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Property Transactions: Nov. 28- Dec. 6, 2019


34 Cypress St., $322,315.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Kathleen Bloss (as Trustee). 

61 Kasey Pass (unit 61), $254,524.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Abigail Boslet.

Lot 7 Benedict Rd., $428,810.
John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Jonathan and Danielle Zanella Vanwie.

17 Meadowbrook Court, $579,425.
TP Builders Inc. sold property to Andrew and Kimberly Conti. 

55 Kasey Pass (unit 55), $241,892.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Noo Cooper.

4 Meadowbrook Court, $470,000.
Johnathan and Jessica Kinder sold property to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. 

4 Meadowbrook Court, $470,000.
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold property to Maureen and John Baringer, Jr.

71 Lancaster Court, $305,000.
Hank Gintof sold property to Giovanni Campagna.

50 Forestbrook Dr., $386,002.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Foluso and Bunmi Bello.


134 Cramer Rd., $15,000.
DA Collins Construction Co. Inc. sold property to ER Design Build LLC.

62 Pepperbush Place, $153,000.
James and Amy Moriale sold property to Kyle Holzhauer.

675 East Line Rd., $314,150.
Irina Polsinelli sold property to Graham and Stacy Parker.

3 North Ridge, $273,000.
Roseanne Murphy sold property to Jabez and Margaret Cruz.

1119-1121 Raymond Rd., $300,000.
Gregory and Denise Stasik sold property to Brian Stasik.

39 Plum Poppy South, $509,212.
Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Anthony and Cindy Cafarella.

1106 Raymond Rd., $455,000.
Kenneth and Margaret Marcinowski sold property to Christopher and Meghan Zito.

23 Pepperbush Place, $162,000.
Corpus Christi Church Ushers NY sold property to Derek Sapp.

33 Century Dr., $317,625.
Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee) sold property to Capital Home Buyers LLC. 


1412 NYS Route 9P, $150,500.
Stephen Mastaitis sold property to One Thousand Four Hundred and 12 Route 9P LLC. 

8 Corrine Court, $525,000.
Christopher and Francesca Paschal sold property to Ernesto Morales.

60 Morgans Run, $113,000.
Barry Evans and Yvetta Williams Evans sold property to Dragos Minciunescu.

275 Evans St., $18,000.
Brendan and Cindy Murray sold property to Shane Lyon. 

124 County Road 67, $20,000.
Kenneth Yager sold property to Rose and Marc Mikkelson.

418 Burgoyne Rd., $152,000.
Karen Winslow (by Exec) sold property to Antonia Nastasi.

45 Pearl St., $142,000.
Rain and Melissa Stone sold property to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.

45 Pearl St., $142,000.
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold property to Devin Nazarenko and Emma Bartholomay. 

23 Pearl St., $228,000.
Conan and Kristine O’Rourke sold property to Hannah Forte and Mark Davis II. 


54 Granger Ave., $649,000.
Randall and Kathleen Royka sold property to Edward and Linda Murphy. 

5 Roosevelt Court, $281,000.
Karl and Patricia Mihalek sold property to Eileen Lapann.

15 Van Rensselaer St., $308,000.
George and Claudia Olsen sold property to Lynne Dearstyne.

687 N. Broadway, $1,050,000.
Masonic Hall Association of Saratoga Springs NY sold property to River Farm LLC. 

27 Central Ave., $442,000.
Ginger Simor sold property to Brian and Christine Waghorn.

25 Jenee Way, $385,000.
Andrew Walker and Kristin Lawler sold property to Joan and Christina Douglas.

27 Collins Terrace, $554,000.
Paul Zanella and Kelly Quinn Zanella sold property to Kevin Cushing and Sue Hensley Cushing.

117 Catherine St., $319,900.
William and Kimberly Waters sold property to Thomas and Nadine Burke.

18 20 Park St., $415,000.
Saratoga Apartment Living LLC sold property to Park Street Living LLC. 

45 Greenfield Ave., Unit 3, $860,000.
Kevin Cushing and Sue Hensley Cushing sold property to Leonard Travaglione and Walter Stryker, Jr. 

135 Washington St., $341,250.
US Bank National Association (as Successor Trustee, by Atty) sold property to James Stockwell. 

87 Railroad Place, Unit 601, $1,600,000.
Robert and Carol Chauvin sold property to Gary Dake and Aimee Taylor.

114-118 Jefferson St., $595,000.
Crown Turf Suppliers Inc. sold property to Bonacio Construction Inc. 

37 Clark St., Unit 8, $292,500.
Heather Carver sold property to MissionB LLC. 


3 Lansing Rd., $132,000.
Gregory Marcklinger sold property to Brandon Bechtel and Erin Sheffer.

38 Gurba Dr., $287,000.
Trisha Darrah sold property to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. 

1026 Hudson Ave., $118,720.
John Wisnoski sold property to Barbara Holland.

133 NY Route 67, $150,000.
Stacy Parker sold property to Eric Tulip.

21 Woodlake Dr., $366,272.
Mason Street LLC sold property to William Hill and Maureen Yorke.

89 Goncziak Rd., $375,000.
Frank Smetana sold property to Darcy Bonfils.

13 Cavalry Course, $314,430.
Henry and Alina Barnas sold property to Christopher and Ashley Bertino.

14 Native Dancer Lane, $310,000.
Barbara Morgan sold property to Tim Gallagher and Rachel Cole.

131 Blizzard Rd., $400,898.
CMH Homes Inc. sold property to Michael Toma and Dawn Brownell Toma. 

90 Wrights Loop, $326,000.
Roger and Erika Casey sold property to Meagan Orologio and Paul MacMillan. 


18 Gailor Rd., $345,000.
Robert and Sarah Spivey sold property to Robert Royer III.

188 Edie Rd., $162,000.
Cathleen and Richard Zwijacz sold property to Craig Zwijacz.

87 Jones Rd., $338,000.
Peter Davis and David Howard sold property to Claire Kearney and Christopher Amorosi.

36 Tom Sawyer Dr., $285,000.
Kevin Julie Brasser sold property to Stephen Penman.

12 Fenimore Place, $437,500.
Brian and Christine Waghorn sold property to Richard Kim and Alaina Hannahs.

445 Wilton/Gansevoort Rd., $70,000.
Lester Weller (by Admin) sold property to Howard Levy.

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