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Property Transactions: June 27 - July 3, 2020


1317 West High St., $183,000.
Joshua Bush and Ashley Horrocks sold property to Brett and Alison Belden.

118 Westside Dr., $380,000.
Kathryn and William Ross, Jr. sold property to Jess and Kelly Premo.

98 Lancaster Court, $381,774.
Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to Christopher Hyde and Kimberly Lesieur.


90 Western Ave., $445,000.
Brian and Laurel Dunn sold property to James and Megan Grabowski.


32 Torrey Pines, $388,000.
Catherine Bennett sold property to Vladimir and Emira Shirilov.

61 Spruce St., $405,000.
Orapin Sangrat (by Agent) sold property to Ankit Sehgal and Marilyn Lupo.

18 Emmons Dr., $75,000.
Dandan He sold property to Tianyi Wang.

2 Hemlock Dr., $344,900.
Benjamin and Emily Solomon sold property to Antoinette and Adam DeGeorgio.

80 Avenue of the Oaks, $595,000.
Mary and Gerald Kilanoski (as Trustees) sold property to Mark Elpers and Jeannette Sutton. 

2 Cathywood Court, $415,000.
Jeffrey and Mary Gennoy sold property to Jill Gradner.

35 Longview Dr., $244,100.
John Hockey sold property to Jeffrey and Erin Joseph.

50 Tipperary Way, $600,000.
Anthony and Marilyn Sirco sold property to Collin Sirco. 

47 Wheeler Dr., $330,000.
Courtney Beach sold property to Scott and Jessica Cahrenger.

84 Longkill Rd., $280,000.
Courtney Seymour (Ind and as Agent) and Peter Farnum (by Agent) sold property to Justin and Angela Davis.

7 Christinamarie Dr., $440,000.
James and Kristin Richter sold property to Kevin Weatherby and Linda Wills. 

36 Vista Court, $371,146.
Vista West Development LLC sold property to Mark and Sharon Shear.


County Route 25, $95,000.
Marjorie Jones sold property to Kenneth and Marni Freemire. 

17 Poplar St., $15,000.
Robert and Cheryl Healy (by Atty) sold property to Heather Loadholt.

101 Lemont Ave., $112,000.
Linda Smith and Donna Prokopowicz sold property to Donna Prokopowicz.


5231 North St., $100,000.
Theodore Lovelass (by Atty) and Diane Lovelass (Ind and as Atty) sold property to Flintlock Corp.

2550 Old Mill Rd., $436,000.
Benal Raeburn sold property to Nikolas and Katrina Graf.


9 Brandell Lane, $270,618.
Erick and Nicole Evers sold property to David Spangler and Casey Normile. 


59 Canal Rd., $450,000.
George Emerson sold property to Richard and Catherine Castle.

96A Clamsteam Rd., $239,900.
Merle Fredericks II sold property to Frank Scheuer.

281 Grooms Rd., $537,500.
Denis Klapija sold property to Jason Greene.

7 Gauthier Dr., $190,000.
Chad Lacasse sold property to Jordan and Sarah Blais.

19 Linden Park Dr., $385,000.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Lucinda Fabozzi.


37 Lupine Dr., $295,000.
Edward and Linda Murphy sold property to Elizabeth Danton.

9 Weston Way, $392,051.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Thomas and Mary Anne Kinisky (as Trustees). 

51 Village Circle North, $452,196.
Belmonte Properties LLC sold property to Christoph Steinbruchel and Patricia Connelly.

104 3rd St., $155,000.
Carol Zarro sold property to Mark and Erin Calicchia.

53 Vettura Court, $85,000.
Lecmor Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 

120 Wineberry Lane, $235,000.
Randall Dickinson sold property to Kelli and Ceth Morocco.


31 Whippletree Rd., $235,000.
Vladislav and Taisiya Kobzar sold property to David and Erin Nocera.

Galway Rd., $28,000.
Betsy Norton sold property to Saratoga AllVets LLC.

174 Milton Ave., $250,000.
David and Carol Godette sold property to Antonio Bianchi and Mackenzi Kelly.


63 William St., $188,000.
Daniel and Renee Lombard sold property to Jeffrey Schermerhorn and Nicole Hall. 

304 Reynolds Rd., $185,000.
Robert and Melissa Joubert sold property to Brittany and Christy Murray.

53 Woodscape Dr., $300,000.
Vicky Barrett sold property to Richard and Diane Edwards. 

107 Old Bend Rd., $308,150.
Cerrone Construction sold property to Robert and Sandra Rizzuto.

26 Fairview St., $32,000.
Harry and Betty Goldstein sold property to Paul and Kimberly Patterson.

5 Edver Rd., $232,050.
Julie White sold property to Daniel Casabonne and Maria Steele.

18 Jackson Ave., $235,000.
Michael and Jennifer Wolfe sold property to Douglas and Beverly Emery.


4746 Route 50, $205,000.
James and Lorri Zarro sold property to Colin and Heather Hannon.

1902 Route 32N, $162,000.
Christine Dishon sold property to Julie Decker.


1245 Route 9P, $675,000.
Tara Lindsley sold property to Phyllis Fein.

33 Morgans Run, $174,000.
Osborn Cole sold property to Timothy Hoover.

191 Broad St., $99,000.
Darren and Lisa Tracy sold property to One Hundred Ninety One Broad Street LLC.

179 Swamp Rd., $355,000.
Christian and Bridget Babcock sold property to Ryan and Jami Walker.


336 Grand Ave., $138,350.
Two Glenmore Avenue LLC sold property to Christine Treadway and Thomas McDermott.

132 Adams St., $410,000.
Allen Elizabeth (by Exec) sold property to One Hundred and Thirty Two Adams Street LLC.

54 Trottingham Rd., $212,000.
Nicholas and Rita Dispenziere sold property to Laura Carley.

3 Pamela Lane, $485,000.
Diane Webb sold property to Nicole and Elliot Edwards.

414 Church St., $276,500.
Lisa Moll sold property to Tina Grolley.

222 Crescent Ave., $380,000.
Susan Chille sold property to Karen Keis and Peter Gonczlik.

11 Foxhall Dr., $585,000.
Neal McLaughlin sold property to William and Ellen Gray.


17 Castle Dr., $60,000.
Nicholas Palage sold property to Anthony Palage.

112 Lakepointe Way, $363,218.
Mason Street LLC sold property to Philip and Cynthia Disorbo.


7 Kerry Court, $395,000.
James Mella sold property to Frances and John Bogardus.

2 Timbira Dr., $322,000.
Carlos and Cynthia Chacon sold property to Theresa Supski, Andre and Catherine Powers.

8 Overlook Dr., $410,000.
Tina Grolley sold property to Pablo and Kara Rivera.

71 Edie Rd., $380,000.
Axel Sondhof and Lisa Loftus Sondhof sold property to Alenander Lourenco and Laura Kavanaugh Lourenco. 

11 Sepia Lane, $288,400.
Thomas Cafarella (as Trustee) sold property to Danielle Moriarity.

16 King Rd., $311,500.
Raymond and Carolann Sauter sold property to Clark Leonelli. 

20 Burnham Rd., $72,000.
North Manor Development LLC sold property to Bonacio Construction Inc. 

20 Burnham Rd., $420,000.
Bonacio Construction Inc. sold property to Michael and Jennifer Wolfe.

2 Conklin Ct, $100,000.
William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC. 

7 Conklin Ct, $90,000.
William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC.

35 Traver Rd., $65,000.
William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC.

4 Waverly Place, $369,000.
DEC Development LLC sold property to Jennifer Lheureux.

72 Fieldstone Dr., $615,000.
Jordan and Michelle Mazur sold property to Gregg and Cathy Palesky.

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