Lori Mahan

Lori Mahan

SARATOGA SPRINGS — There are a few newspapers in Saratoga County, but not many people know about a special publication that runs in the Maple Avenue Middle School. The Mapletogian Newspaper is run by the middle schoolers and advised by Trisha Phillips. They report Maple Ave news only.

“Sometimes kids will come to me and they’ll say, ‘can I write about this that’s happening on Broadway’ and I say, ‘but the school is bringing in therapy dogs or they’re doing this’ and I really like them to focus on our school news because so much is going on in our own school. We haven’t met for very long yet, we’ve only been meeting for about a month and a half, but ideally, their ears are chimed in to what is going on in their own classes and then for me as an eighth-grade teacher, I love to hear about what’s going on in a sixth-grade science classroom or gym class. It allows us all to see it first hand,” Philips said.

The Mapletogian Newspaper can be found online via a wix website, mrsphillips239.wixsite.com/may18, which has the latest edition from May still up currently. The new club members are working diligently on their next paper. The young reporters submit all the work to Ms. Phillips and discuss what the titles should look like along with photos they should include.

“Ideally, the meeting will start running itself and I’m just here to throw candy and dance around encouraging them,” Phillips explained.

Each member of the club, about 20 students, got involved for similar reasons. 

“My parents are both in newspaper and I also love writing, it takes me to another place,” said Talia Green. Each budding journalist has a different favorite beat in mind and for some, a different approach entirely. “I’d like to sell the ads because you get to help get money for your company and you can also trade things like Great Escape tickets and stuff like that,” said Nadine Barton.

“I would like to write book reviews. I see a lot of them on the New York Times and I think it would be fun to review books that I really enjoy,” Ella Cureo explained.

“I want to write more about what’s going on in general in the city or in the world,” Musi Chowdhury stated.

“I’d like to write about what’s happening in the public community that is surrounding us, so people can have a little bit of background knowledge about what I’m already talking about and I can expand their knowledge,” Kelsey Dodd added.

However, it was made clear that everyone’s favorite topic is the changing seasons and the holidays. As far as editing goes, the students do peer reviews and Ms. Phillips looks at everything a final time before “going to press.”

“I definitely think that Ms. Phillips helps us the most because she’s the one who lays it out and she helps us with all of the typos and the things that we’re not really sure what to write and she knows what to put in,” Kelsey Dodd explained.

The Mapletogian Newspaper is the publication to read when you want to be in the know about Maple Avenue Middle School and all of the goings on.

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Upcoming 5Ks in Saratoga County

When: November 22, 8:30 a.m. Where: Broadway, Saratoga Springs Registration: $25, no day of registration Christopher Gene Dailey, a Saratoga Springs native, was an active 8-year-old sports enthusiast who died suddenly on November 23, 2001. The Foundation was formed on December 29, 2001 by his parents, with the support of family and friends. The Christopher Dailey Foundation is a nonprofit, Saratoga Springs based, charitable organization supporting youth needs in our community. After completion of the Christopher Dailey Youth Gym in Gavin Park, Wilton, the Foundation has continued to support youth needs in the Saratoga County area. Since 2012, the CDF has given over $500,000 to 50+ youth organizations. Visit www.christopherdaileyfoundation. com to learn more about their donations. Any other questions email the foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 518-581-1328. For registration questions only call 518-650-6963.

When: November 22, 8 a.m. Where: 912 NY-146, Clifton Park Registration: $25 ($30 after Nov. 21) Packet pick up is Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., registration is open until 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning online. On-site registration is open from 7 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. This is a fun event held in Clifton Park.  If you want to avoid the crowds at Saratoga and Troy then this race is for you. Tshirts will be given to all those who register by 11/15. Packet pick up is available on Wednesday night from 5 to 7 and starts again on race day at 7:15. Don’t forget that this event is also family and a stroller friendly course. A special visit will be made by the infamous St. George’s Turkey.

When: December 1, 9 a.m. Where: Halfmoon Town Park Registration: $35 (kids run $20) The Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run is a fun way to be festive, while racing to raise funds and awareness to cure America’s #1 cause of disability. Put on your favorite holiday costume. Tie jingle bells to your shoelaces. ’Tis the season to live it up and be jolly for a reason! Bring a team of friends, family and co-workers to run or walk, spread smiles and good cheer… and be a Champion of Yes! 100 percent of your registration fee and fundraising efforts go to this great cause. For more help or information about the 2018 Jingle Bell Run of Albany, contact Heidi Barcomb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 518-456-1203.

When: December 31, 5:30 p.m. Where: Skidmore College Registration: $30 ($35 after Dec. 23) Saratoga Arts is excited to announce that Patrick Lynskey will be joining the team as the new Race Director for the annual Saratoga Arts First Night 5k in Saratoga Springs on New Years’ Eve. Patrick is the Event Director for the Firecracker 4 Race and the Freihofer’s Run for Women as well as the Race Director for the Troy Turkey Trot.  Additionally, he is the founding partner and COO of GreenLeaf Racing, through which he manages many more smaller events in the region. If you have questions about registration or volunteering for the race, please contact Patrick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Local All-Star Moments

SRYMCA Over 50 Basketball League Scores

Game One: D’Andrea’s Pizzeria – 53 v. West Side Sports – 71
West Side Sports handily beat D’Andrea’s Pizzeria 71-53.  John Mooney and Kevin Reilly led the way for West Side with 25 each. Mike Casavant contributed 12 for West Side.  Rory Wilson had a game high 32 and Tom Welch added 10 in a losing effort for D’Andrea’s.
West Side Sports – 71: John Mooney (25),  Kevin Reilly(25), Mike Casavant (12)
D’Andrea’s Pizzeria – 53: Rory Wilson (32), Tom Welch (10) 

Game Two: Post Time Wine and Spirits – 65 v. Village Photo – 56
Post Time Wine and Spirits outlasted Village Photo to win the game 65 to 56. Postime’s Pat Reidy had a game high 28 and Alex Marin added 26. Charlie Maurer led Village photo with 20 and Steve Ruscinski poured in 10.
Post Time Wine and Spirits – 65: Pat Reidy (28), Alex Marin (26)
Village Photo - 56: Charlie Maurer (20), Steve Rucinski (10) 

Game Three: Mama Mia’s Cafe – 53 v. Nemer Chrysler – 59
Nemer edged Mama Mia’s in a close game all the way. Nemer was led by Phil Fitzpatrick who had 29 with Mike Bentley pouring in 19. Mama Mia’s was led by Mark Hixon 28 point performance by the losing team.
Nemer Chrysler – 59: Phil Fitzpatrick (29), Mike Bentley (19)
Mama Mi’s Cafe – 53: Mark Hixon (28)

Game Four: Generaro’s – 60 v. Walton’s – 58
Generaro’s overcame a half-time deficient to overtake Walton’s 60-58. Genararo’s balanced scoring was led by Ed Benway with 21, followed by Wayne Cherry with 14, Greg O’Conner with 12 and Andrew Sephas adding 10 points. Bobby Hanson had a game high 36 in a losing campaign.
Generaro’s – 60: Ed Benway (21), Wayne Cherry (14), Greg O’Connor (12), Andrew Sephas (10)
Walton’s – 58: Bobby Hanson (36)


Swimming & Diving Teams Fall to Clarkson, Women Come Up Short Against Merrimack
VERMONT — The Saint Michael’s College women’s swimming and diving team lost to Merrimack College, 121-84, in a dual meet on Friday, before both the men’s and women’s teams were swept by Clarkson University on Saturday. The men fell 148-74, while the women lost a close 119103 contest. The women’s team falls
to 1-3, while the men are now 1-2. During the Clarkson meet, Reiley Adelson, of Saratoga Springs/Saratoga Springs, claimed second in the 200 free.


Jr. NBA Scores


Cavs vs. Lakers
Cavs-21: Sean Finnegan-8, Connor Corrigan-4
Lakers-12: Chris Seeley-8, Riley Gaul-2

Bulls vs. Knicks
Bulls-18: Mason Baker-5, Malcolm Oliver-Goodwin-4

Knicks-14: Chris Sheft-6, John Lizzi-4

Celtics vs. Clippers
Celtics-16: Brady Moore-6, Tommy Driver-2

Clippers-10: Damon Kelly-4, Sean Britton-2

Thunder vs. Clippers
Thunder-23: Brady Girard-15, Dustin Russell-6

Warriors-13: JL Whitman-6, Thomas Krogmann-5

Spurs vs. Lakers
Spurs-35: Noah Diulio-12, Hayden Warren-7
Lakers-14: Logan Phelps-6, Colton Baker-4

Warriors vs. Bulls
Warriors-26: Carson Engelhard-7, Aaron Stuart-6

Bulls-9: Sammy Bagan-6, Sasko/Kindl-2

Heat vs. Knicks
Heat-18: Kaidan Moore-6, Plourde/Ford-4

Knicks-13: Merrick Shea-5, Kaiden Paskewich-4

Mavs vs. Cavs
Mavs-26: Landon Lockrow-7, Ben Simonette-5

Cavs-19: Braydin Stone-16, Luke Manuel-4

Celtics vs. Thunder
Celtics-18: Jack Beckler-6, Bobby Morris-6

Thunder-13: Andrew Wells-5, Chase Palmer-4

Warriors vs. Celtics
Warriors-16: Karsten Soule-4, Henry Hanrahan-4
Celtics-14: Arianna Avila-6, Matt Leonard-4

Thunder vs. Spurs
Thunder-27: Toby Diulio-9, Louis Longobardo-9

Spurs-18: Charlie Cota-6, Micah Poag-6

Nets vs. Heat
Nets-28: Bryant Savage-9, Antone Robbens-7

Heat-10: Jackson Howell-6, Nick Scalo-2

Cavs vs. Thunder
Cavs-48: Jordan Quintal-16, Andrew Masten-8
Thunder-40: Evan Barthelmas-18, Cooper Walley-16 

Clippers vs. Pacers
Clippers-42: Arieon Rose-12, Lindsey Bell-7

Pacers-28: Andrew Blaha-8, Josh Smith-8


SARATOGA SPRINGS — New York State recently released their test scores for 2018 and St. Clement’s tested higher than average compared to public schools.

“We did very well compared to New York State. What they look at is levels three and four, which meet or exceed the New York State learning standards. So, they took them at the end of last spring and they’re returning now. Our students in third grade, 84 percent of them met or exceeded the standard compared to 50 percent in New York State in English Language Arts. Third grade in math, 54 percent exceeded in New York State and 92 percent of our kids exceeded in math,” said Principal Jane Kromm.

Kromm attributes her strong staff of educators to the students’ massive success.

“The teachers work cooperatively, not only at their own grade level but share information from grade level to grade level so that helps to advance the children in our program. All the way from pre-k all the way up, we have excellent teachers. I think if they worked in isolation that would be a problem but they’re a very close community,” Kromm said, explaining the reason for the success rate.

Kromm suggests that another reason for the high numbers it the schools’ STEM program.

Which she says, “of course stresses problem solving, and creative thinking, and it tries to make real world applications. There is a lot of hands on activity. So, there is writing in the STEM program that is across the curriculum.”

Kromm admits that the common core may have been introduced too quickly and may also be the reason for some public-school numbers.

“The common core is based on New York State learning standards, so we get to pick and choose a little more about what we can use and what we want to use from the common core, but it’s really all based on learning standards, so we do use New York State learning standards,” she said.

The common core was launched in 2009 by state leaders, including governors and state commissioners of education.

“I think pieces of the common core are great. Again, the problem was that it was introduced so quickly and I think that New York State is trying to address that. There is going to be a next generation and the process of introducing it is a little slower so that everyone can get a good grasp of them and I think we learned from the original push out of the standards,” Kromm explained.

While the school is celebrating this accomplishment, Kromm wants to remind everyone that there is much more to St. Clement’s than numbers and statistics.

“There is so much more to a school than a stand-alone number. What makes us special is our educators, the commitment of our parents, and being small enough so that we know every child that’s in here. The upper grades know the lower grades and they have a great buddy system with them. We’re celebrating this and it’s wonderful, but it is a piece of the whole picture and that when you learn about the other pieces, that’s what makes our school so special,” Kromm stated.

PORTER CORNERS — It was a special evening Friday, November 2 at Brookhaven Golf Course, as over one hundred distinguished guests and golf enthusiasts from around New York gathered to celebrate the induction of four new members into the New York State Golf Hall of Fame (NYSGA). The 2018 class included Walter Hagen of Rochester, Gene Sarazen of Harrison, Dottie Pepper of Saratoga Springs, and Willie Turnesa of Elmsford. Pepper first learned the game at Brookhaven and discovered her passion for the sport as a junior member. The sentimental value it holds to her early days of golf was naturally why the venue was selected to hold this year’s induction ceremony.

“A significant part of my youth sports experience was spent on this very road. I learned to play golf here. First big course I ever played and Alpine Meadows is where I learned to ski,” said Pepper.

“When I played golf here it was $100 for a summer membership for junior golfers. It’s still only $200. It is a haven of what is really great about this game,” Pepper continued.

The night began with a cocktail reception and dinner, followed by the induction ceremony. To get things started, NYSGA President Warren Winslow of Western Turnpike, and Hall of Fame Chairman, Joe Enright of Lancaster Country Club in Buffalo, briefly introduced the committee, their selection process, history of the Hall of Fame and lastly, recognized past inductees. Only one Hall of Fame member attended the induction, NYSGA committee member Tom Reidy of Elmira (class of 2015). Presented first were the late golf legends Hagen and Sarazen, represented by NYSGA Hall of Fame committee members Dick Galvin of Ontario Country Club and Doug Vergith of Chautauqua Country Club, respectively. Next was the late Turnesa, who was represented by his daughter Polly and son-in-law Reed Sparling. They honored Willie by sharing old stories and special sentiments he’d mentioned to them over the years.

“We know Willie would have been so honored to enter the hall of fame. If he could have been here, we know he would have been even more thrilled to shake your hand and share his stories with people, who, like him, receive such joy from the game,” said Reed in closing to the audience.

Last to be honored was Pepper, the lone inductee in attendance, who was surrounded by tables of family and friends that came out to be a part of the special evening. Her close friend Kimberly Galvin-Janelle was selected to introduce Pepper and shared some memories from their longtime friendship and reflected on all her great achievements. Dottie graciously accepted the award and spoke on selecting Brookhaven and George Pulver’s significance to her.

“This is an essential rung, or rung on the ladder of what I really consider the great golf experience to be, because it is the complete experience. This place is the heartbeat of its community, it’s owned by the town, it was gifted from a corporation. I think the choice of this location was sort of full circle, because designer architect George Pulver knew all three of these other distinguished honorees. He was a big reason why I became a golf architecture geek. He was a rockstar before we even knew what a rockstar was,” Pepper said.

She described her experiences at the NYSGA championships each summer, and her memorable wins. 

“As I look back winning in championships in New York, I have a couple of favorite moments,” she mentioned.

What Dottie was especially drawn to about the NYSGA was a former committee member who passed on in 2016, Betty Deeley. She was also inducted into the NYSGA Hall of Fame, in the inaugural class in 2012.

“She was a devoted supporter of everything that happened at not only the New York State Golf Association but particularly the girls and women’s events. We were always referred to as Betty’s girls. She loved what she did with especially the young girls in the state,” she said.

Although none of Pepper’s current colleagues at CBS Sports could attend, notable broadcaster Jim Nantz surprised Dottie with a special video message demonstrating the network’s appreciation of her achievement and congratulations for the welldeserved honor. The night finished with closing remarks from NYSGA Assistant Executive Director Andrew Hickey thanking everyone for their attendance along with final congratulations to the inductees and their families. There are now 17 members of the NYSGA Hall of Fame. The next NYSGA Hall of Fame class will be announced in early summer of 2019.

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Athlete of the Week: Tucker Wurtmann

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Tucker Wurtmann, a senior rower at Saratoga Springs CSD, has officially committed to Columbia for rowing after only being active in the sport for eight months.

“My recruitment story is pretty unique. I started rowing about eight months ago, but being a cross country runner, I was able to work really hard for college recruitment and evidently, a career at Columbia,” Wurtmann explained.

After hearing about rowing from friends and knowing the reputation of Saratoga Rowing Association (SRA); “we tend to win and have a really strong program in terms of individual rowers,” Wurtmann decided to give it a try.

He was diagnosed with stress fractures in both tibias from running for three years, forcing a transition to rowing, which he ended up loving.

“At SRA, I’m on a team with about 30 or so guys. We do a combination of on the water training, whether it be in smaller boats or larger boats, as well as indoor workouts,” he explained.

Due to his Columbia commitment, Wurtmann does not intend to run again and does off-season rowing training with a friend.

“I had been running on my own a little bit in middle school and my cousin, who is a runner, bought me shoes and encouraged me to run in high school,” he stated.

Wurtmann also dabbled briefly in Nordic skiing.

To achieve greatness, Wurtmann worked out a lot on his own and use the P.E.T.E. Plan, a continuous training plan that follows a three-week cycle that repeats sessions ever three weeks. He visited a few different schools and chose Columbia because of the team culture.

“Columbia was really the one team that I saw put in a lot of work on their own and that’s something that I really valued because my story is that I was the inexperienced rower with a good base in cardio, and so I had a lot of potential but not really as much experience as any of the other guys. I really like the culture of the team and that everyone does their own work and I also really like the guys on the team. Seeing them balance rowing in addition to being one of the best academic universities was really impressive to me and something that I’m really excited to join next year,” Wurtmann said.

At Columbia, he intends to major in biology and become an oral surgeon.

“We have really great teachers here at Saratoga and it’s been more interesting and more fun this year. I feel really confident and I’m excited to finish off the year strong,” he said of his academics.

Wurtmann has nothing but praise for the coaches and team at SRA.

“We have incredible coaches who will encourage you no matter what and give you everything you need to be as successful as you want. I think, in addition to that, the biggest thing for me was talking to the guys who are my same age but are heavier than me: have more muscle and more experience; talking to guys like that who will never look down on someone who is less than them and will only give advice on how to get better. All the team wants, really, is to get better. It’s really what you make of it. You are as good as how hard you work,” he mused.

Wurtmann should serve as an example of it never being too late to chase a dream and change your mind about something. He worked hard to succeed in a sport he only just started with and it paid off.

“If there is anyone interested in beginning rowing, never be discouraged by your starting point because the beautiful thing about rowing is that you can really pour your heart into it and get results. Improvement is proportional to how hard you work and discouragement in the early stages of your rowing career are not conducive to success.”

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Elks Hoop Shoot to be held on December 1

SARATOGA-WILTON — Saratoga-Wilton Elks Lodge No. 161 will hold its annual Hoop Shoot basketball free throw shooting competition on Saturday, December 1, from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Christopher Dailey Gym, Gavin Park, at 10 Lewis Drive in Wilton. This event is free and open to boys and girls ages 8-13. Boys and girls will be divided into separate divisions and by age groups of 8-9-year old’s, 10-11year old’s and 12-13-year old’s. Participants’ eligibility will be determined as of their age on April 1, 2019. Pre-registration is not required, although the Town of Wilton Recreation Department is accepting pre-registrations at Gavin Park. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all age groups in both divisions. Local
winners will advance to the District Championship, and have the opportunity to advance to Regional, State and National Championship competitions. All national champions will be enshrined in the National Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. For more information, please contact Saratoga-Wilton Elks Hoop Shoot Director Steve Dorsey at 518-369-1985.

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Annual Christopher Dailey Turkey Trot

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 22, thousands of participants will gather to race in the annual 5K Turkey Trot race to benefit the Christopher Dailey Foundation. All registration must be done in advance, $25 on or before November 11 and $27 from November 12-21; entry fees are non-refundable. Christopher Gene Dailey, a Saratoga Springs native, was an active 8-year-old sports enthusiast who died suddenly on November 23, 2001. The Foundation was formed on December 29, 2001 by his parents, with the support of family and friends.

The Christopher Dailey Foundation is a non-profit, Saratoga Springs based, charitable organization supporting youth needs in our community. After completion of the Christopher Dailey Youth Gym in Gavin Park, Wilton NY, the Foundation has continued to support youth needs in the Saratoga County area. Since 2012, the CDF has given over $500,000 to 50+ youth organizations. Visit www. christopherdaileyfoundation. com to learn more about their donations. Attendees can register online, by mail, or in person. Online registration at ZippyReg. com closes at noon on Tuesday, November 20. Mail registration forms can be sent to Christopher Dailey Foundation c/o AREEP PO Box 38195 Albany, NY 12203. Do not mail after November 15. Register in person between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Wednesday, November 21, at the Saratoga Hilton Hotel. The race will be timed by ARE Event Productions using the ChronoTrack B-Tag. This is a small and flat chip that comes affixed to the back of the bib. Runners must wear their bib on their outer-most layer and it must not be altered in any way. They cannot flatten, bend, nor crease their bib. These chips do not get returned, making for a smooth and easy finishing process. Results will be immediately available at www.AREEP.com following the event.

Race starts on Broadway, into Skidmore, and finishes on North Broadway. This is a moderately challenging course, including both hills and downgrades. Medals will be given to top 3 m/f overall. Age divisions include: 11-under, 12-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, Divisions: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+. Any other questions email the foundation at mdailey2@ nycap.rr.com or call 518-5811328. For registration questions ONLY call 518-650-6963.

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Up in Arms

Photos provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The never-ending battle between the Saratoga Springs CSD Board of Education and Saratoga Parents for Safer Schools (SPFSC) continues to rage on. After the school board voted 5-4 on October 9 to end the practice of school resource officers carrying firearms, some parents and community members decided to fight back. This included the creation of Saratoga Parents for Safer School, “an organization built by parents and community members in the wake of the Oct 9, 2018 decision by the Saratoga Springs Board of Education to remove the historically proven armed security monitors from campus.  The organization’s goal is to reauthorize the armed grounds monitor program.”

On Thursday, November 1, SPFSC met with school administrators and board members to discuss school safety and the next steps. With the meeting lasting about an hour, all topics related to school safety were discussed. According to a press release from SPFSC, the members left the meeting with a commitment from the board to do the following:

1. Conduct a risk assessment survey with the Department of Homeland Security.
2. Engage with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s department about adding more School Resource Officers throughout the district.
3. Engage with the Saratoga Springs police department and city government about adding School Resource Officers and other ideas to improve school safety.

“While we appreciate the school administration’s willingness to listen to our concerns, our organization made it clear to the administration that these commitments were not enough and do not fully address our safety concerns. Saratoga Parents for Safer Schools will continue to work with the board, and community to regain the same level of school security that the district had over the past 30+ years,” the press release continued.

SPFSC brought their resolution to the City Council on Monday, November 5, and it was adopted 5-0.

The City Council resolution calls for “trained, educated, experienced and certified individuals, namely active law enforcement personnel, to carry firearms” and recommends a collaborative plan between the city council, the school district, the county board of supervisors and the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office be put in place “which will again permit appropriately trained and certified individuals to possess a firearm while on school grounds including, but not limited to, the potential expansion of SROs to all schools within the District.” This resolution is the first step towards increased safety within our schools.

“However, we will continue to work diligently to ensure these suggested measures, and more, will be adopted by the school district. With the current city shortage of Police Officers, we still need to pursue the option of allowing recently retired, skilled and qualified Officers to protect our children,” the SPFSC stated.

According to News 10, who received a statement from the Board of Education:

“The Saratoga Springs City School District is committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors. The Board of Education and District Emergency Response Team place a strong emphasis on utilizing a comprehensive approach to school safety. This includes supporting the social and emotional health of all students, maintaining strong partnerships with local law enforcement, ongoing training and drills to prepare for emergency situations, and continuous improvements to our safety and security infrastructure and procedures. For the past several months, district administration worked with the Board of Education to research the authorization process of qualified individuals to carry firearms on school property while performing their job duties. The Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 prohibits anyone from knowingly possessing a firearm on school grounds without proper authorization. In the past, some grounds monitors possessed a firearm on district property without knowing that prior written permission was required from the Board of Education. When district officials determined that the practice was not in compliance with the current law, grounds monitors were instructed not to carry a firearm on school property until proper authorization was obtained. School district officials and the Board of Education did their due diligence by researching this topic for several months gathering feedback from our partners in law enforcement, our school district insurance carrier, our school district attorney, listening to public comments, learning about best practices from neighboring school districts, and a presentation from the District Emergency Response Team. At the October 9th Board of Education meeting, the Board voted against approving the authorization. Safety is an underlying theme in everything that we do and the safety and security of students is our number one priority. The Board of Education appreciates the dedication and support of our full-time School Resource Officer who is an active duty, armed City of Saratoga Springs Police Officer. The district also continues to staff both full and part-time grounds monitors who help maintain a safe and orderly environment in and around our schools. The District is in the process of evaluating our current safety and security procedures, including conducting a risk/ threat assessment of all schools by an independent school safety specialist. The District will continue to gather feedback from all stakeholders and will be hosting a school safety community forum in the upcoming months to share the results of the threat assessment and recommendations that the BOE will consider to help improve our overall safety plan. The District appreciates the support that has been offered by the Saratoga Springs City Council and the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors for sharing in the responsibility of ensuring that our schools are safe for all students.”

SPFSC is unsatisfied with these developments, claiming that the BOE did not take the recommendations of the Saratoga Springs Police Department, nor did they talk to the Sherriff’s office, or speak to anyone at National Associate of School Resource Officers (NASRO), among other things. The next BOE meeting will be held on November 13 at Maple Avenue Middle School.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The JoyUs Foundation mission is “to restore Joy and Serenity in the lives of cancer survivors and their families, by providing access to outdoor experiences.”

The experiences are: hiking, kayaking, fishing, organic gardening, and connection with other cancer survivors in a
 relaxed setting. JoyUs hopes to raise enough money to open a property in the Adirondacks that will offer an extended stay and all experiences to cancer survivors and their families without financial burden. Janet created JoyUs and Evolution Strength and Performance Gym collaborated with her to bring the foundation’s dream to life.

“We wanted to partner up with her. Our focus here is giving back for the third quarter, it’s a focus all year round but we’re really putting a big emphasis on it this year. We set up the swing event. We’re trying to reach a certain dollar amount,” said Lindsay Cruz, a coach at the gym.

The gym is holding the Stronger than Cancer 12,000 swing challenge to raise money for JoyUs. Participants will do sets of kettleball swings every minute, on the minute, for 60 minutes.

“The gym is still kind of in its infancy stage. We have about 70 members, we do mostly small group training here. We opened in the summer of last year. We’ve got a community of people here that love to help each other out so this is perfect for us. We’re looking for anybody outside the community that wants to come in, evenif they’ve never done any training before with kettleballs; we’re willing to give them introduction to that and if they want to help out and raise money or if they actually want to participate that would be awesome,” Cruz explained.

People participating are encouraged to partner with a friend or create a team of three and “tag-in” when the participant needs rest. The gym’s goal is to raise $1,200 and pledge to do one swing for every 10 cents that is donated. Prizes are offered to the teams who do the most swings.

“$1,200 that’s our goal, I think we’re going to smash it. We’ve already got members here signed up, think we have 10 teams so far and we’re trying to get 20,” Cruz stated.

The JoyUs Foundation’s official website states: “Together, we can change the face of Cancer Survivorship! Together, we are Stronger than Cancer!” The swing event will be from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Nov. 17. Evolution Strength and Performance Gym is located at 9 Hampstead Place Suite 102, Saratoga Springs. Any inquiries can be addressed via phone at 518-350-7037 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • COURT Daniel J. Guynup, 21, of Saratoga Springs, was convicted by a Saratoga County trial jury Feb. 6 in connection with a series of incidents that occurred last June in Saratoga Springs, and on Aug. 18 in the town of Corinth, according to Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen. All of the charges involved one victim; the victim testified at the trial, and provided detail regarding the incidents of domestic violence.  The charges include:  strangulation in the second-degree, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing, criminal contempt, harassment, and two counts of assault. Sentencing scheduled of March 26. The defendant faces…

Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON SPA 227 Round Lake Rd., $287,500. Jazzed Estates and Property Solutions LLC sold property to Ian and Megan Warren. Route 67, $10,000. Harold Schultz sold property to MJP Design Build LLC. 17 Commerce Dr., $550,000. Harold Schultz sold property to MJP Design Build LLC. 15 Commerce Dr., $350,000. Harold Schultz sold property to MJP Design Build LLC.  14 Lawmar Ln., $260,000. Anthony Canzone, Jr. sold property to Jason and Caitlin Lyons. CHARLTON 111 Hickory Ridge Rd., $100,000. Martha Kurowski (by Exec) sold property to Gayle Bailey. 2 Meadow Lane, $138,600. Federal National Mortgage Association (by Atty) sold property to…
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