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Property Transactions: July 11 - July 17, 2020


364 Goode St., $279,900.
Karin Yettru and Gary Zentz sold property to Eric and Megan Anderson.

310 Charlton Rd., $160,000.
Robert Davis sold property to Cathie McCormick, Denise Smith and Laurie Boekeloo.

2 Winchester Dr., $434,900.
Melissa and Justin Barnett sold property to Benjamin and Kara Chu.


44 Carriage Rd., $175,000.
Kerry Reilly sold property to Mark Sieg.

39 Stoney Creek Dr., $194,000.
Robert and Lesley Brandt sold property to Donna Cox.

23 Valdepenas Lane, $299,000.
Diego Camacho sold property to William Warner, Jr. and Margaret McMahan.

38 Heather Dr., $392,500.
Brian Kurkowski sold property to Mary Ellen Brockbank.

9 Nicole Court, $405,000.
Harmanjit Katoch sold property to Aaron and Alana Willen.

16 Briarfield Dr., $298,000.
Karen Passino sold property to Vasilios and Tiffany Pilarinos.

10 Bonneau Rd., $199,000.
Music Square West LTD sold property to Colleen Chestnut.


5 Bianca Dr., $30,000.
Terre Holdings LLC sold property to Foothills Builders LLC. 

5 Bianca Dr., $267,000.
Foothills Builders LLC sold property to David Deihl.

33 Locust Ridge Dr., $95,000.
Kenneth and Marni Freemire sold property to Flagstone Homes Reimagined LLC.


1309 Perth Rd., $321,000.
Michael Mullaney sold property to Trish and Joseph Kenney.


3 Liberty Dr., $425,000.
Big Brown Group LLC sold property to Jason Ray.

321A Hyspot Rd. $260,000.
Thomas and Lina Sprung sold property to Lucas Schoenbeck and Kristen Renaud.

4 Ivy Lane, $310,000.
Maurice and Susan Jeanson sold property to Kathleen and Paul Veitch.


72 Smith Rd., $298,000.
William and Maryann Yarosz sold property to Jimmie and Leslie Daniels.

135 Monmouth Way, $156,000.
Carlos Rodriguez and Stacy Flores sold property to Michael Nicastro.

122 Monmouth Way, $149,484.
Jennifer Brown (as Trustee) and Jason Sableski (as Trustee) sold property to Christopher Offermann.

8 Wilden Way, $230,000.
Donna Neary (as Trustee) sold property to David Duval, Jr. and Sydney Foley.

5A Macoun Dr., $303,570.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Cynthia and Richard Roginski.

50 Dormie Ave., $277,895.
Fairways of Halfmoon LLC sold property to Deborah Ritz.

85 Pruyn Hill Rd., $265,000.
Joseph Urbanski (Ind and as Agent) and Cheryl Squirrell sold property to Thomas Richardson.

24C Idared Lane, $367,170.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Ruth Kelleher.

38 Linden Park Dr., $406,335.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Andrew and Stacia Wilcox. 


1 Maiden Circle, $474,000.
Glenn and Doreen Mitchell sold property to Matthew and Meghan Cross.

34 Vettura Court, $407,430.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to Richard and Gail Grimaldi.

4174 Silver Beach Rd., $225,000.
Matthew Hickey sold property to Samuel Hartz.

37 Vettura Court, $388,130.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to Barry and Meryl Einbinder.

156 Arrow Wood Place, $210,000.
Reid Frasier sold property to Kristin Parker.

390 Eastline Rd., $325,000.
Jeffrey and Meredith Lovelass sold property to Matthew Wyanski and Karissa West.

78 Pepperbush Place, $189,900.
John Mendez sold property to Matthew Kancyr and Darra Hotopp.


133 Bath St., $165,900.
Meghan and Daniel Mullan, Jr. sold property to James Mori.

176 Finley Rd., $87,000.
Catherine Marrano Saracco sold property to Brittaney Ellis and Ryan Warner.

764 Revolutionary Dr., $389,000.
Carol Nelson sold property to Micah and Amber Turner.

645 Sunny Lane, $230,000.
Beverly Westfall sold property to Kevin Unser and Meagan Potter.

207 West Milton Rd., $111,500.
US Bank National Association (as Trustee) sold property to Paul and Ryan Jenkins.

114 Hutchins Rd., $113,333.
Patricia Leroy (by Exec) sold property to John and Charlene Padula.


11 John St., $225,000.
Christopher Reagan sold property to Nicole and Chrystal Ryle.

Hatchery Rd., $75,000.
Gardner and Gay Congdon sold property to Craig Brown and Alicia Collier.

22 Maplewood Parkway, $70,000.
Patten Property Development LLC sold property to Tyrone and Victoria Hall. 

15 Catherine St., $87,750.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Mary and William Hayes.

268 Clark Rd., $185,000.
Wells Fargo USA Holdings Inc (by Atty) sold property to William Pistoccop and Michael Davis. 

176 Ferry Blvd.,
Jennifer and Edward Sharrow, Jr. sold property to Travis Wylie.

33 Iris Ave., $205,000.
Shod LLC sold property to Chad Jorgensen.

8 Maple Ave., $135,000.
Kathleen Collins sold property to David Nichols.


80 Baker Dr., $232,000.
Kevin Lackner sold property to Meghan and Joshua McMahon.


219 Patriot Hill Dr., $536,300.
Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Benjamin Malowski and Roseann Maurantonio.

555 & 559 NYS Route 32, $170,000.
Joseph and Anne McMahon sold property to Nora Alexandra Young.

13 Farnan Rd., $28,500.
Castle 2020 LLC sold property to Joseph and Anne McMahon. 

103 Burgoyne Rd., $188,500.
Amy Geiling sold property to Tyler and Karen Dunham.


15 W. Fenlon St., $320,000.
Carol Cox sold property to Patricia Constable.

57 Old Schuylerville Rd., $509,000.
Stuart Mintzer and Carol Moore sold property to Kevin Kelly and Laura Pelkey.

62 Waterview Dr., $856,000.
Filippo and Lori Stocchetti sold property to Meredith and James Woolford, Jr. 

4 Penn St., $475,000.
Richard and Francis Nicolai sold property to John and Barbara Testo.

2 North Circular St., $858,750.
Alan and Meghan Bazaar sold property to Matthew and Jacquelyn Neuringer.

119 Geyser Rd., $505,000.
Tessa and Alyssa Boyea sold property to Gerald and Cecelia Beaudin and Cecelia Green.

39 Outlook Ave., $660,000.
Hal Allen sold property to Shona Rosenblum and Peter Rotondo.

77 Van Dam St., Unit 201, $278,600.
Seventy Seven Van Dam LLC sold property to James Grady.

125 Jefferson St., $237,000.
Theresa Hobbs sold property to Matthew and Rita O’Brian.

92 Hathorn Blvd., $265,000.
Michael and Kristy Wells sold property to Daniel Saleem.

21 Quevic Dr., $315,000.
Hammer Property Group LLC sold property to Anthony Ruggiero. 

30 Sarazen St., $321,000.
Andrea McNeary sold property to Robert and Nadine Vasko.


Blizzard Rd., $185,000.
John Kushneir, III (by Co-Admins) sold property to Phillip Heitmann.

473-475 County Route 76, $339,000.
John and Harry Mulhall (by Admin) sold property to WJC3 Enterprises LLC. 


4276 Route 50, $60,000.
Joan Hughes (as Trustee) sold property to Wilame Piteri.

26 Preserve Way, $895,000.
Kimberly Allen sold property to Angelo and Kathleen Mastrangelo.

Dandelion Drive and Route 9, $375,000.
Thomas J Farone and Son Inc. sold property to Two glenmore Avenue LLC.

Route 9, $100,000.
Joan, Thomas, Tracy and Thomas Farone, Jr. sold property to Two Glenmore Avenue LLC. 

4 Northwoods Rd., $323,500.
Luc Beauvillier and Manon Parenteau sold property to Zachary Hastings.

5 Harvest Lane, $540,000.
George Biette, Jr. (Ind and as Agent) and Sandra Green (by Agent) sold property to Michael and Susan McIntire. 

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Property Transactions

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