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Spicer in the Spa City

SARATOGA SPRINGS - Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer spent Wednesday in the Spa City as part of a national book tour to promote his recently published memoir, “The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President.”

Northshire Bookstore hosted a book-signing at their store on Broadway, where Spicer was greeted by approximately 60 people who attended the event, shared brief conversation and posed for pictures with President Trump's former press secretary.

Responding to one person who said they missed seeing him as press secretary, Spicer laughed and responded, “Ah, I’m good.” Another patron suggested they would like to see him seek political office. “I hate to let you down, but I’m not ever running for president,” Spicer said, with a smile.  

Northshire Bookstore owner Chris Morrow, who was present at the event, had earlier responded to inquiries from some patrons who disapprovingly questioned the store hosting Spicer. Morrow explained the store’s mission is to be “a bookstore for all people, with open access to books and authors as diverse as our wonderful country.” Attendees at Wednesday’s event were overwhelmingly supportive of Spicer.

“We support Trump, we support his agenda and we support Sean Spicer and everything he’s done while he was at the White House and as a Naval Commander,” said Kathy Obst, who made the drive to Saratoga Springs from Queensbury.  “There are so many people who live in our area who are not conservatives, so I think showing a unification of that is something important,” she said. “If you look at (Michael) Wolff and his book (“Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”) and you look at Omarosa and the book she just released ("Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House"), it’s just garbage. This book is filled with what happened at The White House and it’s all positive things.”

Meg Messitt who last November founded The Saratoga Springs High School Teenage Republicans club at the school, also attended the event. “I’m excited to read Sean Spicer’s book and learn more about the former press secretary of The White House,” said the soon-to-be 10th grade student.

In a gathering with reporters following the book-signing, Spicer was asked about the book tour, his thoughts on the current climate at the White House and whether he believed media is the enemy of the people, which he responded to with a brief and blunt “no.”

The book tour, Spicer said, has been fun.  Saratoga Springs marked the 24th day of a tour which wound through the west coast, south through Texas and up north via Washington, D.C. “You saw a lot of folks here today who are Trump supporters, but there are also a lot of folks who come out say: I’m a Democrat, or not so much a supporter, but I’m interested in your story,” Spicer said. “It’s been fascinating to see the full spectrum of people who come out. I feel comfortable with the book that I’ve written. I enjoy being able to share my story and share some of the behind-the-scenes moments over the past couple of years.”  

Spicer was also asked about Omarosa Newman – a reality television show participant who became a political aide to President Trump. The release of her new book, which is critical of Trump, was met with a presidential tweet in which Trump referred to her as a “crazed, crying lowlife,” and a “dog.” Spicer’s response to queries about Omarosa: “I find it unsettling that someone would take a position of trust like that and then go out and frankly abuse it on multiple levels.”

Spicer said he often offered Trump advice which was not always taken but was reluctant to share specific information about what that advice was.  “There were plenty of times during the campaign when we would counsel him not to do something and he would disregard it and come out better,” Spicer said. “The track record the president has is doing it his way, and for many aspects of his life being successful.”

Following an afternoon visit to Saratoga Race Course, Spicer attended a Republican Party fundraiser on Union Avenue. A spirited group of about 70 people gathered outside to stage an “anti-treason rally,” criticizing Trump, local U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s alliance with the president, and waving American flags and Veterans for Peace flags, while carrying signs whose slogans ranged from “Reunite Families Now” to “Spicer Go Home.”

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