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Property Transactions: January 9 - January 15, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
115 Concord Ave, Ballston Spa • $300,000 115 Concord Ave, Ballston Spa • $300,000


Matthew Call sold property at 5 Frank St to Diane Gagliarrdi for $293,000.

Thomas Lowe sold property at Goode St to Farm Raised LLC for $177,000.

Thomas Lowe sold property at Goode St to Farm Raised LLC for $330,000.

Ryan Legere sold property at 59 Casey Pass to Margaret Chevalier for $258,500.

John Russell sold property at 15 Lakehill Rd to Dawn Hunt for $148,000.

Matthew Shambo sold property at 457 Devils Lane to Robert Lewis for $439,900.


Meredith Fiel sold property at 4880 Rt 9N to Jamaldine Oulacha for $128,000.

Luke Petteys sold property at 65 Locust Ridge Rd to Brett McMurray for $212,000.

Mark Lamkins sold property at 13 Fifth St to ET Corinth Properties LLC for $123,000.

Land Logic sold property at 222 Center St to ET Corinth Properties LLC for $162,000.


Jason Beach sold property at 3540 Boyhaven Rd to Michael Emery for $540,000.

Benjamin Tucker sold property at 273 South Greenfield Rd to Robert Campbell for $340,000.


Marini Land II Inc  sold property at 118 Plum Poppy N to Richard Schuler for $440,200.

Martha Almgren sold property at 177 Arrowwood Pl to Sara Sweeney for $280,000

Farone Amedore LLC sold property at 63 Ordelia Lane to Susan Powell for $339,250.

Dean Stratis sold property at 21 Hillman Loop to Robert Rinken for $349,900.

Joan Keil as trustee sold property at 96 Wineberry Lane to James Tietz for $280,000

Elizabeth Deveno sold property at 2591 State Route 9 to Rhett Croteau for $365,000

Scott Walrath sold property at 47 Yachtsmans Way to Ron VanAlstyne for $645,000.


Wallace Elton sold property at 36 Curt Blvd to James Wright, Jr. for $225,000.

146 Middle Ave LLC sold property at 8 Vanderbilt Ave to Louis Recchia for $415,000.

Patricia Izzo sold property at 202 Lake Ave to TradeWinds Holdings LLC  for $309,000.

Tyler Demarco sold property at 59 Curt Blvd to Erin Graney for $240,000.

Janet Equale sold property at 4 Beach Ct to Heidi Galli for $620,000.

Timothy Rapp sold property at 10 Bingham St to Maxamilian Abbott for $345,000.

Mark Young as trustee sold property at 20 Longwood Dr to Amy Rabanal for $450,000.

Joseph Devivo sold property at 7 Eastman Lane to Keith Johnston for $312,000

Samantha Schmitt sold property at 14 Hyde St to Christopher Shand for $600,000

Maureen Sager sold property at 154 Regent St to BAMF Realty Group LLC for $745,000.


Jean Hoins sold property at 71 Traver Rd to Joseph Scalo for $285,000.

Gregory Taylor sold property at 31 Apple Tree Lane to Simon Radu for $410,000.

Sonoma Grove LLC sold property at 49 Berkeley Way to James Hanley IV for $566,288

Frank Gallo sold property at 16 Rose Terrace to Michael Mauriello for $930,000.

Jeffrey Mancini sold property at 25 Apple Tree Lane to Zachary Prodrick for $350,000.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Matthew Yacowenia sold property at 156 Kingsley Rd to Joshua Dhanai for $222,000. Joshua Crowder sold property at 51 Forest Rd to Jennifer Coleman for $330,000. Cheri Janik sold property at 44 Beacon St to Mary Millington for $275,000. Adele Grasso sold property at Connolly Rd to John Schaffer for $450,000. Traditional Home Builders and Developers sold property at 5 Mallory Way to Gerard OShea for $405,093. Myra Johnson sold property at 69 Cornerstone Dr to National Transfer Services for $266,500. National Transfer Drive Services sold property at 69 Cornerstone Dr to Domenico Cimmino for $260,000. Eastline Holdings LLC…
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