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Property Transactions: July 18 - July 24, 2020


29 Kasey Pass, Unit 29, $253,821.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Joel Patrie and Sarah Hill. 

374 Goode St., $551,000.
Patrick and Sarina Ciraulo sold property to Danny Rubin II. 

507 Randall Rd., $340,000.
Sophia and Gabriele Marruso, Jr. sold property to Daniel Cavanagh.

94 Lancaster Court, $408,348.
Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to John and Eileen Schneider.


4 Jordan Court, $249,900.
James Young sold property to Ramesh and Vendeanand Brijmohan.

23 Wheeler Dr., $267,500.
Mathew Cantore sold property to Jaclyn Banfield. 

23 Fairhill Rd., $422,000.
Jonathan Montag sold property to Jon and Alexis Keller.

89 Balsam Way, $677,000.
Matthew and Meghan Cross sold property to David and Heidi Decker.

24 Berkshire Dr., $287,500.
Jordi Aladro (as Successor Trustee) sold property to Amparo and Jeremiah Healey. 

5204 Forest Pointe Dr. S, $178,765.
Theresa Benway sold property to Katie Rose.

23 Montgomery Way, $286,898.
Jessica Bailey sold property to Kevin Pignatelli and Kristin Shanahan.

394 Vischer Ferry Rd., $399,000.
John and Denise Zumbo sold property to Andrew and Victoria Gorman.

3 South Barney Rd., $300,000.
Alan Brownell sold property to Michelle Hutchins and Eric Weinhold. 

13 Blueberry Lane, $468,000.
Feng Wang and Xue Dong sold property to Jessica Difazio and Susan Roggenkamp.

Route 146, $190,000.
Frank Parisi (by Co Execs) and Janet Evans sold property to Woodhaven Land Partners.

9 Canterbury Rd., $317,500.
Patricia Russell sold property to David Neff. 

1 Mill Creek Rd., $297,000.
Gaardsman Properties LLC sold property to Brendon and Sara Emery.

37 Mesacosa Rd., $157,400.
Eleanor Morreale (as Trustee) sold property to Paul and Katherine Litterer.


Lake Rd., $30,000.
Steven and Barbara Beck sold property to Lakeview Lodge LLC.

2690 May Rd., $260,000.
Carolyn Tranter sold property to Karen Schmieder.


137 Medbury Rd., $480,000.
Harris and Diane Unger sold property to Jesse and Humeyra Older.

551 Middle Grove Rd., $274,000.
David and Michele Lhommedieu sold property to Jason Rhude and Nicole Breen. 


72 Smith Rd., $298,000.
William and Maryann Yarosz sold property to Jimmie and Leslie Daniels.

135 Monmouth Way, $156,000.
Carlos Rodriguez and Stacy Flores sold property to Michael Nicastro.

122 Monmouth Way, $149,484.
Jennifer Brown (as Trustee) and Jason Sableski (as Trustee) sold property to Christopher Offermann.

8 Wilden Way, $230,000.
Donna Neary (as Trustee) sold property to David Duval, Jr. and Sydney Foley.

5A Macoun Dr., $303,570.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Cynthia and Richard Roginski.

50 Dormie Ave., $277,895.
Fairways of Halfmoon LLC sold property to Deborah Ritz.

85 Pruyn Hill Rd., $265,000.
Joseph Urbanski (Ind and as Agent) and Cheryl Squirrell sold property to Thomas Richardson.

24C Idared Lane, $367,170.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Ruth Kelleher.

38 Linden Park Dr., $406,335.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Andrew and Stacia Wilcox. 


3 Parkway Circle, $371,000.
John and Frances Barbara sold property to James and Laurie Salmon. 

775 Malta Ave. Ext, $287,000.
Daniel Johnson sold property to Amy Decoteau.

15 Arrowwood Place, $179,900.
Katrina Howey sold property to Ryan Arno.

Barn Alley Rear, $32,000.
Edward Rich sold property to Terry Conrad. 

65 Blue Spruce Lane, $315,000.
Richard and Beverly Desrochers sold property to Angela Doe and Jennifer Waite.


11 John St., $225,000.
Christopher Reagan sold property to Nicole and Chrystal Ryle.

Hatchery Rd., $75,000.
Gardner and Gay Congdon sold property to Craig Brown and Alicia Collier.

22 Maplewood Parkway, $70,000.
Patten Property Development LLC sold property to Tyrone and Victoria Hall. 

15 Catherine St., $87,750.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Mary and William Hayes.

268 Clark Rd., $185,000.
Wells Fargo USA Holdings Inc (by Atty) sold property to William Pistocco and Michael Davis. 

176 Ferry Blvd.,
Jennifer and Edward Sharrow, Jr. sold property to Travis Wylie.

33 Iris Ave., $205,000.
Shod LLC sold property to Chad Jorgensen.

8 Maple Ave., $135,000.
Kathleen Collins sold property to David Nichols.


237 Broad St., $100,000.
Lakeview Servicing LLC (by Atty) sold property to Ellen Leszczynski. 


180 Old Schuylerville Rd., $760,000.
Kristian and Courtney Rhein sold property to Brian Carkner and Dirk Manhin.

268 Broadway, Unit 406, $1,575,000.
Steven and Joy Heyman sold property to Deborah Reynolds and Carol Kautzman.

13 Orenda Spring Dr., $172,500.
Jerry Huffman sold property to Daniel Robero.

26 Cleveland Ave., $305,000.
Stephen Musci sold property to Heidi Whitman Desposito.

16 Wagon Wheel Trail, $143,850.
Wells Fargo Bank sold property to AJS Masonry Inc.

5 Iris Dr., $905,000.
Nicholas Kondo (as Trustee and Life Tenant) sold property to Bryan and Jacquelyn Wallin. 

PO 27 Jumel Place, $1,387,489.
Downton Walk LLC sold property to Debra and Peter Rosecrans, Sr.

55 Vichy Dr., $305,000.
Patricia Hatfield and Robert Carlin sold property to Steven Rosenblum and Eric Rudy. 

179 Church St., $460,000.
Terry and Anita Martin sold property to Jeffrey Gritsavage and Michele Ambrosino.


22 Secretariat Lane, $300,000.
Cynthia Bourne sold property to Bruno Hofmann (as Trustee). 

6 Cedar Bluff Court, $642,500.
Evan Tublitz sold property to Scott and Kathleen Shepherd.


1 New Kent Dr., $20,000.
John Hughes and Jennifer Hughes sold property to John Hughes.

2 Knollwood Dr., $332,000.
Robert and Mariah Mosley sold property to Bradley and Alyssa Casacci.

4 Daffodil Dr., $780,000.
Kevin and Linda Breen sold property to Craig and Molly Cook. 

11 Tawny Terrace, $325,000.
Richard Bryan sold property to Ashley Reda. 

48 Burnham Rd., $389,400. Nathan and Kelly Gagnon sold property to David Haley.

85 Jones Rd., $309,000. Lars and Maureen Mallach sold property to Patrick Baker.

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Property Transactions

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