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Property Transactions: Feb. 8 - Feb. 14, 2020


62 Lancaster Court, $352,000.
Traditional Builders LTD sold property to Kathleen Casazza.

171 Kinsley Rd., $267,700.
Michael Fox sold property to Stephanie Reisin Dibari.

53 Forestbrook Dr., $346,247.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Anthony Palma and Cara Morbidelli. 

29 Sycamore St., $358,000.
Yihan Ge sold property to Neil and Suzanna Ritchey.

365 Schauber Rd., $450,000.
T and C Property Brothers LLC sold property to Joshua and Heather Heider.

31 Stablegate Dr., $624,232.
Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Michael and Melissa Stehman. 

1 Sharon Lane, $245,000.
Michael and Nancy Bradshaw sold property to Jason and Erin Gerbing.

1 Froestbrook Dr., $309,000.
Linda Marra Thompson (as Trustee) sold property to Edward Horgan, Jr. 


111 Hickory Ridge Rd., $100,000.
Martha Kurowski (by Exec) sold property to Gayle Bailey.

2 Meadow Lane, $138,600.
Federal National Mortgage Association (by Atty) sold property to Richard Solosky and Shawn Van.


314 Walnut St., $25,000.
US Bank Trust (as Trustee, by Atty) and LSF9 Master Participation Trust (by Atty) sold property to Cara Preddice.

23 Walnut St., $150,000.
Gary and Susan Horwedel sold property to Audrey Marion.

509 County Route 24, $248,000.
Karen Galluccio Mott sold property to James Berrigan.

109 Hollister Rd., $127,000.
Kevin Skinner sold property to Norbert and Katie Torres.


1417 Kania Rd., $390,000.
Laura Soldani (Ind and as Beneficiary), Linda Sofia (as Beneficiary) and Lesley Dangelo (as Beneficiary) sold property to Jack and Barbara Balstad.

5451 Crane Rd., $200,000.
Richard Bievenue sold property to Joshua Hempstead and Jessie Crooks. 


148 Sand Hill Rd., $243,000.
Juan and Melissa Calzada sold property to Jason Clow and Karissa Thomas.

310 Wing Rd., $40,000.
Edson Barss (by Exec) sold property to Debbie Guilder.

64 Allen Rd., $231,500.
Matthew Perryman sold property to Anthony Benson. 


11 Weston Way, $350,889.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Eleven Weston Way LLC. 

4165 Silver Beach Rd., $390,000.
Joseph Blaauboer sold property to Ward Peek. 

8 Ordelia Lane, $372,690.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Margie Rector.

366 Malta Ave., $35,000.
Grace Fleming sold property to Daniel and Katherine Owens.

9 Surrey Dr., $420,000.
Justin Zerneri (by Agent) and Rececca Zerneri (Ind and as Agent) sold property to Joseph and Angela Cassia.

1091 Raymond Rd., $242,500.
Robert and Dorothy Todd sold property to Timothy and Emily Gardner. 

4149 Silver Beach Rd., $280,000. Brian and Jacqueline Fisher and John and Erica Dubrawski sold property to Amanda Hartmann. 

7 Galleon Dr., $429,750.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Amy Bennice and William McQuay.

36 Vettura Court, $85,000.
Lecmor Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 


94 Saratoga Ave., $75,562.
Paul and Brenda Pelliccia sold property to Geronimo Properties LLC. 

441 Franklin St., $277,000.
Cory and Ashley Prothero sold property to Nicholas Braman.

23 Woodthrush Court, $235,000.
Theresa Connolly sold property to Michael O’Brien.

3 Kelmik Dr., $395,000.
Daniel Warren and Prabhakar Rajupet sold property to Michael Quimet and Andrea Homan.

822 Ediface Way, $337,000.
Andrew Sickles and Fiona Recchia sold property to Kelsey Tourville and Christopher Deleo. 

120 West High St., $145,000.
Lorraine Komar sold property to James Fullerton.


36 Tamarac Dr., $300,000.
Craig and Antoniette Seybolt sold property to Scott and Jordan Cleavland.

27 Sage Lane, $330,000.
Erin and Ronald Pierone, Jr. sold property to Craig and Antoinette Seybolt.

194 Ferry Blvd., $24,500.
Jaime Lee Varney Daniels sold property to John Brown.

10 Royal Pines Dr., $336,000.
Thomas and Jenee Culligan sold property to William Edwards and Leigh Strazza. 

39 William St., $160,000.
Joyce Huntley sold property to Joseph Duers.

83B Hatchery Rd., $70,000.
R. Gardner and Gay Congdon sold property to Mark and Samantha Stewart.

57 Oak View Dr., $335,000.
David and Stacey Mattison sold property to Steven and Michelle Hiersche.


104 Schuyler Hills Dr., $481,950.
Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Thomas and Toni Kinsella.


220 Crescent Ave., $25,000.
Brooke McConnell sold property to Christopher Hemstead. 

58 Winners Circle, $201,350.
William Kirk sold property to Megan Towers.

160 West Ave., $392,425.
Harry Snyder, Susan Kiley and Michael Toohey sold property to James Snyder and James Cox. 

20 Conver Dr., $323,930.
Logan and Hayley Weast sold property to Ralph Sotansky, Jr. 

142 East Ave., $600,000.
One Hundred Forty Two Spa City LLC sold property to August Charles. 

76 Lincoln Ave., $310,000.
Pamela Wilusz and Linda Johns sold property to Morris and Morris Enterprises LLC. 


269 Route 423, $345,000.
Frederick and Bonnie Ebert sold property to Laura Chase.

75 Luther Rd., $390,000.
Stevan Abelson sold property to Chuan Liu.

53 NYS Route 67, $60,000.
Keith Butler, Kevin Butler and Karen Garmley sold property to Patchwork Capital Holding LLC. 


3 Manchester Court, $200,000.
Linda Paine sold property to Karen Marcello.

13 White Birch Lane, $295,000.
Justin and Toni Bitner sold property to Christopher and Kate Laramee. 

64 Loughberry Lake Rd., $557,000.
Kent and Karen Johnson sold property to Kenneth Norman and Jennifer Bonner.

8 Huntington Court, $575,000.
John and Sherry Knotek sold property to Ronald Solevo. 

Ingersoll Rd., $185,000.
Floral Estates LLC sold property to Christopher and Phyllis Abele.

3 Conklin Court, $90,000.
William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC. 

4 Craw Lane, $85,000. William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC. 

15 Hillside Ave., $190,000. Bonnie Middlebrook sold property to Chris and Sarah Logsdon. 

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