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Property Transactions: June 20 - June 26, 2020


1 Davids Lane, $250,000.
Charles Craft sold property to Daniel Fahey and Brittany Hills. 

91 Goode St., $227,500.
Kevin and Amanda Simpson sold property to Eric and Michelle Posson.

12 Silver Lane, $190,000.
Jeffrey Foster sold property to Matthew and Megan McClearn. 

797 Route 50, $65,000.
William Gately sold property to Ronald Simmons and Laura Conrad.

67 Saunders Lane, $307,000.
Noreen Pieper sold property to Carl and Barbara Butler.

12 Ironwood St., $435,000.
Sami and Rachel Nader sold property to Kelly Deerfield. 


1410 Division St., $701,000.
Jennifer Motel sold property to Robert Moore.

1312 Division St., $175,000.
Emily Pitts and Marcia Bull sold property to Bernard Schroeder.

486 Stage Rd., $419,000.
Michael and Darlene Hancox sold property to Jennifer Motel

2099 Cook Rd., $525,000.
Thomas and Beth Brownell sold property to Michael Berry.


31 Fairhill Rd., $410,000.
Daniela and Ivan Zdrahal sold property to Gary Guilfoyle. 

65 Westchester Dr., $147,000.
John Meyer sold property to Xusen Lang and Ya Li.

14 Holbrook Dr., $632,470.
Marini Land II Inc sold property to Carrie Roglieri.

10 Wildwood Court, $452,000.
Jason and Janelle Fiske sold property to Yohann and Corey Berzi.

8 Hampshire Place, $339,000.
Baofu Zhu sold property to Suying Song and Yichuan Wang.

730 Waite Rd., $280,000.
Vangellow Properties LLC sold property to Michael and Caitlin Izykowski.

21 Jarose Place, $390,000.
Robert and Christina Herman sold property to Hari Budharaju and Divya Penmasta.

4 Willow Spring Dr., $310,000.
Mel and Eileen Denehan sold property to John Sherry.

37 Sterling Heights Dr. $349,900.
US Bank National Association (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Mathew and Amanda Cantore.

2 Thunderbird Dr., $300,000.
Lenore Horowitz and Norman Gervais (as Co-Execs) sold property to Steven and Emily Smith.

3 Massachusetts Ct., $347,000.
Randy Blanchard sold property to Michael and Stephanie Rourke.

6 Pickett Lane, $150,000.
Colin Morton and Nancy Cavotta Morton sold property to ANW Holdings LLC. 

6 Pickett Lane, $185,000.
ANW Holdings LLC sold property to Ryan Walker and Amanda Stahl.


4757 Route 9N, $25,000.
Toni Dilorenzo sold property to Kimberly Threw.


437 Middle Grove Rd., $235,000.
Mann Properties LLC sold property to Maggie Miller.

370 Allen Rd., $305,000.
Gregory Levantino sold property to Christian Alvord. 

43 Walker Dr., $475,000.
Diane Dellaratta sold property to Andrew Graham and Keli Scott.


68 Cemetery Rd., $140,000.
John Rucinski sold property to Bruce Tanski.

9 Domenica Dr., $285,000.
Gerald and Naomi Crola sold property to Isak and Melanie Kallman.

10 Highway Way, $328,000.
Thomas Hamilton (as Trustee) sold property to Gregory and Deborah McCann. 

23C Macoun Dr., $333,430.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Alexandra Valle Wagner.

18 Fairview Lane, $489,900.
Andrew and Francesca McCann sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 

18 Fairview Lane, $489,900.
National Transfer Services LLC sold property to Disha and Joshua Spath. 

12 Hearthstone Dr., $105,000.
Abele Builders Inc. sold property to Abele Homes LLC.

12 Hearthstone Dr., $410,011.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Raymond and Debra Parafinczuk.

542 Hudson River Rd., $126,000.
Eric Vandenburgh sold property to Daniel and Leann Cook.

17 Stuart Dr., $480,000.
Weihong Gao and Yian Liu sold property to Ryan and Amanda Keleher.

71 Willowbrook Terrace, $375,000.
Zhiguo Sun and Xiaohuan Zhou sold property to James Moran.


5 Hillman Loop, $442,000.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Mark and Patricia VanGuysling. 

12 Ordelia Lane, $389,415.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Carol Lyte.


8 Arlington Circle, $558,452.
Fair Oaks Milton LLC sold property to Michael Randle, Jr. and Nicole Betancourt.


63 William St., $188,000.
Daniel and Renee Lombard sold property to Jeffrey Schermerhorn and Nicole Hall. 

304 Reynolds Rd., $185,000.
Robert and Melissa Joubert sold property to Brittany and Christy Murray.


4746 Route 50, $205,000.
James and Lorri Zarro sold property to Colin and Heather Hannon.

1902 Route 32N, $162,000.
Christine Dishon sold property to Julie Decker.


1 Washington St., $170,000.
Richard Calo sold property to Pietro Bordignon.


10 Bluebird Court, $456,500.
Paul and Kathleen Veitch sold property to Nicklas Kenyon and Nicole Mooers.

162 Crescent St., $569,500.
Bradford and Christine McIntyre sold property to Arthur Sgroi III (as Trustee). 

67 Hathorn Blvd., $227,450.
Maurice and Rosemary Mercier sold property to Matthew Leuzzi and Penny Sheedy.

339 Grand Ave., $288,600.
Andrew Graham sold property to Brenna Filipello. 

7 Chloes Way, $660,000.
Sean Donohue sold property to Angela Anthony (as Trustee). 

29 Northway Court, $325,000.
Michael Scuola sold property to Melissa Byrne.

155 Ash St., $615,000.
Semir and Mahira Tanovic sold property to Melissa Thompson and Diana Flynn. 


456 County Route 75, $357,500.
William and Colleen Levett sold property to John and Amaryllis Fabian.

18 Clinton Court, $224,900.
Joseph and Elizabeth White sold property to Danny Graf and Meghan McNeil.

22 NYS Route 423, $175,000.
Marsha Himler (as Trustee and Life Estate) sold property to Katie Ogden. 


3 Thunder Run, $345,000.
Christopher and Lesa Farrell sold property to Andrew Weeden and Taylor Kerylow. 

106 Ballard Rd., $223,800.
Victoria Hyde sold property to Tiffany Phillips.

9 Easton Court, $125,000.
William Morris sold property to McPadden Builders. 

6 Conklin Court, $100,000.
William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC.

38 Damascus Dr., $343,300.
Steven and Rene Streicher sold property to Lindsay Hladik and Nicholas Prestigiacomo.

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