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Property Transactions: October 17 - October 23, 2020

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
3 O'Donnell Way, Wilton $399,900. Photo provided. 3 O'Donnell Way, Wilton $399,900. Photo provided.


Tracine Companion sold property at 30 Beacon St to Letty Rudes for $280,000.

Gary Guilfoyle sold property at 738 Goode St to Lance Decker for $325,000.

Michael Attanasio sold property at 36 Beacon St to Matthew Eberlein for $269,000.

Rachel Schwendinger sold property at 25 Nolan Rd to Michael Dorsher for $308,400.

David Barclay sold property at 18 Kingsbridge Ct to Zachary Ellis for $573,000.


Stephen Raeburn sold property at 4916 Jockey St to David Miller for $432,500.

Richard Alkinburgh sold property at 1070 Palmer Rd to Barry Dibernardo for $369,000.

Dennis Decker sold property at 5079 Jersey Hill Rd to Wayne Eckle for $265,000.

Steve Drouin sold property at 5190 Armer Rd to Ashley Metz for $234,900.


Michele Morrissey sold property at 200 Middle Grove Rd to Nicholas Nightingale for $575,000.

William Bennett sold property at 39 Greene Rd to Michael Sanita for $170,000.

Albino Ceballos sold property at 399 N Creek Rd to Shane Huggins for $254,900.


Adam Gagnon soldproperty at 18 Glade Mallow Rd to Garrett Bernardo for $312,000.

Mujtaba Hasnain sold property at 43 Bayberry Dr to Ryan Larson for $380,000

Albert Zumpano sold property at 151 Thimbleberry Rd to Chelsea Vandenburgh for $170,000.

Brittany Taranto sold property at 41 Thimbleberry Rd to Aurora Heller for $201,000.

Matthew Lumley sold property at 1 Penny Royal to Nicole Dimarco for $260,000

Kevin McAuliffe sold property at 1151 Laurel Lane to Zachary Emmerick for $280,000


Colin Baird sold property at 29 Ironwood Dr to Marita Martinez for $390,000

Anthony Erceg sold property at 100 Condon Rd to Nathaniel Johnson for $730,000.

Craig Cornwell sold property at 25 Palmer Heights to Scott Draiss for $515,000

Marie Barbera sold property at 107 Point Breeze Rd to Nicholas Mattiello for $445,000.


Bryan Lynch sold property at 14 Ellis Ave to Mona Tawadrous for $339,000

Jason Rutigliano sold property at 11 Curt Blvd to Druanne Richmond for $248,000

John Larow as trustee sold property at 5 Horizon Dr to Peter Hagos for $606,000.

Downton Walk LLC sold property at P/O 27 Jumel Pl and Robert Marini for $989,000.

Amit Gupta sold property at 349 Grand Ave to Eve Borden for $342,000.

Richard Sandman sold property at 116 Catherine St to Sheri Delarm for $225,000.

Randy Blodgett sold property at 105 Catherine St to Washco Holdings LLC for $225,000.

John Koella sold property at 1 Glenmore Ave to Kathleen Bango for $395,000.

Scot Trifilo sold property at 126 Nelson Ave to 126 Nelson Ave LLC for $735,000

Scot Trifilo sold property at 0 Nelson Ave to 126 Nelson Ave LLC for $315,000

Ron Pedrick sold property at 11 Walter Dr to Michael Blais for $330,000.

Hady Elokby sold property at 42 Circular St to Thomas Furey for $800,000.

Patrick Degregorio sold property at 169 West Circular St to Rachael Moss for $695,000.


John Williams sold property at 166 Gailor Rd to James Cook for $335,000.

Katherine Tavernia sold property at 37 Claire Pass to Andrew Frank for $480,000.

Shelley Hodgson sold property at 20 Evergreen Dr to Derrian Hodgson for $200,000.

US Bank National Assoc. as trustee sold property at 25 Christina Court to Lia Parisyan for $260,000.

Alan Bucknam sold property at 11 Cobble Hill Dr to Craig Condra for $535,000.

Valorie Hanington sold property at 42 Meditation Way to Katherine Ball for $310,000.

John Hudak sold property at 15 Connemara Court to Roger Leonbruno for $395,000.

Charles Brady sold property at 45 Cobble Hill Dr to Robert Bergin for $384,900.

Glenn Campbell sold property at 120 Edie Rd to Stephen Zink for $640,000.

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Property Transactions

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