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Property Transactions: September 11 - September 17, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
40 Magnolia Dr.,  Saratoga Springs • $899,000 40 Magnolia Dr., Saratoga Springs • $899,000


Rodney Bower sold property at 153 Goode St to Duemler QualityHousing Enterprises LLC  for $575,000.

Darlene Bower sold property at 149 Goode St to Elizabeth Ann Realty LLC for $372,500.

Paula Rock sold property at 120 Lake Rd to Brian Lucas for $215,000.

BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 34 Anthony Place to Michael Gilbert for $285,788.

Raymond Baker sold property at 1 Main St to Sandra McMillian for $170,000.

Ashley Newsom sold property at 1 Howard St to Ginger McGehee for $242,500.

Hope Matis sold property at 161 Hop City Rd to Daphne Allen for $268,000.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 75 Cypress St to Heather Capitummino for $371,076.

Ballston Realty Assoc. sold property at Brookline Rd to BDC Holdings Inc for $270,000.

EWALGA LLC sold property at 1419 Route 50 and Brookline Rd to BDC Holdings Inc for $480,000.

BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 38 Anthony Place to Albert Singer for $313,250.


Thomas Howe sold property at 696 Main St W to Jonajul Properties LLC for $145,000.

Bayroot LLC sold property at Fox Hill Rd, Shore Rd, Davignon Rd to Upstate Vistas for $850,000.


Roy Hoag sold property at 7104 Woods End Rd to Stephen Hausmann for $305,000.


David Zink sold property at 12 Olden Ct to Anna Gdowski for $531, 000.

Marylou Wheeler sold property at 171 Arrowwood Place to Matthew Barton for $204,4000.

Nicholas Mangino sold property at 134 Raylinski Rd to Adele Compton for $295,000.

William Griffin sold property at 41 Stony Point Rd  to Lisa Griffin for $675,000

Kwong Cheuk sold property at 11 Hearthwood Dr to Renee Klauss for $273,001.

Michael Gachowski sold property at 21 Rt 9P to Justin Hoin for $178,000.

Anthony Brown sold property at 47 Weston Way to Elizabeth Smith for $362,500


Cerrone Construction LLC sold property at 206 Patriot Hill Dr to Lauren Montesano for $466,500.

Northeast Green Tech LLC sold property at 206 Patriot Hill Dr to Cerrone Construction LLC for $85,000.


Scott Sullivan sold property at 16 Hathorn Blvd to Kevin Jock for $282,500

Leland Bishop sold property at 74 West Ave to Alexei Lareau for $400,000

Cecila Monaco  sold property at 3249 US Rt 9 to 3257 SB LLC for $513,200.

BGRS LLC sold property at 7 Stony Brook Dr to Stony Brook Springs LLC for $999,500.

James Jones sold property at 47 Ash St to Gerome Holdings Inc for $200,000.

John Amodeo sold property at 69 Van Dam St to Caitlin Cucchiella for $459,500.

Brady Boyer sold property at 2 Michael Dr to Dechun Tian for $430,000.

Oak Ridge Development LLC sold property at Monarda, OakRidge, Jenna Jo, Aurora to Beechwood Saratoga LLC for $720,000.

Jeffrey Byrne sold property at 23 Horizon Dr to Nicholas Collisson for $715,000.

77 Van Dam LLC sold property at 77 Van Dam #401 to David Harris for $443,800.

Scott Grimmett sold property at 30 Joseph St to Andrew Krouner for $1,050,000.

PABB Properties LLC sold property at 43 Allen Dr to 43 Allen Dr LLC for $240,000.

Gina Battoglia sold property at 92 Quevic Dr to AdrianShanti for $291,000.


Allen Boxbaum sold property at 18 Cobble Hill Dr to Branden Marcus for $625,000.

David Dammer sold property at 71 Cobble Hill Dr to Paul Kane for $425,000.

Margaret Kohle sold property at 70 Cobble Hill Dr to Nancy Pollio for $527,500.

Suzanne Rowe sold property at 6 Donna Dr to John Schjott,Jr for $234,000.

John Burke sold property at 5 Seymour Dr to Gregory Smith for $585,000.

Shawn Dubois sold property at 12 Peabody Pl to Dennis Opp for $455,000.

Keith Wegner sold property at 10 Overlook Dr to Danielle Roberts for $565,000.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON  Laurie Pollard sold property at 20 Silver Springs Dr to Alexander Garcia for $760,000. Eric Wade sold property at 169 Charlton Rd to Joseph Naglieri for $490,000. Scott Crwaford sold property at 1207 Saratoga Rd to Susan Bingham for $235,000. Traditional Home Builders and Development sold property at 22 Mallory Way to Aaron Smith for $573,041. Gerard Largo sold property at 5 Lazur Dr to Anthony Long for $929,000 Jeremy Wood sold property at 77 Church Ave to Gregory Sauer for $300,000. Sharon Way sold property at 292 Lake Rd to Weichert Workforce Mobility for $510,000. Weichert Workforce Mobility…
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