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Property Transactions: July 31 - August 6, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
 20 Empire Avenue, Saratoga Springs $514,000 20 Empire Avenue, Saratoga Springs $514,000


Elliot Kanarek sold property at 599 Randall Rd to Roberto Tedesco for $815,000.

Kenneth Kilburn sold property at 1319 West High St to Tanya West for $148,400.

Jon Hallgren sold property at Lot 1 Charlton Rd to Katz EXcavating and Construction LLC for $100,000.

Jason Tuczynski sold property at 15 Sherman Way to Eric Simmons for $410,000.

Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property at 28 Pasture Pl to Clifford Kenneweg for $321,205.

Sandra Stanislowsky and as agent sold property at 79 Church to Michael DeFilippo for $295,000.

Brookview Court Inc sold property at 7201 Stonebridge Dr to Andrew Russell for $297,041.

Paul Redmond sold property at 206 Sunset Ave to Bryan Saskowicz for $370,000.


Adam Matthews sold property at 26 Folts Rd to Elena Zubov for $135,000.


James Reedy sold property at Crane Rd to Donald Frederick for $125,000.


Wendy Watson sold property at 25 Rebecca Dr to James Young for $420,000.

Jason Beach sold property at 3548 Boyhaven Rd to Christina Rifflelbach for $187,000.


Belmonte Properties LLC sold property at 29 Village Circle South to Daniel Belmonte for $300,000.


David Andress sold property at 19 Wood Thrush Ct  to Joseph Kelly for $376,000

Adfam Gardner sold property at 512 Sherman Rd to Peter Daikos for $189,000.

Karl Disher sold property at 6 Creek View Ct to Francis Solan for $385,000.

Mark Kelly sold property at 25 Malta Ave to Gregory Sisk for $402,500

Timothy Pratt sold property at 540 Leahy Lane to heather Tourtellot for $180,000.


Matthew Ellis sold property at 93 Pearl St to Patricia Dennison for $192,700.

Kaitlin Trimboli sold property at 112 Wooley Rd to Gerard Farinon for $310,000.


Jonathan Rose sold property at 16 Clark St to Shannon McCarthy for $615,000

Blue Amity LLC sold property at 4 Nelson Ave Ext to Jack Shear for $2,250,000

Theresa Goodwin sold property at 176 York Ave to Lucas Sutherland for $485,000.

John Grillo sold property at 215 East Ave to Mary Bulmer for $420,000.

Michael Murphy sold property at 43 Wagon Wheel Trail to Kate Lach for $345,345.

Sean Nealon sold property at 10 Crommelin Dr to Charles LaPlante for $378,000.

Jorge Chavez sold property at 15 Roberts Lane to Kojo Appenteng for $690,000.

Amanda Allen sold property at 17 Aurora Ave to RossBeckwith for $230,000.

James Rosa sold property at 15 Gibson Ct to Dean Pearce for $505,000.

Jason Bikowicz sold property at 27 Karista Spring Dr to Michael Fitts for $275,000.

John Amann sold property at 30 Whistler Ct Unit 313 to Kyle Deangelis for $425,000.

Joseph Young sold property at 30 Clement St to Paul Meier for $370,000.

Tammy Karas sold property at 9 Tomahawk Lane to Melody Loftus for $505,000.

Thomas Buser sold property at 62 Greenfield Ave to 62 Greenfield Ave LLC for $400,000.

Thomas Buser sold property at 60 Greenfield Ave to 62 Greenfield Ave LLC for $400,000.


Anna Millea sold property at 101 Ruggles Rd to Joseph Walsh for $432,158.

Adam Forester sold property at 10 Mahogany Ridge to Jonathan Gunning for $429,000.

Brian Rhodes sold property at 37 Greylock Dr to Michael Purtell for $480,000.

Megan Rekucki sold property at 7 Lenca Ct to Kazimir Skubi for $409,000.

Lynn Marie Pandori sold property at 16 Shuvee lane to Theresa Hotte for $436,000.

Amanda Shelburne sold property at 3 Maple Ct to Jason Fahlbush for $630,105.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 14 Timber Creek Dr to Bradley Gregg for $492,676. Manoj Irala sold property at 11 Timber Creek Kumar Padala for $535,000. Charles Schewe sold property at 119 Ballston Ave to 838 Rentals LLC for $175,000. Volney Larowe sold property at 3 Lakehill Dr to Michael Cyrus for $195,000. CORINTH Sean Homes Excavating LLC sold property at 504 main Anthony Villano for $190,000. GALWAY Thomas Shippey sold property at 5999 Greens Corner Rd to Laura Mancini for $405,000 GREENFIELD Valerie Bellon sold property at 70 Sand Hill Rd to Lauren Halligan for…
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