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Property Transactions: August 28 - September 3, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
27 Evergreen Drive,  Saratoga Springs • $615,000 27 Evergreen Drive, Saratoga Springs • $615,000


Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 19 Timber Creek Dr to Morgan Van Cleef for $447,449.

Timothy Fredricksen sold property at 123 Hollister Way to Daniel Fenelon for $390,000.

Vu Tuyen sold property at 11 Kingsbridge Ct to Kevin Vacchio for $595,000.

Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property at 6 America Way to Michael Crosby for $398,900.


Sharron Whitcomb sold property at 23 Eggleston Rd to Carol Macey for $160,000.

Catherine Lindsey as trustee sold property at 508 Efner Rd to Catherine Lindsey for $442,000.

Nancy Harrell sold property at 320 Center St to Gary Bathrick for $185,000.

Keith Wells sold property at 329 Angel Rd to Riccardo Proia for $310,000.

Tyler Boman sold property at 99 Lemont Ave to Raymond Swaney for $245,000

Faye Ferro sold property at 334 West Maple St to Stepehn Ives for $165,000


Kristina Podesva sold property at 182 Bockes Rd to Jonathan Aronson for $332,500.

James Harris sold property at 575 Lake Desolation Rd to Robert Nimmo for $199,900.


Lois Powell sold property at 79 Snowberry Rd to Shelby Nair for $220,000.

Farone Amedore LLC sold property at 45 Ordelia Lane to Frank Tedesco for $350,560.

Abele Builders Inc sold property at 52 Copper Ridge Dr to Abele Homes LLC for $115,000.

Abele Homes LLC sold property at 52 Copper Ridge Dr to Bruce Steves for $456,095.

Belmonte Properties LLC sold property at 49 Village Circle North to Sharon Burton for $705,506.

Farone Amedore LLC sold property at 59 Ordelia Lane to Matthew Burkett for $373,545.

Chelsea Bulkowski sold property at 22 Snowberry Rd to Lucien Bourgault for $240,000.

Robert Kinkead sold property at 50 Burlington Ave to James Clark for $335,000.


Thomas Hughes sold property at 706 Rock City Rd  to Shayla Golden for $492,000

Hassan Majzoub sold property at 615 Elk Circle to Nicholas Stokes for $164,800.


Sandra LaJeunesse sold property at 177 Cemetery Rd to Brooke Raymond for $200,500.

Gary Hillert sold property at 11 Musket Dr to Joseph Andrews for $259,900.

Christopher Miller sold property at 477 NYS Rt 32 to Heather Varney for $175,000.


Ellsworth Square sold property at 106A Division St to Scott Brandi for $1,130,060

Gene Lentini sold property at 14 Newark St to John Mastrianni for $260,000

Christine Brooks sold property at 87 Catherine St to Henry Fabre for $485,000.

Spencers Landing LLC sold property at 41 Julians Way to Peter Pollak for $612,293.

West Ave Development Saratoga LLC sold property at 116 West Ave Unit 404 to Macatoga LLC for $591,000.

Anthony Long sold property at 7 Stony Brook Dr to BGRS LLC for $999,500.

Irene Deyette sold property at 68 Curt Blvd to Don Wickremanayaka for $275,000.

Judy Martuscello sold property at 33 Wagon Wheel Trail to Caroline Patterson for $236,060.

WSSC45th LLC sold property at 40 Fifth Ave to James Devellis for $1,850,000.

Adrianna Collins sold property at 64 Ludlow St Unit 101 to Chad Morrison for $230,000.

John Hoey sold property at 324 Ballston Ave Unit 6 to Lukas Temperine for $300,000.

James Southerton sold property at 3D Pleasant Dr to James Denton for $365,000.


Timothy Cortes sold property at 9 Donegal Way to Edward Behringer for $476,333.

Arthur Paccelli sold property at 18 Anyhow Lane to Matthew Phillips for $533,000.

Joseph Palmer sold property at 19 Santee Dr to Nichole Menard for $310,000.

Lynn Fulton sold property at 27 Bradford Dr to Galvin McGillivray for $599,900.

Darwin Fine sold property at 14 Carlyle Terrace to David Borak for $580,000.

Dennis McFadden sold property at 17 Glenburnie Dr to David Petrich for $462,500.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON  Laurie Pollard sold property at 20 Silver Springs Dr to Alexander Garcia for $760,000. Eric Wade sold property at 169 Charlton Rd to Joseph Naglieri for $490,000. Scott Crwaford sold property at 1207 Saratoga Rd to Susan Bingham for $235,000. Traditional Home Builders and Development sold property at 22 Mallory Way to Aaron Smith for $573,041. Gerard Largo sold property at 5 Lazur Dr to Anthony Long for $929,000 Jeremy Wood sold property at 77 Church Ave to Gregory Sauer for $300,000. Sharon Way sold property at 292 Lake Rd to Weichert Workforce Mobility for $510,000. Weichert Workforce Mobility…
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