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Property Transactions: December 5 - December 11, 2020

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions


Buckley Mountain LLC sold property at 815 Rt 50 to Angela Marchetti for $405,000.

Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property at 6 Pasture Place to Kristi Ing for $299,500.

Paul Disorbo sold property at 56 Paradowski Rd to Daniel Disorbo for $300,000.

Tim Welch sold property at 378 Goode St to Cono Cirone for $205,000.

Donald King sold property at 963 Benedict Rd to Christopher Ristau for $270,000.


Joshua Halliday sold property at 301 Oak St to Trevor Markessinis for $151,580

Andrew Collar sold property at 21 Locust Ridge Dr to Andrew Silva for $305,000.

Katie Seeley sold property at 781 County Route 75 to Mych Ellis for $273,000.

Julius Enekes sold property at 1211 Pine St to Davis Tesar for $230,000.


Andrew Sharts sold property at 81 Locust Grove Rd to April Bernard for $320,000.


Farone Amedore LLC sold property at 35 Ordelia Lane to Joseph Notro for $349,325.

Richard Kunz sold property at 17 Penny Royal Rd to Jared Hogue for $249,900

Sheila McBride sold property at 341 E High St to Joseph Morgalis for $370,000.

Shane Race sold property at 10 Wineberry Lane to Mark Talmadge for $279,900.

Knapp Road Holdings LLC sold property at 493 Route 67 to Samuel Thompson for $120,000


 Kyle Kolpstock sold property at 55 State St to Kristina Shepanzyk for $875,000

Joshua Lytle sold property at 15 Sherri Rd to James Boyles for $290,000.

James Agius sold property at Arrowhead Rd. rear lot to Mitchell Wise for $625,000.

John Bianco sold property at 64 Vista Dr to Joseph Bianco for $478,000.

Ronald Rubin sold property at 36 Sicada St to Ernest Palmer for $370,000.

Andrew Frank sold property at 3 Eton Ct to Romel Gobunsey for $920,000.

Joseph Clough sold property at 10 Wagner Rd to Sarah Logsdon for $380,000.

Kevin McGrath sold property at 248 Broadway to James Doyle for $2,600,000

Zacharay Passaretti sold property at 143 Jackson St to Rubens Bataro for $800,000

Peter McNulty sold property at 13 Casino Dr to Ronald McKay for $280,000.

Rebels 39 LLC sold property at 39-41 Phila St to 53rd St LLC for $850,000.

Christopher Chamberlain sold property at 23 Clubhouse Dr to Nicholas Gentile for $241,000

Eric Kennedy sold property at 5 Furlong St to Fiona Benyon for $456,000


Brendan Hathaway sold property at 38 Kings Mills Rd to Wade Dates for $289,900.

Jeanann Dennis sold property at 19 Whispering Pines to Ashley Enekes for $191,000.

Gail King sold property at 3 Hopeful Lane to Andrew Campoleito for $245,000

Madeline Frawley sold property at 0 King Rd & 24 Sherman Rd to Lumens Holdings 3LLC for $565,000

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  • COURT Krista S. Jenkins, 26, of Corinth, pleaded Aug. 26 to felony grand larceny, in connection with an incident in Greenfield in 2020. Sentencing Sept. 22.  Brittaney L. Tatsey, 28, of Troy, pleaded Aug. 26 to criminal possession of a controlled substance, in Moreau. Sentencing Oct. 28.  Ashley Sweeney, 38, of Mechanicville, pleaded Aug. 27 to felony burglary, and misdemeanor DWI, in Halfmoon. Sentencing Oct. 29.  POLICE Kellyann Biggs, 41, of Rotterdam, was charged Aug. 30 in Saratoga Springs with criminal contempt, a misdemeanor.  Kasey O’Herron, 35, of Greenfield Center, was charged Sept. 1 in Saratoga Springs with felony DWI,…

Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Colleen Furey sold property at 11 Jenkins Rd to Lizabeth Cole for $235,000 Hui Ran sold property at 50 Sycamore St to James Twomey for $395,000. New York Development Group Ballston sold property at Brookline Rd to Brookview Court Inc for $1,086,500. Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 14 Basswood Ct to Brian Murphy for $418,490. Renee Claus sold property at 151 Middleline Rd to Kyler Wang for $250,000 Dale Lukoff sold property at 51 Forestbrook Dr to Mark Kelly for $444,900. Marlene Rohe sold property at 6 Sharon Lane to Thomas Quaresimo for $150,000. Jane Esterly sold property…
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