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Property Transactions: August 12 - August 18, 2022

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
4 Paddington Dr., Saratoga Springs listed with Roohan Realty and sold for $750,000. 4 Paddington Dr., Saratoga Springs listed with Roohan Realty and sold for $750,000.


Brian and Elizabeth Theilemann sold property at 28 Lancaster Ct. to Matthew Brousseau and Emily Clark for $506,000.

John and Angelique Wright sold property at 149 Hop City Rd. to Dee and Leanne Talley for $375,000.

Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 18 Stablegate Dr. to Donald and Laurie Bryda for $467,908.

Springwood Meadows LLC sold property at Springwood Meadows Dr. to SA 3 Springwood LLC for $14,200,000.

Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 10 Stablegate Dr. to Judity Hitchcock and Jennifer Daly for $569,688. 


Scott and Valerie Evans sold property at 1012 Gideon Trace to Christopher Mayo for $896,000. 

John and Mary Comensky sold property at 1086 West Line Rd. to Francis Bauer (as Trustee) for $495,000.


Warren Pabst Jr. sold property at 501 Coy Rd. to Equinox Properties LLC for $116,300.

Gregory Goering sold property at 5 Southwest Pass to Kelsey Jensen for $345,000.

Paula Scribner Phelps and James Phelps (co-trustees) sold property at 26 Pepper Lane to Phyllis Crocker.

William Cannallon sold property at 9 Moss Creek Rd. to Harvey and Theresa Beldner for $835,000.

Megan Lewis sold property at 822 Coy Rd. to Sean Allard for $215,000.


Amanda Pusatere (as trustee) sold property at 106 Wineberry Lane to Veronica Maheux and Christopher Burke for $352,000.

Belmonte Properties LLC sold property at 53 Village Circle North to Jill Barker for $515,996.

Don Horan sold property at 2874 Route 9 to Med Home Services LLC for $450,000.

Jeffrey Jakubowski sold property at 61 Wake Robin Rd. to 61 Wake Robin LLC for $239,000. 

Buckley Mountain LLC sold property at 318 Ruhle Rd. South to Ruhle Realty LLC for $699,000. 

Ronald Murphy sold property at 28 Little Dr. to Alex and Carolyn Cummings for $700,000.

Mary Haley sold property at 19 Snowberry Rd. to Grace201 Properties LLC.

Trevor Johnson sold property at 11 Bowman Ave. to Stephen Ward and Colleen Hamel for $380,000.

Gina Disney sold property at 83 Snowberry Rd. to Mark Coyne for $220,000. 


Maria Kalinkewicz (as exec) sold property at 6 Beach St. to Krystle Hernandez and Anni Nowhitney for $225,000.

Lee and Sandra Lienau sold property at 14 Charles St. to Diane Sansone and Daniel Izor for $185,000.

Kristine Tan Chye Lay sold property at 527 Elk Circle to Raleigh Taylor and Amber Price Taylor for $241,000. 

Matthew DiCarlo sold property at 163 South St. to Johnathon Cramer and Elizabeth Harris for $240,000.

Ryan Semago sold property at 28 Dublin Dr. to Daniel and Dana Grady for $265,000.


Ellen Varner sold property at 36 Spring St. to Schuylerville Central School District for $199,900.

Anthony Holland and Adroiamna Markovska sold property at 112 Chelsea Dr. to Israel Reinish and Nan Hathaway for $380,000. 


Robert and Joan DeCelle (by Agent) sold property at 68 Trottingham Rd. for $255,000.

John Carter sold property at 101 Quevic Dr. to Heather Fros for $265,000. 

Vincent and Katherine Laterra sold property at 552 Crescent Ave. to Angela Laterra and Johnathan Lawrence for $480,000. 


Marian Rund sold property at 14 Pamela Lane to Ronald and Janice Tramontano for $600,000.

Marian Wait Walsh and Caroline Wait Putman (co-trustees) sold property at 28 Collins Terrace to Charles Wait Sr. for $430,000. 

Marlene and Hubert Loeffler (as trustees) sold property at 30 Park Place to Jeremiah Loeffler for $350,000.

Deaugustine 401 LLC sold property at 56 Henry St. to Julie Yonos and Kyle Girard for $600,000.

Jaclyn and Kevin Heath sold property at 54 State St. to Pauline and Macie Swiderski for $575,000. 

Randy and Melissa Lockrow sold property at 162 Lake Ave. to 162 Lake Ave LLC for $682,500.

Marjorie Zak (as trustee) sold property at 58 Waterview Dr. to Jonathan and Carol Hitchcock for $999,000. 

Michael Lenahan sold property at 236 West Circular St. to Rochelle Sims for $390,000. 


G W Luxe LLC sold property at 17 Stone Ridge Rd. to James and Yvonne McCrea for $662,149.

Jerry Cole sold property at 11 Knollwood Dr. to Margo Derby for 435,000.

Daniel and Kim Chapman sold property at 6 Parkhurst Dr. to Benjamin Bagenski and Carly Muhlhahn for $317,500.

Eric Spaulding and Karissa DeSofi sold property at 5 White Pine Lane to 5 White Pine Ln LLC for $325,000.

New York Development Group Saratoga LLC sold property at 27 Cannon Royal Dr. to Trojanski Custom Builders LLC for $200,000.

Trojanski Custom Builders LLC sold property at 27 Cannon Royal Dr. to Michael and Erica Haddix for $200,000.

G W Luxe LLC sold property at 7 Stone Ridge Rd. to Jeffrey and Stephanie Marcinko for $630,999. 

Adam Taylor sold property at 25 Ernst Rd. to Joshua Sanzo for $342,705.

McPadden Builders LLC sold property at 4 Colleen Court to John and Sofia Scharlock for $486,999.

Jason and Jamie Hyde sold property at 24 Oxford Dr. to Jonathan Schewe and Kathelyn Ludwicki

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