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Hello my Foodie Friends!

Home cooking is on the rise nationwide, whether people are naturals in the kitchen or not. We’re getting creative, too, adapting recipes, and trying our hand at new skills. From the family that is now spending more time eating together to the novice cook learning to prepare more complicated meals, it’s a time of experimentation in the kitchen that isn’t without its risks. The kitchen might be a more dangerous place than you think. With a variety of sharp items like knives, blades, slicers, or chopper and heating tools that you have to use to prepare a meal, there is a risk of being injured anytime. Based on current statistics, cuts, punctures, slips, abrasions, and burns are among the most common injuries that you may suffer in the kitchen when your hands are not protected. What should you do to prevent these happening?

Making the best cut-resistant gloves always available in your kitchen is the best way to protect yourself and your family from sustaining injuries when doing the cooking.

Cut-resistant gloves protect the wearer from lacerations and some punctures caused by handling sharp items, such as metal and glass. Knit gloves are made of materials that protect against a range of cut risks, from handling light cardboard to appliance assembly. Leather cut-resistant gloves have a liner or cut-resistant stitching to protect workers’ hands. Keep in mind – cut-resistant gloves are not cut proof however will save your hand from lacerations. Wear cut-resistant gloves when you’re using knives—particularly for more intricate knife work or when cutting something awkward like a knobby piece of ginger—or when cleaning food out of the blade of your food processor. I personally wear a cutting glove every time I use my mandoline slicer and my Microplane grater and sometimes when I’m feeling cautious using a knife.

We carry various brands of cut resistant gloves. One of our favorites is the Microplane cut-resistant glove. No more shredded knuckles when you grate or zest. This knit mesh glove is made of a unique synthetic fiber that resists cuts to protect your hands, and it’s made of a seamless, wire-free knit material that resists cuts. The glove fits either hand and one size fits most.

Stop by Compliments to the Chef, your Neighborhood Kitchen and Cutlery store for those cool tools for cooks. Remember to be safe when “making the cut.”  Stay safe and healthy. Remember my Foodie Friends, “Life Happens in the Kitchen.”

 Take Care,
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