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Property Transactions: November 26 - December 4, 2020

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
23 Bog Meadow Run, Saratoga Springs • $439,000 23 Bog Meadow Run, Saratoga Springs • $439,000


Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 9 Stablegate Dr to Seamus OConnor for $650,794.

Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 2 Red Barn Dr to Daniel Keating for $417,328.

Debra Brown sold property at 56 Cypress St to Thomas Vogel for $354,900.

Michael Molocznik sold property at 185 Charlton Rd to Bonnie Chapman for $440,000.

TP Builders Inc sold property at 8 Meadowbrook Ct to Alyssa Greer for $553,125.

BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 21 Cornerstone Dr to Donald Wood for $290,000.


Atlantica LLC sold property at 17 Heath St to Colleen Shannon for $139,900.

Julianne Taylor sold property at 122 Miner Rd to Joshua Smith for $250,000.

Allison Parks sold property at 3 Fuller Dr to Ronald Tabbitas for $245,000.


Bruce Poritzky sold property at 141 Middle Grove Rd to Nikki Yas for $460,000.

Duane Carpenter sold property at 131 Wilton Rd to Mitchell Rager for $145,000.


26 Albany Ave LLC sold property at 26 Albany Ave to Ann Marie Floresca for $255,000.

Rasheed Bhatti sold property at 2867 Rt 9 to Aftab Bhatti for $355,179

Kathryn Kos sold property at 81 Arrowwood Place to Alyssa Taranto for $182,000.

Kenneth Jackson sold property at 51 Glade Mallow Rd to Sarah Maiolo for $282,000.

Michael McCabe sold property at 21 Ordelia Lane to Edward Updyke for $367,500

Joseph Greene sold property at 129 Thimbleberry Rd to Susan McQuade for $210,000

Andrew Lamothe sold property at 34 Pennyroyal Rd to Susanne Richardson for $262,000.


Thomas Roohan sold property at 489 Broadway to 489 Springs LLC for $995,000

Excelsior Park LLC sold property at 9 Gibson Ct to Dalida Toro for $330,000.

Craig Wilson sold property at 9 Sunset Dr to Robert Woodson for $220,000.

Daniel Monaco sold property at 365 Caroline St to Salvatore Salamone for $765,000.

Aztlano Archuleta sold property at 13 Clubhouse Dr to Aimee Privitera for $251,500.

Lindsay Cogan sold property at 13 Michael Dr to Patricia ONeil for $257,500.

Kyle Marsicano sold property at 39 Wagon Wheel Trail to Stephen Prohaska for $265,900.

Spencers Landing LLC  sold property at 24 Arrowhead Rd to Deborah Destefanis for $601,800

Anthony Nazzaro sold property at 225 Caroline St to Robert Leiponis for $510,000

DMN Realty Properties LLC sold property at 54 Walnut St to Thomas Grant for $473,000.

Thomas Burke sold property at 5 Jenee Way to Kyle Klopstock for $568,000.

Jennifer Rose sold property at 30 Central Ave to Kyle Manny for $515,000.

Robert Stern sold property at 44JWagon Wheel Trail to Jerry Gibson for $309,000.


Sally Gangell sold property at 3 Carlyle Terrace to Paul Farrell for $559,000.

Kasimier Jarosz sold property at 2 Saw Mill Court to Michael Akker for $620,000.

Richard Bangert sold property at 64 Castleberry Dr to Jennifer Colonagelo for $230,000

Kristen Bonner sold property at 9 New Kent Dr to Jennifer Foresman for $240,000.

Stuart Hardy sold property at 37 Nicholas Dr to Shawn Lavigne for $220,000.

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  • COURT Krista S. Jenkins, 26, of Corinth, pleaded Aug. 26 to felony grand larceny, in connection with an incident in Greenfield in 2020. Sentencing Sept. 22.  Brittaney L. Tatsey, 28, of Troy, pleaded Aug. 26 to criminal possession of a controlled substance, in Moreau. Sentencing Oct. 28.  Ashley Sweeney, 38, of Mechanicville, pleaded Aug. 27 to felony burglary, and misdemeanor DWI, in Halfmoon. Sentencing Oct. 29.  POLICE Kellyann Biggs, 41, of Rotterdam, was charged Aug. 30 in Saratoga Springs with criminal contempt, a misdemeanor.  Kasey O’Herron, 35, of Greenfield Center, was charged Sept. 1 in Saratoga Springs with felony DWI,…

Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Colleen Furey sold property at 11 Jenkins Rd to Lizabeth Cole for $235,000 Hui Ran sold property at 50 Sycamore St to James Twomey for $395,000. New York Development Group Ballston sold property at Brookline Rd to Brookview Court Inc for $1,086,500. Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 14 Basswood Ct to Brian Murphy for $418,490. Renee Claus sold property at 151 Middleline Rd to Kyler Wang for $250,000 Dale Lukoff sold property at 51 Forestbrook Dr to Mark Kelly for $444,900. Marlene Rohe sold property at 6 Sharon Lane to Thomas Quaresimo for $150,000. Jane Esterly sold property…
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