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Property Transactions: July 4 - July 10, 2020


57 Sycamore St., $372,385.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Charlotte Dugan. 

76 Connolly Rd., $320,000.
Kevin Connor sold property to Mark and Monica Maher.

72 Cypress St., $349,980.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Jerome and Susan Kamiler (as Trustees). 


49 Carriage Rd., $193,000.
Matthew Leuzzi sold property to Ryan and Theresa St. John.

22 Fox Hollow Circle, $333,900.
Barry and Meryl Eibinder sold property to David Robertson.

600A Waite Rd., $208,000.
Tanya Teagle sold property to Katrina McCarthy. 

8 Carrington Court, $460,000.
Barbara McCann (as Ind and as Agent) and David McCann (by Agent). 

1 Longleaf Meadows, $389,000.
Jay and Susan Janowsky sold property to Siann McCollum.

10/12 Thoroughbred Way, $62,000.
Clifton Park Water Authority sold property to town of Clifton Park.

9 Eagles Glen, $324,000.
Robert and Georgianne Martz sold property to Tariq Farooqi and Giyana Amaratunga.

20 Heritage Pointe Dr., $500,357.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Ashim Dutta and Nandini Ghosh.


126 Howe Rd., $254,900.
Jennifer Rose sold property to Justine Germain.

100 Nat Hill Rd., $865,000.
Glenn and Valerie Kelsey sold property to Francine and Raymond Apy, Jr. 

475 Middle Grove Rd., $198,000.
Francis Conway sold property to Stephanie Shippey.


59 Canal Rd., $450,000.
George Emerson sold property to Richard and Catherine Castle.

96A Clamsteam Rd., $239,900.
Merle Fredericks II sold property to Frank Scheuer.

281 Grooms Rd., $537,500.
Denis Klapija sold property to Jason Greene.

7 Gauthier Dr., $190,000.
Chad Lacasse sold property to Jordan and Sarah Blais.

19 Linden Park Dr., $385,000.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Lucinda Fabozzi.


13 Lindenwood Dr., $360,000.
Carhack LLC sold property to Laurie Tomita.

32 Plum Poppy S., $469,305.
Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Sophia Reynolds.


51 Huntington Way, $369,000.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Arpy Ernest. 


63 William St., $188,000.
Daniel and Renee Lombard sold property to Jeffrey Schermerhorn and Nicole Hall. 

304 Reynolds Rd., $185,000.
Robert and Melissa Joubert sold property to Brittany and Christy Murray.

53 Woodscape Dr., $300,000.
Vicky Barrett sold property to Richard and Diane Edwards. 

107 Old Bend Rd., $308,150.
Cerrone Construction sold property to Robert and Sandra Rizzuto.

26 Fairview St., $32,000.
Harry and Betty Goldstein sold property to Paul and Kimberly Patterson.

5 Edver Rd., $232,050.
Julie White sold property to Daniel Casabonne and Maria Steele.

18 Jackson Ave., $235,000.
Michael and Jennifer Wolfe sold property to Douglas and Beverly Emery.


4746 Route 50, $205,000.
James and Lorri Zarro sold property to Colin and Heather Hannon.

1902 Route 32N, $162,000.
Christine Dishon sold property to Julie Decker.


59 Piping Rock Center, $385,900.
Lisa Andersson sold property to William Angione, Jamie Kennedy and Greg O’Leary.

343 Grand Ave., $429,000.
Joanne Sole sold property to Christopher and Tracey Chamberlin.

68 Quevic Dr., $258,500.
Chad Kitchen sold property to Steven Gordon.

Saddle Brook Dr., $10,000.
Mary Flaherty sold property to Kona Estates LLC. 

9 Saddle Brook Dr., $1,440,000.
Mary Flaherty sold property to Kona Estates LLC. 

70 Fifth Ave., $900,000.
Clark and Deborah Brewster sold property to Eugene Hanley. 

7 Tompion Lane, $285,000.
Sean Hardies sold property to Nicholas Kirkpatrick.

77 Van Dam St., Unit 204, $344,100.
Seventy Seven Van Dam LLC sold property to John Koella and Susan Sharp.

9 Wilshire Blvd., $340,000.
Eliot Freeman sold property to Jay and Rachel Sturm.

54 Kirby Rd., $360,000.
Stephen Perry and Megan Havalah Perry sold property to Kevin and Theresa Billinton.


12 Blizzard Rd., $200,000.
Cynthia LaForest sold property to Mark LaForest.

618 Route 9P, $189,000.
Six Hundred Eighty Four Springs Inc. sold property to Sean Compton.


3 O’Donnell Way, $397,000.
Robert and Marilyn Pacheo sold property to Michael and Connie Witzing.

16 Harvest Lane, $592,500.
Darrin and Lori Desmarais sold property to Jordan and Michelle Mazur.

43 Hearthstone Dr., $495,000.
Michael and Sharon O’Sullivan sold property to Hossam Mohamed and Sara Ali.

9 Kerry Court, $400,000.
Valerie Raccuia (as Trustee) sold property to Sean Iacobelli and Joanna Meyer.

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Property Transactions

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