sold property to Dana Rohne. 

45 Williams St., $189,500. Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Aaron Barber. 

6 Briarhurst Dr., $360,000. David Foster sold property to Richard and Theresa Loya. 

1308 Route 9, $75,000. BKM Properties LLC sold property to Elishba Bhatti. 


86 Pettis Rd., $222,500. Scott Montgomery sold property to Ernest and Georgianna Brennan. 

110 Stonebridge Rd., $117,900. US Bank National Association (as Trustee) sold property to Daniel Hewitt and Holly Wright.

51 Baker Dr., $225,055. Amanda Platz sold property to Matthew Dziewulski and Hollyann Smallridge. 


14 Glenwood Dr., $364,000. Anne Perrotta sold property to Mariel Martin.

57 Gilbert Rd., $420,000. Peter and Theresa Capozzola sold property to Gavin McGillivray and Chelsea Garofalo.

30 Joseph St., $190,250. Joseph Street Saratoga LLC sold property to Scott and Lisa Grimmett. 

27 Orenda Springs Dr., $250,000. Carrie and Michael Jones, Jr. sold property to Xenia and Carlos Guerrero, Jr. 

198 Geyser Rd., $214,000. Barry and Shawn Tyndall sold property to Deirdre and John Eldridge, III. 

12 Robinhood Court, $262,500. Derek Rice sold property to August and Amanda Rosa. 

22 Avery St., $417,828. Ryan and Sonja McFadden sold property to Paul Hart, Jr. and Kristen Ermides. 

4 Crommelin Dr., $415,000. Roger and Audrey Williams and Mary DeSantis sold property to John Clark.

49 Monroe St., $50,000. Jennifer Durenberger and Braulio Baeza, Jr. sold property to Braulio Baeza, Jr. 

102C Division St., $838,735. Ellsworth Square LLC sold property to Philip and Debra Wood. 


46 Lakepointe Way, Lot 55, $365,025. Mason Street LLC sold property to Antonia Rullo. 

23 Neilson Ave., $110,000. Maureen Patenaude (by Admin) sold property to Mark Messier.

109 Gurba Dr., $116,000. JP Morgan Chase Bank sold property to USA Property Express LLC. 


8 Dakota Dr., $312,000. Eric and Kathleen Thompson sold property to Erin Reid.

58 Worth Rd., $250,000. Richard Knapik sold property to Marc and Gina Kouffman.

67 Loughberry Lake Rd., $210,000. Mortimer Zelikofsky (by Exec.) sold property to Joseph and Angela Amplo. 

6 Oldham Place, $349,629. Tra Tom Development Inc. sold property to Christopher and Lauren Smith. 

Bullard Lane, $6,000. Audrey Brown sold property to Elaine and Charles Gerber, Jr. 

Bullard Lane, $13,000. Julius James sold property to Elaine and Charles Gerber, Jr.

21 Whispering Pines Rd., $176,700. Daniel and Jessica Munson sold property to Manuel Morse.

240 Palmer Ridge Rd., $350,000. John Casey (by Exec) sold property to Scott Casey. 

48 Cider Mill Way, $583,691. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Frederick and Jeanne Petschauer.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 71 Cypress St to Norbert Czelusniak for $344,683. Heidi Childs sold property at 24 Sherwood to Quiet Acres LLC for $258,500. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2103 Stonebridge Dr to Christine Famiano for $257,424. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2201 Stonebridge Dr to Danny Deweese for $281,517. Kent Chase sold property at 1 Chase Lane to Mark Barkyoumb for $450,000. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2204 Stonebridge Dr to Anne Menkens revocable trust for $264,756. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2202 Stonebridge Dr to David Kelley for $277,224.…
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